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Why do most guys want casual relationships nowadays?

Why do most guys want casual relationships nowadays?

Casual relationships are free of expectations and there are no clear plans when going into them. They’re very relaxed and the point of having them is literally just to go with the flow as long as you’re having fun. Both parties agree to just let go of any pressure and keep things light. 

This type of relationship allows you to date around without getting too attached, so they’re great if you’re not looking to settle down. You get to decide the terms of that relationship together and it’s usually mutually beneficial. 

So far, it’s easy to imagine why most guys just want casual relationships. However, there are many more reasons why guys prefer this type of relationship. To help you understand it more, today we will explore some of the less obvious reasons why a guy would want such a thing to provide you with some insight and a different perspective. 

7 Reasons Guys Want Casual Relationships:

1. He’s new to dating:

Not all men are players and experts at dating. Whether that’s because they’ve only ever been in long-term relationships, or perhaps they just don’t have luck with women, or they’re simply late bloomers, but some men are true amateurs when it comes to dating.

So, casual relationships are what make the most sense to these men. They want to explore their options and enjoy the process of meeting different people without immediately settling or committing again too quickly and getting stuck in another very long relationship. 

It’s true that men that were in a long-lasting relationship, would normally feel more comfortable in long-term commitments but this doesn’t mean they should pop a ring out to the first girl they date after their last breakup. It’s okay if a guy like this wants to explore the dating scene and find someone worthy of his affection and attention before he decides to commit again. So if your date isn’t in a rush to commit because his last relationship lasted for 3 years or more, try to understand.

2. He’s not looking for a serious relationship:

Let’s be honest, serious relationships require a lot of time, energy, and effort. Some men are at a point in their lives where they’re focused on their careers and they don’t want to do a relationship halfway, so they stick to casual dating. 

It’s also possible that they’re going through a rough time and they just don’t have the energy or capacity to commit to someone and make them feel special all the time. Not to mention, some men just enjoy being single because they simply don’t think they’re ready yet to start a family and that’s okay.

3. He’s trying to find “the one”:

Some men and women have a very specific idea of the kind of person they want to settle down with. They have pretty high standards and they don’t want to commit until they find that ideal and worthy person who they refer to as “the one”.

That’s one of the reasons why a lot of men prefer casual relationships nowadays. They want to settle down when they’re sure they have found the right person instead of jumping from one commitment to another. 

4. He’s not over his ex:

For some men, casual relationships are a way to get back out there after a relationship even if they’re not over their ex. It’s their way to start the process of moving on and it helps them with their heartbreak. 

Additionally, it keeps them from dwelling on a relationship that’s already over. Since they’re not emotionally available or ready to jump into another serious relationship, casual relationships allow them to meet new people without any strings attached.

5. He wants to avoid drama:

Unhealthy or toxic relationships can take a lot out of you. They’re emotionally and mentally draining, so if a man just got out of one, he won’t want to have that kind of experience again. He’ll want to stay away from drama and this is a very common reason men prefer casual relationships. 

Since there are no expectations, they don’t have to make an effort to appease anyone or deal with things like jealousy, compromising, etc. Casual relationships are simple and low-maintenance, which is what a lot of people want. 

6. He wants to keep things separate:

Committed relationships can be a lot of pressure because you have to let this person into every aspect of your life. Some men just don’t want to do that, which is why they prefer casual relationships. For instance, many men prefer to never introduce any girl to their parents until they’re sure that it’s the one.

These men want to keep their friends circle, family life, and work separate from their dating life, at least at this stage in their lives. With this kind of relationship, there’s no pressure to introduce anyone to friends and family, and there are no expectations about how much time you have to spend together or anything like that.

Plus, the girls they date simply don’t know the address of their workplace either and this means that they cannot show up during their shift and make a scene when things go wrong. Trust us, it happened to people that we personally know very well and this brings us to the next point!

7. He prioritizes his career:

We all have different priorities, so while some people want to settle down and start a family, others simply want to build a solid career and even financial security before they do that. Of course, you can do both, but it does hold you back a little to be looking for a soulmate because you have to split your time, energy, resources, and attention. 

Some men are not willing to do that because they want to focus entirely on their careers. Additionally, they don’t want to get into serious relationships if they know they will neglect their work. As a result, they gravitate more towards something low-maintenance and more relaxed. 


At the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with wanting casual relationships as long as both people involved are dating for the same purpose. We’re all different so we have different needs and desires. Again, what matters is, to be honest with our partners about what we want going into a relationship. 

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