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Why doesn’t your boyfriend post you online?

Why doesn’t your boyfriend post you online?

It can be confusing, and maybe it doesn’t make sense that your boyfriend hasn’t posted you online yet. It’s confusing because you’ve been together for a while and you’re pretty much an open book with each other.

You don’t have anything to hide from him and he knows everything about you. So, why wouldn’t he want to post you online? If he doesn’t want to post you, it makes you wonder if he’s embarrassed by you or if he just doesn’t think you’re good enough. In fact, it will make you think the worst.

So before you do that, let us go through a few possible and more common reasons for why a boyfriend won’t post his girl online sooner.

This is why your boyfriend doesn’t post you online:

1- He’s a private person and doesn’t post much:

If your boyfriend didn’t post you or about your relationship online yet, then be patient and give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he’s a private person and doesn’t like to share too much about his personal life with the world. Or maybe he’s not really active on social media and doesn’t post much about anything at all, not just you.

In this case, he must not care much about his online presence or what people think of him, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you. If he’s very attentive to your needs and always tells you how much he loves you and how lucky he is to be with you, then nothing to worry about.

So before you start accusing him of anything, think about how much he uses social media in the first place. If he does use it a lot and post about every detail of his life but you; then it’s clearly a big red flag. And, in this case, you might want to interrupt his online stream or whatever he must be posting right now, sit him down, and address the elephant in the room.

But, again if he’s just not that into social media then it will be wiser to just let him be.

2- He is not ready to publicize the relationship:

Another possibility is that he just doesn’t want everyone to know about your relationship? That’s probably it, especially if he’s so active online but took precautions not to ever mention you or the relationship. This is obviously a big red flag.

This might be a big sign that he’s not ready for a serious relationship. So if your boyfriend is constantly keeping you hidden from his friends and family, it could be a sign that he’s not ready to commit. Maybe he still wants to look available to other girls online and leave his options open, so be careful.

Ultimately, only he knows the real reason why he doesn’t post you online, so it’s best to ask him directly. But keep in mind that nobody will admit to lowkey being a potential cheater. That’s why it’s easier to cut to the chase and just ask him to post you online. Then only you can see his reaction and judge for yourself.

3- He doesn’t know it matters to you so he isn’t bothered:

You might be wondering why your boyfriend doesn’t post pictures of you online, especially if all of his friends are in relationships and they post pictures with their girlfriends all the time. There could be a few reasons why he doesn’t do it, as mentioned above. However, one simple and common reason is that he might not know that it matters to you.

He might not think that you care about being posted online or he might not even think about it at all. Alternatively, he may not want to post pictures of you because he might even think that it would make you uncomfortable maybe and that’s why he didn’t ask.

Maybe you’ve told him before that you don’t like having your pictures online or maybe he’s just picked up on your cues. He could’ve even guessed that your background or culture wouldn’t allow you to claim him as a boyfriend publicly.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to talk to your boyfriend about it and see how he feels. Chances are, he’ll be happy to oblige if he knows that it means something to you.

4- He doesn’t put his girl online for everyone to stare at:

If you yourself don’t have any social media accounts or don’t post your photos publicly, then maybe your boyfriend prefers things that way. Maybe he didn’t want to post your photos for every other random guy to stare at. But, if that’s the case then he would at least be open to posting hints, quotes, or an online status that clearly indicate that he’s taken or in a relationship.

So maybe he thought it was tacky to post pictures of his girl all over social media. He must’ve wanted to keep his relationship off the internet and wanted to keep things private between the two of you. He probably thinks he can keep you all to himself this way and that it would be more special like that.

Perhaps he is old-fashioned like that, which can be cute. He probably likes keeping things private, and simple. He doesn’t need the whole world to know about his personal business. That’s just the way he is and you should learn to respect it if it’s truly just his personality.

In the end, he must’ve appreciated the fact that you’re not an online influencer yourself and don’t have millions of your photos kept public. But, if you actually do, then this reason doesn’t apply and it will be stupid for him not to want to post you just to keep you away from perverted eyes; when already you’re not so hard to find online.

So if all it is turns out to be that he wanted your relationship to be about the two of you and for you to be kept for his eyes alone, then he can still share the fact that he’s not available. This way he can prove that he has pure intentions and nothing more.

What to do about it?

Whatever the reason why he hasn’t posted you online, it’s important to communicate with him about your feelings.

If you’re comfortable with it, you could suggest that he post a picture of the two of you together. Or, you could just tell him how much you would appreciate seeing a nice caption or public romantic message on his page that he addresses to you, by name.

Either way, open communication is key to a healthy relationship. Also, don’t be so inclined to compare your couple or relationship to the ones you see online. More often than not, people lie and pretend on social media. You can check this article out on how to stop comparing to others on social media.

Bottom line:

Whatever the reason may be for why your boyfriend isn’t posting you online, it’s probably nothing to worry about. So we recommend you take the possible reasons listed above with a grain of salt.

If you’re in a happy and healthy relationship, then that’s all that really matters. So just enjoy your time together offline and don’t stress about what’s happening or not happening online.

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