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Why would a guy stare at you a lot?

Why would a guy stare at you a lot?

Physical attraction can be a concept that is full of mysteries, and that’s because the initial part of chemistry between two people is mostly done without saying a word. But that doesn’t mean that we cannot try to decipher what certain behaviors during the silent flirting stage mean, and that includes when a guy starts staring at you.

If you find a guy interesting enough, and you keep catching him staring at you, then it’s natural to want to learn why he is doing what he’s doing. This way, you can pick a good strategy and decide what you want to do from there.

You could choose to approach him, should you choose to do so. Or, give him a little push to make the first move himself. But none of this will be possible before first guessing what his prolonged stares mean. 

What it could mean when a guy keeps staring at you:

1. He is trying to flirt with you:

Have you ever been in a social event when all of the sudden, your girlfriends start whispering to you to bring your attention to a guy who’s staring at you? Maybe if this happened to you, they start to speculate that this guy is interested in you and you should go talk to him.

Well, they were probably right. One of the reasons why a guy keeps staring at you a lot could be because he is interested in you, and this is his discreet way to flirt.

As human beings, we make eye contact with things we want, and that could mean someone we want to be with. Men are especially like this because they rely extremely on their visual sense.

Men instinctively try to make eye contact with people they deem irresistibly attractive or stunning to look at. Sometimes, it’s done intentionally, but more often than not it can be out of their control and they just cannot help by continuously try and please their eyes with a sight of something they like!

2. He wants to come closer to you but is scared:

When a person doesn’t know you, they might hesitate to approach you directly. If this situation involves a guy, he is probably interested in you and wants to strike up a conversation with you, but he also might be fearful of rejection. So, instead of walking toward you and trying to make conversation with you, he will try to catch your attention with his stares, first. 

You can’t help yourself, but eventually, look him in the eye as well, and then hopefully he will give you more signs of whether he wants to approach you or not. If either of you approaches the other, you should have in mind that he is interested in talking to you, so be truthful in your answers, and maybe a bit flirtatious if you are interested in him.

If you give him hollow replies you will be limiting your cham, and he may lose interest in talking to you because he will think he has judged you by your looks alone and that it wasn’t wise. Check this article out on how to be seductive without trying, just in case you want to add a seducing and charming aura to your beauty that already captivated him.

3. It’s one way to show dominance:

A guy might indeed be trying to flirt with you by staring at you, but some men want more than that. Some men have their ideal woman pictured as submissive so, if they are interested in you they will subconsciously do a staring contest with you. If you stare back at him but eventually look away, he will think that he has won you over.

If you’re looking for a dominant man, then you might have got your hands on one, if your little crush is playing staring contests with you all day long. However, if you don’t appreciate being with men who are like this or one who will probably like to lead and guide the relationship, you will need to be extremely mindful of these early signs.

4. You simply intrigue him:

Whether we are specialized in human and sociological behavior or not, deep down we know how to read the basic signs of human body language. One of those behaviors is being able to measure the right amount of eye contact with different people. So, if a guy is staring at you a lot, it might mean that you got his attention.

He is intrigued by you and is willing to learn more about his subject of curiosity: you. But, only if you give him the chance to get to know you more, obviously. In other words; should you be interested in having social interactions with him, he will be ready because he’s curious and interested, if not fascinated by you.

When we are talking to someone and they look away from us many times, avoiding making direct eye contact, we subconsciously think that that person is hiding something from us. If we have no reason to believe that they are trying to hide something, it could simply convey that they either don’t care about us enough to be open with us or aren’t that interested in us, in any way.

5. He is trying to learn more about you:

When we become interested in someone, we become somewhat hyper-focused on trying to learn as much as possible about that person. One of the ways we do that is by staring at that person and trying to analyze everything they do, or how they interact with the world around them. We do this because we want to be able to foresee how they with react should we choose to interact with them.

If a guy is looking you up and down and doesn’t look away when you’re interacting with someone else; he is trying to understand what kind of person you are. He might become even more interested in you just by assessing what type of personality you have.

In the end, try to look for any unconscious love signals he might be displaying when he’s around you. If, he is displaying any, then it could mean that he has fallen deeply under your spell!

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