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How to stop manifesting your fears & why it matters?

How to stop manifesting your fears & why it matters?

Fear is a natural human emotion. It is the strongest and most primal of all emotions. Fear can be a good thing because it helps us to avoid danger and protect ourselves.

However, fear can also be debilitating and paralyzing if you cannot overcome it.

Why we should get rid of our darkest fears asap:

One of the most common misfortunes of life is that we will almost always end up attracting what we fear the most. For example, if you are afraid of spiders, you might start seeing them everywhere. Or you get bit by one and it causes complications and makes all your fears come true.

But then you wonder how it happened to you specifically: the person that fears spiders the most! And why it didn’t happen to your friend instead who was sitting next to you when the spider bit you and who has no fear of spiders anyway!

There are many different ways to overcome this fear and one way is to think about the energy it takes for something to materialize. If you focus on something negative so much and you spend all your time thinking about it or worrying about it here and there then you will end up attracting it! It may end up happening to you in fact because of how much you feel your mind with that scenario and how much it is now a possibility of life that is drawn to you through the force of your mind.

How to get over your darkest fear?

1- Recognise your darkest fear:

We all have one deep and darkest fear that controls all of our actions and reactions. It is something that pushes us to act in a specific way in many different departments of our life.

For example, someone who has a fear that their spouse may cheat on them may be doing most things in their life and many choices based on how not to have that fear materialize. They will do anything and everything for instance to be with their spouse at all times and to know what they’re doing all the time in order to stop them from even having the opportunity or free time to betray them in any way.

The first step to overcoming fear like this or any type of fear is to accept that you have it, first. Confront yourself about it in private and admit to yourself that you have it. This can be difficult, but once you’ve accepted that you are scared of a specific scenario of life, the next step is to work on understanding why.

There are many ways to overcome our darkest fears, but one of the most effective ways to simply think about it is to free yourself for an hour or two and work on facing that fear. Once you do you may be able to get over it.

2- Face your fear:

The way to do this is to free yourself for two hours or to practice this late at night after going to bed. Lay down and make sure that your breathing is regular and calm. Then slowly start thinking of the scenario of your darkest and worst possible fear and what would happen if it took place.

Think of all scenarios and the reactions of all the people in your life to a similar unfortunate event, if it took place. No matter how unpleasant it gets, do not interrupt your train of thought and continue the operation. Think of all the possible repercussions and consequences that could unravel from that horrible scenario of life that you fear the most.

Then after you’ve done that for a long enough time and gone through all angles, possibilities, and horrific consequences; think about what would happen next. You will probably still be alive and all you will need is time to heal from that betrayal or worst fear that took place. You will still be able to pick yourself up from the floor and move on and be strong.

It will be up to you to retake the person that betrayed you if that’s what you feared the most or to cut ties with them. And, it will be up to you to decide what’s next for you and from there.

This exercise is important as it will help you internalize that the scenario that you worry about the most is still not something that would put end to your life. It may be something that will put end to life as you know it now and you’ll have to move on and start a new chapter but in the end, you will still have yourself and your mind to decide not to be a victim forever and to decide what to do next.

3- You cannot punish people for mistakes they still didn’t do:

If you have a dark fear that you fear the most or a scenario of life that you are scared of, then don’t go out of your way to punish the people you fear will do something to you when they still didn’t do it.

For example; your fear may be that your son will get married and never ask about you away because his wife will take him away from you. Then, in this case; don’t be evil and cruel to that woman from the moment you met her only because you’re scared she may act a specific way. If you give her punishment for an act, she still didn’t do then she may as well go ahead and do the things that she already got punished for.

In the end, if you run around and give people punishments for acts you fear they’d ever do then don’t be surprised when they make your fear come true. Do not be upset or say “I knew it”; when they give you what you deserve for having punished them before they did anything. When we punish someone for something they still didn’t do then they may as well go and commit the crime that they already got punished for anyway!

4- Focus on the present:

It is a common belief that people have nightmares because they are afraid of something that might happen in the future. However, it is also possible for people to have nightmares because they are afraid of something that has already happened.

In order to overcome your darkest fear, you need to focus on the present alone and accept that you should get over the past and that you cannot control the future. The only thing you can do indeed is control your here and now, or in other words: the present. You should think about living every moment fully and taking action only after an event happens.

We can never predict negative social behavior, from the people that we love and start hating them for it. In the same way, we cannot expect the people we just met to act in a negative specific way before they even do and try to stop them by being bad to them first. Overcoming your deepest fears can be difficult but not impossible if you remain positive, logical, and focused on the present moment.

The bottom line:

People often have a fear of a specific life event or scenario that they made up in their heads. They will act out of character or sabotage good relationships just because they worry about the scenario they thought about and what to do if it materialized.

It is natural to feel hesitant when you are faced with something that you are not sure about. This is why it is important to be aware of your dark thoughts, feelings, and emotions so that you can manage them properly.

Some people might find it difficult to overcome their darkest fears so they end up messing up their life more just out of fear of that scenario and they end up causing it indeed. If you have a dark scenario you worry about happening, then try to take action now, heal yourself, and move forward. 

It’s important to work on yourself before you go out of control and cause trauma, harm, and pain to others over nothing and just because you worry about baseless imaginary scenarios.

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