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Why does love hurt? = 4 reasons and theories

Why does love hurt? = 4 reasons and theories

Love hurts. It is a universal truth that humans can’t avoid feeling pain when love is not reciprocated. Or, sometimes even when it’s reciprocated then the things that don’t go our way might still hurt. These things create obstacles that hinder the beautiful and wonderful love story or fairytale, we have in mind for ourselves and think we deserve.

The pain that comes from love can be unbearable and heartbreaking.

Types of love and romantic relationships:

Love hurts because it may lead to pain, loss, heartbreak, or even tragedy. It’s not easy to have your heart broken. It’s not easy to have someone who once loved you leave you for someone else. The pain of love can be overwhelming at times but there are ways to keep going after a breakup or loss.

There are many different types of love including romantic love, platonic love, familial love, and friendship-based love. There are many different types of romantic relationships as well including marriage, cohabitation, dating, exclusive relationships, situationships, etc. Some type of romantic relationships are painful by nature and hurt a lot because that’s just not how humans are supposed to be.

For example, a physical relationship that keeps going on for years with no commitment, clear expectations, or even goals for the future can become confusing, frustrating, and draining for one of the people involved or both.

Love isn’t always easy but it can also be rewarding if you take the time to understand it better

4 reasons why love can hurt or be painful:

1) Focusing on your needs alone:

Love is one of the most important human emotions. It can make you feel euphoric and ecstatic and can be incredibly painful too; when you are denied or rejected by someone you love.

There are a lot of reasons why love hurts, but one of them is that people tend to focus on their own emotions and forget about their partner’s needs. They might not understand what their partner needs are or what they want out of the relationship, which leads to a lot of conflict in relationships.

In this case, love will hurt because it is a combination of emotions, which are often contradictory and confusing, and this makes it difficult to maintain a healthy relationship.

2) We don’t have the same definition of a relationship, nor the same expectations:

Love hurts because we have different expectations about what love means for us, as individuals. Some people want a spouse or partner who will provide emotional support and companionship, while others want someone who can provide financial security or a more intellectual connection. And, they don’t communicate it all clearly to their partner; so they’re not on the same page.

Not all love hurts. When we love someone, have the same expectations of the relationship as them, and are compatible, supportive, and content with one another; then love can be enjoyable and euphoric.

If you’re in a relationship and you both have different expectations of each other and of the relationship, then it’s going to end up hurting one or the other, or maybe both of you!

3) Too scared to love or depend on your partner for happiness or for anything:

We often see people going through a lot of pain in love and relationships; because they are not ready for commitment or too scared to take that next step. But, when you do find someone who you want to be with you for the rest of your life, there will be a lot of happiness that comes with it.

Love hurts because it can be scary to give your all and accept the responsibility of being loved by someone. You’re scared of losing them, giving them less than you have, or giving them more than they turn out to be deserving of.

There’s also the fear of not being able to trust them fully if you have been betrayed or cheated in the past.

4) it can be extremely disappointing:

When we have bet on someone, given them the key to our heart and happiness, and made them the center of our universe; it can be traumatizing to watch them betray us, in the end. Love and romantic relationships can be a rollercoaster of intense ups and downs and crazy emotions.

That’s because love has the ability to make you feel like you are invincible and on top of the world, when all is going great. But, it can also make you feel like the most vulnerable person in the world when something is wrong. Or, if your significant other is suffering or fighting for their life, for instance.

When you are in love, the fear of losing someone forever can overwhelm you and make it hard to move on and focus on other life goals or achieve something meaningful. Especially, if you’re in a toxic relationship where you’re always threatened to lose your significant other or if you’re in a difficult life situation; that implies that you could lose them to sickness or something else.

The bottom line:

Our society is built on the idea that love is a beautiful thing, but it can also be painful. We all have different expectations for relationships and that’s why not every relationship works out nor do all relationships look the same or have the same story.

It is important for people in love to remember that the pain will eventually go away if something went wrong, and that time heals all wounds. And that they should not let their fear get in the way of what matters most: being happy, falling in love, and getting a chance to taste the amazing and ecstatic feeling of being fully mesmerized by the existence of a special someone!

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