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Why does your boyfriend like Instagram models?

Why does your boyfriend like Instagram models?

In the last few years, social media platforms have changed the way we interact with one another. They have become a place where people can share their lives and thoughts with friends and family. It is also a place where people can find inspiration to live their best life or even follow closely the lives of strangers on the other side of the world.

However, it is not always easy to keep a long-term romance or serious relationship alive. With the use of social media, it has become more difficult to focus on one person, never get bored of them, or never wander around. It is very common for people to find other people attractive, charming, appealing, or even alluring and want to connect with them on social media.

Why you shouldn’t be jealous of Instagram models:

Instagram models are often seen as the perfect dream girls with nice bodies, beautiful lives, pretty faces, and bright smiles. They are young, beautiful, and live a life that many people can only dream of.

With the rise of social media, people have become more aware of these models and their lifestyles, which in turn has made them idols for many people. In fact, being an Instagram girl or Instagram model has also become a full-time job that can sustain a family and provide a good living, when done correctly.

However, not everything that glitters is gold and not everything we see on social media is true or real. Most of the time, these girls are themselves relying on the income that they make online showing off their lifestyles to even maintain the lifestyle that they are showing off. And, that’s the best scenario case.

This also means that to even be able to live that lifestyle they are forced to keep sharing their life and doing the things and activities they do. So there are no reasons really to envy anyone in a similar situation, as they have to make efforts to stay relevant in the world of social media and to stay trending to even be able to make ends meet, sometimes.

Sometimes, they don’t have half the things they pretend to do, but it brings in money and that’s what pays so they pretend. Even worse, sometimes these people don’t even look the way they do online in real life. They may look completely different in real life. But, this is not new information and shouldn’t come to you as a shock, especially as there are more and more Instagram pages exposing these things. Just google “real-life versus Instagram” and you may be in for a treat.

Why does my boyfriend like Instagram models’ pictures?

So if you know everything we discussed above, then why is your own partner still liking pictures of these Instagram models and giving them his attention?

Is he not as smart as you? Does he not understand that these girls are only there to make an income? Does he not get that everything about their pictures, bodies, lives, and e-reputation is an online marketing strategy to get paid higher and higher? And does he not even get that he’s taking too much of a risk putting his entire relationship with you on the line for someone who may never notice him in the sea of followers and likes they get?

The answer is short and clear. Men are visual creatures. If they see a nice well-put-together woman, that looks inviting, fit, and like the entire package. So, they will shoot their shot and can only hope it works.

Of course, it is naive and unintelligent but it’s simple maths. They know the girl may not even look like she does in her photos, they even know she may look so different and even have a different type of life. But, in the end, the small chance that she may actually look the way she does in the photos and the even smaller chance that she may notice them and interact with them directly is still worth it.

Obviously, if your partner or a boyfriend you take seriously is acting this way then it is a massive red flag. Online cheating is not okay, and it demonstrates a lack of interest in the relationship or the partner they’re with. If someone is treating you this way then think and consider whether you want to stay with them or find the person to whom you may represent the entire world and be more than enough.

Why does my boyfriend follow Instagram models?

Now, if you read the previous paragraph, you may be confused as to why we are now talking in a different one about “following” Instagram models, rather than liking their pictures. That’s because following an Instagram model or girl is not the same as liking their pictures. So, which one is worse? Which qualifies as cheating and which is okay to do, if any, and to what extent?

The answer is simple: Both are considered emotional cheating, to some extent. Only “following Instagram models” may be excused or forgiven depending on the girl, what content she publishes and what is the reason he says he’s following her. For example, if it is a fitness person that shares specific exercises for specific body parts then he may say that he’s following that person for that reason. You can then choose to believe this pretext or not.

On the other hand, “to like the pictures” of an Instagram model is clearly done for only one reason, which is to get her attention hopefully someday. So it is safe to say that liking Instagram model pictures is a form of cheating or at least micro-cheating. However, following one and never liking or commenting on her content may even be some mistake that was done inadvertently so it is not always considered a horrible form of betrayal.

Either way, if you’re uncomfortable with the fact that your boyfriend or partner even follows other girls on Instagram then this should be stated clearly.

1- Should I be mad if my boyfriend follows or likes Instagram models?

Men who follow and interact with Instagram models are more likely to cheat on their partners.

In fact, the study found that men who followed at least one Instagram model had a 27% higher chance of cheating on their partners. So unless you have an open relationship or unless you don’t mind cheating in your relationship, then you should be ready to foot your foot down and make new rules!

And yes, if you don’t want to have a boyfriend that you think might be showing interest publicly in other women and making you look bad, then it is your call.

2- Should I be upset that my boyfriend watches other women’s videos and pictures:

If what you’re referring to is some type of sexual content or adult social media platform then the answer is: yes. You should be and you have the right to be jealous, upset, and feel bad about the fact that your partner, boyfriend, or husband watches and lusts after other women. If he is not content with you alone, focused fully on just you, or not fully committed to you and faithful to you alone when it is in your understanding that you both are in an exclusive and closed relationship, then it is very problematic.

This can be very heartbreaking. Especially if he has a specific content creator that he follows closely and focuses on. This means that he more than likes her look, her style, and her ways and watching or paying for her content specifically.

This simply means that he will be ready to drop and lose all including you and within seconds, for a woman like that. Especially, if that woman ever acknowledges his existence or if any woman that reminds him of her showed up in his life.

In brief, a relationship like that where you know that you’re not perceived to be your partner’s dream girl and that he may be swayed by any type of wind anytime; or cheat on you, can be too frustrating, confidence-breaking, and not worth it. Well, he may not be cheating yet but this type of behavior can be considered micro-cheating.

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