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Why do exes come back when you’re happy?

Why do exes come back when you’re happy?

Everyone knows the saying “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.” And when it comes to an ex, that couldn’t be more true.

When you’re finally over your ex and have moved on with your life, they seem to always come back around. It’s like they can sense that you’re happy without them and they want to ruin it. But why do they do this? Read along and find out!

5 reasons why exes come back when you’re happy:

1- They think they could’ve been the one in the wrong:

There are a few reasons why your ex might show up again when you’re finally happy. First, they may feel like they made a mistake in leaving and want to try again. This is especially true when they see that you have been happy and having fun without them. They suddenly start to question themselves, in this case.

They wonder if they were the problem in the relationship. Also, they might get confused and even jealous when they see you express yourself on social media or in real life your happiness and spread your joy. That’s because they will start thinking that after all maybe you’re destined for nice times and good days and the only obstacle or cause of misery, conflict, and sadness in the relationship you two had was them.

This is why they will question themselves and want to be with you again.

2- They don’t want you to move on from them:

Many exes would get so bitter, envious, and furious if they see their previous partners happy or living life to the maximum. They’d rather never see them move on from the hurt they have caused them. If they see them happy it can be interpreted or translated as not caring much about them and having moved on quickly, after the breakup.

This is why many egocentric people take it upon themselves to want to come back with an ex, who they see has moved on fully and is happier. They do this just to make sure that they do their job properly the next time they get with them. So that, when they leave next time around or break up with that person, they make sure that will definitely find it very hard to be happy again.

These bitter and arrogant people don’t understand how their seduction skills or psychological games; didn’t work well enough on that one person. They want to leave a deep scar on all their exes because how dare someone move on from them?

They’d rather see them cry on the floor and suffer forever without them after they break up, even if they don’t want to be with them anymore. This is because such a thing will be a massive ego boost and a confirmation that they can affect and leave a mark on any person they got with. It’s kind of reassuring to them when a person they dated finds it hard to be happy again, without them in the future.

In fact, they’d want to get back with that ex they see happy again and be more caring and amazing to them; than break their heart again! They’d do this just to watch them hurt. This is the only way they can confirm that everyone they separate from suffers and find it hard to move on from them.

3- They saw you happier and thought you looked more attractive that way:

It’s a phenomenon that’s pretty much universally experienced: you’re finally happy and content in your single life, when all of a sudden, your ex comes knocking at your door. While there could be any number of reasons why this happens, another theory is that we tend to be most attractive to others when we’re happy and confident in ourselves.

When we’re in a relationship, we often let go of our hobbies and interests, and focus our attention on our partner. However, when we’re single and happy, we’re more likely to pick up those hobbies again and invest our time in activities that make us feel good.

As a result, we become more interesting and attractive people; which can be a powerful draw for an ex who may have left us feeling weak, insecure, rejected, and unattractive. In other words, sometimes the best way to get your ex back is simply to move on and be happy without them. But, usually, when this happens you’d probably realize you’re better off without them.

4- They want to see if there’s still a spark:

A fourth reason your ex might come back around when you’re finally happy is that they’re curious to see if there’s still a spark.

Even if they were the ones who ended things, they may wonder if they made a mistake or if they could have been happier with you. Or maybe they miss the good times you had together and now that they saw a smile on your face your good and happy memories together resurfaced and they got reminded of them.

If you’re in a good place emotionally and have moved on, it can be frustrating to have your ex insert themselves back into your life. But it’s important to remember that you can choose to respond or ignore them entirely. Whatever you do, don’t let them ruin your happiness.

5- They want to see if they can use you in any way:

One big reason why your ex may try to contact you when they get wind of your newfound happiness is if they just want to mess with your head. Unfortunately, exes often just do this because they know they can still get a reaction out of you. They want to see if you’re still pining for them, and if you are, they’ll use that to their advantage.

exes will come back around if they think they can still get a reaction out of you. They might try to stir up drama or play games, but it’s important to remember that you’re better off without them.

An ex that wants to see if they still hold any power over you, could use you to make their new flame jealous or to get an ego boost after they experience a few failures with dating. So be aware! In the end, check this article out too on facts about guys who talk bad about their exes so that you’re well-informed and know how better.

Bottom line:

Whatever the reason, it’s important to remember that you don’t need your ex in order to be happy. You were fine before them and you’ll be fine without them. So if they show up again, don’t let them ruin your hard-earned happiness.

It’s important to remember that you don’t owe your ex anything: including your time or attention. So, if they show up trying to win you back, just politely remind them that you’re happy without them and send them on their way.

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