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Why get a gut feeling he’s cheating but without proof?

Why get a gut feeling he’s cheating but without proof?

Women are known to have strong intuition. They always seem to have a gut feeling about something that they can’t explain rationally. However, sometimes it’s a good idea to pay attention to our gut feeling even if we can’t fully explain it. 

If you have been suspecting that your partner has been cheating on you for a while, you can be sure of one thing: something is wrong. He may not be unfaithful but something is different and your gut feeling already made a decision about that. So how do you know whether it’s true or not and what does all of this mean?

Reasons why you may have a gut feeling he’s cheating but no proof:

1) Your partner is making you feel insecure:

We all have our insecurities. Some involve our physical image, others relate to the way we behave socially or others appear when we experience close interpersonal relationships. That’s why it’s a good idea to try and analyze our thoughts and feelings when we are dating someone new, as that could help us find out more about things we feel insecure about and work on them.

However, some relationships don’t bring out the best in us. You may be with someone who is helping you nurture your insecure nature rather than help you get rid of it. The most common scenario for this is when your partner cheats on you, flirts with others, or betrays your trust in a way that implies that you were not good enough for them.

If your partner seems to have awakened some of your insecurities then it must not be a coincidence. There must be a clear reason why you feel the way you do and your mission is to investigate it. Maybe, your gut feeling is already telling you that there is something wrong and your insecurities are well-founded.

Although it’s a terrible thing to feel insecure, because it can deteriorate your relationships and even your mental health, it can be the only way your brain had found to bring to your attention that something is off.

2) You are becoming highly attentive and paranoid:

You’re subconscious realizes things first and before you consciously do, but it doesn’t have a direct and clear way to point things out to you. You may be excusing your partner for their strange behavior because you don’t have any proof, but if you’re becoming paranoid there must be a reason.

Maybe, your partner is not cheating or maybe they have a low opinion of you or are being passive-aggressive with you or even bullying you straight up. If that’s truly the case, it is normal for you to start being less trusting of such a partner and think that they could be cheating as you already know that they don’t have the best opinion of you. Again, you should investigate what it is that is making you feel this way.

Perhaps, you are having this gut feeling because you feel that things are beyond your control. That’s also a strong possibility. Maybe, you notice small details but you can’t act on them because they will portray you in a bad light. In this case, you either have to search for clues or wait until the right moment and ask the right questions. But until then your gut feeling may keep making you feel that something is off.

3) Your partner has been acting different:

Have you been feeling anxious and excessively tired lately? This could mean that you have a lot on your mind and you are spending your waking hours worrying about something. The worst thing about it is that you may not know what you are worried about. It may sound weird, but many people get panic attacks and anxiety attacks without being able to explain the reasons or give a clear cause for any of them.

The reason for this is that your gut feeling is trying to bring to the surface and consequently to your attention a problem that you should address. In this case, your partner might be cheating on you and that implies that his behavior started to change.

His routine may have changed slightly, or maybe he changed his appearance or seems distant from you even when you are in the same room. All of these are red flags that can start to make you feel uneasy. If your partner seems to be incredibly busy, even on weekends then it can quickly become problematic. All these are things that, when brought together will make you suspect that your partner is hiding something.

Since your partner’s strange or out-of-character actions don’t happen all at the same time, it’s easier for your subconscious to notice it at first. However, every time he does a thing that’s not normal for him and that he can’t explain, it will bother you slightly more.

4) Your gut feeling is pushing you to investigate further:

Of course, you can find proof that your partner is cheating on you without actively looking for it, but that doesn’t always happen. Someone could even come and tell you a story or two about how they caught your partner red-handed but that also doesn’t happen so often. Even if caught in such situations, cheaters get away with it usually with ease as the person who saw them or caught them will have a dilemma about whether or not to tell you in the first place.

In the end, if you started suspecting your partner because you noticed his behavior changed or for any other reason then it is down to you alone to help yourself reveal the truth. Before you say that you don’t know where to start your investigation, let us say that you need to follow your gut feeling.

You already feel that something is off and you should use that to your advantage. For instance, if your gut feeling came from the fact that your partner started hiding their phone from you and acting weird around you, then the first thing you can do is investigate their phone. Your partner may get very defensive if they caught you and say that it’s an invasion of privacy but if you have valid reasons to do that then you won’t be the one to blame.

Your gut feeling will guide you in your investigation. Until you do this, the most common feeling you will keep dragging that gut feeling around. Quickly, it could turn into doubt and whispers and drive you crazy. So it’s better you look for answers and if you don’t want to look through your partner’s stuff then ask him questions to find out if he’s cheating and don’t be afraid to confront him. And, be ready for any reaction as cheaters usually don’t react well to being caught.

The truth is, once you start feeling this way, you won’t rest until you find something that confirms your suspicions or dissipates them so don’t hesitate to look for it.

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