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Why would a man hide his relationship? = 4 reasons!

Why would a man hide his relationship? = 4 reasons!

Women are often curious about why men sometimes hide their relationships from them. They might feel like they are missing out on something by not knowing what’s going on in a guy’s head when he does everything but omits to mention he’s taken.

Men can be like that and not as straightforward as women when it comes to their relationships. They tend to hide their relationship status from others, especially women. Or, just fail to mention their partner or any hint about the relationship at all. So is this an innocent trait as they can be less romantic and less emotional or is it calculated and an act that has ulterior motives?

Today, we will address the 5 most common reasons why a man would hide his relationship or omit to give away any hint that could make you guess that he’s taken.

Why would a man hide his relationship status:

1- He’s a player or cheater:

It is not uncommon for a man to hide his relationship status from a girl he wouldn’t mind cheating with. Obviously, the girl in question will have no idea that she’s helping him cheat. He’d hide his relationship through the entire process and do whatever it take for him to get that hookup, that’s in reality an affair.

That’s because he is a player, or he might not want to be tied down by his current partner. But, he’s definitely a cheater too, dishonest and someone you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with, in the long-term because he will always find it hard to be loyal.

If you are getting closer and closer to a man and you suddenly learn that he’s taken from a third party or coincidentally, then run in the opposite direction.

He is probably playing the field while being committed to someone else and that’s honestly a very bad look. There could other possible reasons that we’ll consider in this article, but in any way, a man that’s not upfront about his relationship status is more often than not a bad person.

2- He wants to flirt with you:

Men are often known to be players, but when they are not upfront about their relationships then it can be understood why that assumption can be made. If a man has a girlfriend or wife, but he doesn’t want to share that information with you initially, maybe it’s because he wants to see where things can go with you without necessarily cheating.

And, that in itself can be considered micro-cheating by many people. In fact, far less than that is considered micro-cheating by many people!

In the end, if a man enjoys being flirtatious with other people while in a relationship but without physically cheating then it can be okay if his partner is aware. If it is an agreement between both partners that flirting is okay as long as it’s superficial then he might want to keep his relationship status private to get you to flirt back.

That’s because not many people will understand that it is possible for someone to do that without their partner getting offended. So he wants to save his time and rather than explain his relationship boundaries to every gorgeous woman he meets, he just never mentions that he’s taken.

Even then, it is better not to get involved with a man like this as things can get messy and blurred very easily.

3- He’s embarrassed about who his partner is:

There are numerous reasons why men might hide their relationship from you. One of the saddest reasons is that they may be embarrassed about their partner or don’t want to be seen out in public with them. Obviously, this is a heartbreaking thing for their partner.

In this case, they may have something about their partner they’re not fully proud of, it could be their partner’s job, looks, personality, or whatever. And, maybe they don’t want to deal with the judgmental comments from others that they assume will also think less of their partner, as they already clearly do.

Ideally, a partner should support their other half, have their back, defend them from other people’s judgment and accept them entirely as they are. So if this is the reason a man is hiding his relationship and in other words because he’s ashamed of who his partner is, then you should stay away. This man doesn’t even have something nice to say about his own partner, what would you (a complete stranger) expect from him?

4- He doesn’t need other people’s opinions on his relationship:

Now there’s a big difference between a guy who would lie and say he’s single when he’s not or who would go out of his way to hide his relationship and another who just didn’t say anything. He didn’t say whether he was taken or not. He might genuinely not have had a chance to say it and he just probably prefers it that way.

This is because sometimes people can be very private, introverts, or simply just loners. And, the same goes for couples. Some couples would rather just stay in the shadow. Even if you caught one partner or the other alone they wouldn’t be talking much at all, let alone mentioning their private romantic relationship.

In this case, the person will be closed-off, calm, and just in their corner anyway. They’re probably only comfortable with their other half and in this case, obviously, the point is not to hide their relationship. They probably just want their business to stay private.

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