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Why don’t you find anyone attractive?

Why don’t you find anyone attractive?

There’s nothing wrong with not finding anyone attractive. Maybe you just haven’t met the right person yet. Or maybe you’re not attracted to any average person and have specific and detailed criteria. Either way, there’s nothing wrong with that.

There are plenty of other things to focus on in life besides the physical attractiveness of the people around you. Who knows, you might find someone you find irresistibly attractive when you least expect it.

However, if you think this is an extreme issue and that it is ruining your dating life you can choose to look into it deeper. To help you do that, here are a few possible reasons why you might not find anyone attractive. See which one or ones apply to you, go from there and try to work on the issue!

Reasons why you don’t find anyone attractive:

1- You could be a little too arrogant than needed:

One possible reason why you don’t find anyone attractive could be because you are a little too arrogant and entitled. It’s a major turn-off to others too, when someone acts the way you do, so the way you feel about others must be reciprocated, in this case.

If you think you’re better than everyone else or like you deserve special treatment because of your physique. Then many will be able to see past your aesthetically-pleasing looks and notice how you’re the opposite of being humble and down-to-earth. Arrogance is usually a sign of insecurity, and nobody wants to deal with someone who is constantly trying to prove themselves by invalidating everyone else around them.

Entitlement is another major possible personality trait, in this scenario. If someone is entitled, it shows that they’re not grateful for what they have and that they don’t have any respect for other people. Those are two qualities that can make you too very unattractive regardless of your looks and physique.

2- You compare the people around you to Hollywood actors:

It’s hard to find someone attractive when you compare normal people to Hollywood actors that have millions of dollars invested in their looks. Whether it’s the personal trainer, the dietitian, the plastic surgeon, or the dermatologist, these celebrities have a whole team of professionals making sure they look perfect.

And when you see them on the big screen or on social media, it’s easy to forget that they’re not natural or even like that in real life. Because let’s not forget about all the camera filters they use, photoshop, and other software dedicated to beautifying them.

With your current mindset, you may find even these high-maintenance people “not that attractive after all”, if you met them in real life. In the end, they’re just like any other person, but with a lot more money and resources. Plus, they literally only focus on their looks as it is their first asset and continuously make millions of dollars mainly thanks to looking the way they do.

So when you’re judging whether someone is attractive, try to remember that Hollywood isn’t real life. Everyone has their own definition of beauty, and you shouldn’t let the media dictate yours.

3- You’re looking for perfection:

Another possible reason why you find everyone unattractive is that you focus too much on people’s flaws and you emphasize the little details that are not so flattering about them. Maybe you’re looking for perfection, but nobody is perfect.

Or maybe you’re just not in the right mindset. Whatever the reason, it’s okay to be single and it’s okay to be picky. You may not be doing it on purpose but you may be making a big deal out of little details in people’s faces or bodies, like a mole in the center of someone’s nose for instance. You could be triggering yourself by focusing too much on that one thing that makes you uneasy; until you eventually become repulsed.

In your head, if you’re always nitpicking and thinking about how a person’s nose is too big or their skin is too dry, it can be hard to see past these things. In this case, maybe learn to focus on people’s good qualities instead of their flaws and little imperfections. So until then, perfection won’t exist in your eyes.

Just don’t spend too much time looking for someone who meets all your standards, unless you don’t mind waiting a long time.

4- You have your eyes set on someone specific:

Maybe you have your eyes on your friend’s partner, a colleague, or someone unavailable and you think they’re really attractive. But, this means that you also compare everyone else to that person and that you’re willing to wait for long until you find someone that measures up.

In this case, you might be unconsciously thinking that your friend, sibling, or whoever has set the bar very high by finding such an attractive partner. You’re not intentionally being envious but maybe that relationship convinced you that you shouldn’t settle for less either. After all, you don’t want to be the one with the obviously less attractive partner, right?

So if this is true, you’re on the look for someone as attractive as that specific person and will not accept anything less. In the end, this type of thinking isn’t fair to your friend or their partner. So even though you have no intentions of starting an affair with that person or dating them ever, it will be better to just find someone who is available and pursue them.

Looks are not everything after all. You can check this article out to help you decide whether it’s a good idea for you to date someone you find unattractive or if you’ll prefer to pass on that!

Bottom line:

There could be even more reasons why someone might not find anyone else attractive. So the ones listed above are barely the most common ones. A few more reasons could simply be that maybe they just haven’t met the right person yet.

Or, they’re still in the process of exploring their own sexuality and taste for beauty. Or maybe they’re just picky. Whatever the reason, there’s nothing wrong with not being attracted to anyone at all. Everyone has different preferences, and as long as someone is happy with themselves, that’s all that matters.

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