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Why do some guys avoid relationships?

Why do some guys avoid relationships?

There’s no denying that relationships require effort. You have to be willing to communicate openly, manage conflict constructively, and compromise when necessary.

Unfortunately, it seems like some men are avoiding relationships altogether. Maybe they’ve been burned in the past and are now hesitant to open up again. Or maybe they’re simply content with their single lifestyle and don’t feel the need to change it. A third possibility though is that there could be something more sinister or conniving behind their lack of interest in a relationship.

So which one is it? And how to differentiate between men that are reluctant to get in a relationship for good and innocent reasons and others that are motivated by more calculating and deceiving motives?

Why is it that men avoid relationships?

There are only two reasons or two main categories of guys who avoid relationships. To get familiarise with these and understand better the motives of each one, read on:

1- Some do it temporarily and innocently:

Some guys may avoid relationships for a variety of innocent temporary reasons. They may have just come out of a long-term relationship and need some time to themselves. Or, they may be focusing on their career or other goals and don’t feel like they have time for a relationship.

Another possibility is that they may simply be enjoying the single life and all that comes with it, such as freedom and flexibility. And then there are those who have been burned in the past and are afraid to open themselves up to that kind of hurt again, etc.

Of course, not all guys avoid relationships; some may be actively seeking one but just haven’t found the right person yet. Ultimately, it comes down to individual preferences and priorities.

What matters though is that when a guy has been in, and still intends to get in, a serious relationship, at some point, then his current reason for not wanting a relationship may be genuine and innocent. However, when a guy intentionally avoids relationships and acts as a player or like someone who knows better not to get trapped in one, then it can be a red flag. Read more about the latter type below.

2- Some think that relationships are the devil or that they are a trap at best:

Some guys think they’re being set up for failure when they enter into a relationship. They think they have to give up a lot when really all they’re being asked to do is compromise sometimes and communicate effectively.

This type of guy is a walking red flag; because they simply don’t want the responsibility that comes along with having a partner. They would rather just get all the benefits that a boyfriend would get from being in a relationship, but without having any strings attached. They think they’re smart and got it all figured out.

When in reality, they’re missing out on the most important part of a relationship; which is to create an emotional bond and experience love and passion outside of physical intimacy too. It’s not like this type of guy cares about emotions and red roses anyway, in case you still don’t get it they’re bad news and only care about having fun and moving to the next.

This type of manipulator will do his absolute best to manipulate and lure a girl into becoming friends with benefits or getting what the internet calls a “situationship”. Then only they will lead her on and get all they want from her without having to commit.

That’s because they think that relationships come with many headaches, a rollercoaster of emotions, expectations, and unnecessary drama. So they’d rather avoid all these things and still get the perks when they find someone naive enough to fall into their trap.

Why you should avoid both types of men at any cost:

It’s always a waste of time to get involved with a man who doesn’t want a relationship. You might think that you’re on the same page if you don’t want something serious either, but eventually, you’ll end up getting hurt.

Sure, at first it might seem like a good idea to date someone who doesn’t want anything serious. You can have fun without any commitment or drama, right? Wrong.

More often than not, you’ll end up getting attached to someone even if you didn’t want to, and then you’ll be the one left hurting when things inevitably fizzle out. So save yourself the trouble and steer clear of men who say they don’t want a relationship. Chances are, you’ll end up avoiding a lot of pain in the process.

It’s not worth it to get heartbroken when there are plenty of other men out there who are available, eager to find a girlfriend, and not interested in playing such games. In case you need more explanation, let us elaborate:

There are a few different types of men out there. There are the ones that are in it for the long haul, looking for a partner to settle down with. Then there are the ones that just want something casual and brief, with no real strings attached until they’re ready for something more serious one day.

And finally, there are the ones that play smart, secretly preach to their male friends about how relationships are for losers and want to look like a badass. This type will make it look like they fooled you nicely when they get everything they want out of you, without even getting in a relationship. So if you’re looking to avoid heartache and wasting time, steer clear of the latter category.

If a man tells you from the beginning that he doesn’t want anything serious, believe him and move on, regardless of his reasons or the category he belongs to. There is plenty of fish in the sea!

In the end, you can also think about checking this article out if you find it hard to figure out a guy’s intentions when dating.

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