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Why do insecure guys move on so quickly?

Why do insecure guys move on so quickly?

We all noticed that insecure guys move on quickly. They start dating someone new almost as soon as the last relationship ended. And we can’t explain it. Sure, we all want to find love and be in a happy, healthy relationship.

But moving on so quickly usually just leads to more heartache down the road. So what’s the reason for this pattern? That’s what we’ll find out in this article!

4 Reasons why insecure guys move on quickly:

1- They’re in denial about what happened:

Insecure guys often move on quickly after a break-up for a variety of reasons. One main reason though is that they may be in denial about the break-up and want to distance themselves from the pain. Alternatively, they may simply be unwilling to face reality and would rather bury themselves in work or other commitments or even jump head first, into the dating pool again.

Additionally, some guys use dating as a way to drug themselves from the pain of a break-up. By constantly being around other people, they never have to confront their feelings head-on. While there are many factors that can contribute to why an insecure guy might move on quickly, ultimately it boils down to the fact that he’s trying to avoid facing their own emotions.

2- Quickly want to find someone to stroke their ego:

Another reason why insecure guys move on quickly could be because they want to find someone else to stroke their ego ASAP. They don’t want to be alone and they don’t want to deal with their insecurities, so they move on to the next available and willing person.

This is why you often see insecure guys in relationships with multiple women too, they’re always looking for more people to validate them or attenuate any insecurity or worthlessness they might be feeling. If you were in a relationship with an insecure guy, you probably noticed that he was always trying to one-up you and make himself feel better. He might have always sought reassurance and validation, and he might even have gotten a feeling of self-worth from making you feel inferior.

Insecure guys are usually bad communicators, so they might not express their insecurities directly. Instead, they might lash out in anger or try to control you. If you are or were dating an insecure guy, it’s important to have patience and to try to understand that his behavior is due to internal issues and has nothing to do with you.

If you decide to try to help him work through his issues, then don’t enable him by constantly stroking his ego.

3- Avoid staying single and overthinking their worth:

Insecure guys move on quickly because they’re afraid of being single as the more they stay alone the more they overthink their worth and value. For this reason, they might quickly jump to a new relationship as they don’t want to be alone with their thoughts.

They think that if they’re in a relationship, they’ll be happy, prove that everyone is after them and that it will reflect on their life and reputation positively too. But the reality is that they’ll just end up in another unhealthy relationship and make more of a fool out of themselves in the long run.

An insecure guy needs to learn to be comfortable with himself and accept that he doesn’t have to be perfect and that he is worthy of love despite his flaws before he can find a healthy, lasting relationship. Otherwise, he will continue to move from one relationship to the next, never finding the happiness he is looking for.

4- They want to prove their ex wrong:

Insecure guys usually move on quickly after a break-up and a final possible reason that we will list for this is that they want to prove their ex wrong.

They don’t want to face the pain of being single that’s true but they also might worry a lot about wanting to prove their ex wrong. So they pounce on the first available person that will agree to start a relationship with them, in order to prove to themselves and to everyone that their ex was wrong and that they’re good enough.

For an insecure guy, a break-up could mean having someone publicly state that they’re not good enough to be a partner or that there’s something wrong with them. That’s why they think that if they can find someone new quickly, it will make their ex look like the one at fault or the one who’s not good enough rather than them. Not only that but getting in a relationship quickly might also show that they are still attractive and desirable, according to their thinking.

Also, they also don’t want to be seen as sad or lonely, so it’s sort of the logical and most convenient thing to do. However, this often backfires because their insecurity is often evident to the new person and it ends up driving them away.

Insecure guys would be better off taking some time to heal from the breakup and focusing on themselves before trying to date someone new. If you have been through a break-up recently then we recommend you check these signs to verify if you’re healing and moving on the proper way.

The bottom line:

In the end, the reason why insecure guys move on quickly is simply insecurity! Guys who don’t feel good about themselves are always looking for validation from others.

They think that if they can just find the right girl, she’ll make them feel better about themselves. But the truth is, no one can do that for you. You have to be secure in yourself first before you can have a healthy, happy relationship with someone else. Otherwise, you’re just setting yourself up for more pain in the future.

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