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Why do guys break up over text messages?

Why do guys break up over text messages?

Ugh, nothing is more frustrating than getting dumped over text. It’s so impersonal and harsh. You didn’t even deserve that! You thought things were going great and then boom, you’re getting a text that says “it’s over.”

No explanation, no conversation, just a cold, hard breakup. This can be really confusing and hurtful. especially if you thought things were going well. The worst part is, that you can’t even respond or confront the person because they’ve already ghosted you. So you’re just left there with all these questions and no answers.

Well, in this article, we try and provide you with a few answers to ease your mind and give you the answers when a coward’s ex didn’t have enough courage to do that!

5 Reasons why some guys prefer to break up over text:

1- He doesn’t have the courage to do it in person:

Most people would agree that breaking up with someone in person is the best way to do it. After all, it’s the most respectful way to end a relationship. However, there are times when a guy simply doesn’t have the courage to do it face-to-face.

In those cases, he may feel that breaking up over text is the next best thing. By doing it this way, he thinks that he can avoid an awkward and emotionally charged conversation.

Plus, he can take his time to craft a well-written message that will hopefully make the break-up a bit easier for both parties involved. That’s only if he ever cared about you or if he’s a considerate man still to some extent. If not, then you’ll be lucky he even sent you a dry: “We’re over!” rather than leave you “on read” and disappear on you without any answers.

Of course, there’s always the risk that the other person will react negatively to being broken up with in this way. But sometimes, a guy feels that it’s simply the best option available to him.

2- He worries that you’d get loud, aggressive, emotional, or crazy:

Breaking up with someone is never easy. It’s even harder when you have to do it over text. No matter how the relationship ended, breaking up with someone is always going to be difficult. And sometimes, guys will choose to break up with girls over text because they simply don’t want to deal with a crazy reaction from their partner or soon-to-be ex.

Some girls can be psycho and they might start throwing things or even hurt themselves; in an attempt to make the guy regret his decision. So maybe a guy who broke up with you through text has been through a similar experience in the past with a different ex and learned his lesson by now.

He probably doesn’t want to see or witness what happens once he breaks the news to you, so he’ll just break up with you over text instead. It might seem cold, but sometimes it’s better than dealing with an emotional reaction.

3- He never cared enough about you:

It’s cowardly and immature, but sometimes a guy will break up with you over text because he just doesn’t care enough about you enough to do it in person. This could be harsh and very heartbreaking but if it’s the truth then you’d rather face it and see that person for who they are.

A guy like this probably knows it would be painful for you to hear him say those words, so he takes the easy way out by doing it over text. He also knows that he won’t have to face you afterward, so he doesn’t have to deal with the fallout. It could mean he doesn’t care and never did but it could also mean he’s really heartless. That’s because he knows that breaking up with you over text means he doesn’t have to give you any closure and still did it.

He can just disappear from your life without ever having to explain himself. So if a guy breaks up with you over text, it’s likely because he never cared that much about you in the first place. We’re not saying this to hurt you more than you probably are.

We are saying it so that you never consider giving a second chance to someone who dumped you over text. In fact, we strongly recommend that you read this article later once you finish reading; in order to learn how you can handle being dumped with dignity.

4- He has no manners or shame:

While there are many perfectly good reasons to break up with someone, doing it over text message is not one of them for sure. No matter how much we try to justify in this article why a guy would do that, no excuse is good enough. It’s incredibly rude. It demonstrates that the person who did it has no good manners, no shame, and no care or respect for anything.

It also shows a complete lack of regard for the other person’s feelings. Not to mention, it’s just plain cowardly. If you can’t even muster up the courage to do it in person, what does that say about you? Furthermore, breaking up over text is a surefire way to cause self-esteem issues to the person you do it to. After all, it’s like you’re telling them that they are not even good enough to deserve an explanation.

So if you’re looking for a way to break up with someone, be sure to choose one that won’t leave you feeling like a total jerk. If you still don’t want to break up in person though; then you can choose to break up over a phone call by following these steps to limit the damage.

5- He wants to be done with it all as soon as possible:

In the end, there are all sorts of reasons why a guy might break up with you over text, but one of the most common could also be that they simply want to be done with you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

After all, breaking up in person can be awkward and painful, and it’s much easier to just fire off a quick text and be done with it. For the guy, it’s a way to avoid any messy emotional scenes, as explained before. Or maybe he already has his eyes on his next victim and wants to be done with his relationship ASAP and make himself available again.

Or, it could also be a way to make sure his partner doesn’t try to manipulate him or force him into staying somehow. In most cases, he would probably believe that his decision to break up is permanent if he chose to do it by text.

But for the girl, it can be totally devastating. So if you’ve been dumped via text, just know that it’s probably not personal; they’re probably trying to take the easy way out. It says a lot more about them, their character, and manners than it will ever say about you!

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