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Why “the more you take the more you leave behind”!

Why “the more you take the more you leave behind”!

The statement that “the more you take, the more you leave behind” cannot be more true! It is the epitome of how important it is for us to find balance in life.

In order to keep all departments of one’s life in check and go through a fulfilling, happy, beautiful journey where body and mind are in harmony: it is important for us to find the right balance. This is very important to stay on top of our well-being and peace of mind. You can check at the end of your read, our other article on how to ensure permanent peace of mind and be at peace with the universe.

The meaning of “the more you take, the more you leave behind”:

In other words and to use another riddle, if that’s what our readers for this article are into: “You should not bite off, more than you can chew”. Nor, “put all your eggs in one basket”, etc. We’re not short of riddles, there are many that pour onto the same river and convey the same meaning as “the more you take, the more you leave behind”.

What all of this means is simply that by having the wrong priorities in life, or focusing too much on one aspect, we risk damaging other aspects of it that will turn out to matter just as much if not more.

Examples that apply to “the more you take, the more you leave behind”:

For example, by choosing to focus on his professional career, making money, and being absent most of the time when it comes to his family life, a businessman may end up losing the very family that he worked so hard to provide for, in the first place.

That’s simply because he miscalculated and overestimated the importance of money and wealth. He would have been absent for most of the time and most important life events that his little family has gone through without him. And, that’s because he was probably thinking that being a good financial provider will matter more to them, make them happier, make them appreciate him more, and be more comfortable.

But, in the end, what could happen instead is that his little family gets upset and irritated that he didn’t spend more time with them, bonding emotionally and creating memories that could’ve mattered more. This way he would’ve left more “good things” behind, by focusing more and prioritizing more “one good thing” which is money, in this case.

To elaborate more, we bring up examples of celebrities that have reached a specific high or success in some departments of their life. So, they end up having all the fame, wealth, and admiration they would’ve dreamed of but to the detriment of other things. They could’ve neglected their health or other parts of their life that suffered a lot in order to make it all possible.

So, in the end when we hear that this celebrity or the other committed suicide or when we hear them talk about how miserable and lonely they are, we get confused. That’s because just like them and like they did in the past, we are prioritizing and giving more importance to things like wealth and success. However, these things may become very trivial and irrelevant when we lack in other departments of life that will prove to be more important. This all explains the notion that having a good balance in life matters a lot.

These people would’ve simply tried to bite off, more than they could chew. Or, they took more but ended up leaving behind even more important things, to their biggest regret. Hence, you would be the richest man on earth but that only happened and became possible to the detriment of your family life, love life, or other important life goal categories.

How to make sure you don’t take more, and end up leaving even more behind:

So, if you understood the riddle and want to make sure that “you don’t take more, and end up leaving even more behind”: make sure you check our life goals categories article and organize your life goals accordingly. This way you will always have the right balance, and make sure that your goals are met in all departments of life so that you don’t find yourself excelling in one thing but totally failing and still being miserable because of another important aspect that you forgot to include in your equation!

In the end, you could find a simple person that is not the smartest, richest, or most standing out. However, that person may be the happiest simply because they kept the right balance in life. This way they’ll have a job that is good enough to make a good living, but that also allows them to spend time with their family and friends, have a social life, a great love life, time for themselves, be eating healthy and exercising too.

And, that’s what we should all prioritize and chase after, rather than focus on one thing or develop some type of tunnel-vision on one thing alone, which will result in other parts of our life falling apart!

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