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When your boyfriend says another girl is pretty…

When your boyfriend says another girl is pretty…

When your boyfriend says another girl is pretty, it’s natural to feel a little jealous. After all, you’re the one he’s supposed to be attracted the most to.

However, it’s important to remember that his appreciation of other women’s beauty doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not attracted to you anymore. In fact, it can be a sign that he’s confident in your relationship and secure in your trust.

In any case, you might not know how to act and what to do when such a thing happens; which is why we wrote this article to help!

How to react when your boyfriend says another girl is pretty?

1- Don’t jump to conclusions:

It’s always a little disconcerting when your boyfriend says that another girl is pretty, but it’s important not to jump to conclusions. Remember that all the scenarios rushing in your head are probably all wrong because your boyfriend is with you for a reason. So if he really likes someone else that much, he would be pursuing them instead rather than staying with you.

If you have been together for some time now he probably sees past your physical beauty anyway and loves you for who you are, not only for how you look. So try not to let it bother you too much. Instead, use it as an opportunity to boost your own confidence. Remind yourself of all the things that make you special and unique and how enticing you felt during the first few dates you had with your man.

And if you’re feeling extra secure in yourself, you might even try flirting back with him a little bit and remind him how nervous he was the first time he set his eyes on you. After all, there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition. Ultimately, it’s important to remember that you’re the only girl he was dying to be with and he still is.

2- Say that you didn’t like it, if you didn’t:

When your boyfriend says another girl is pretty, it’s natural not to like it much. You might have pretended that it didn’t affect you much or impact you, but it must have stung a little. After all, you’re the one he’s supposed to be attracted to.

However, instead of getting angry, try to stay calm and clarify that you didn’t like it. This will help to diffuse the situation and prevent him from acting the same every single time he sees a pretty face other than yours and it will also prevent more arguments from happening.

Plus, it’ll show him that you’re not worried to put your put down in the relationship which can be attractive in a fiery and sexy way. Check this article out on how to put your foot down in a relationship and demand that he stops any type of behavior that makes you uncomfortable or upset.

Trust is an essential part of any relationship, so by handling this situation maturely, you’re actually helping to strengthen your bond. So don’t hesitate to open an honest discussion to get to the bottom of this. However, don’t long it much either nor keep reminding him about it later on as it might have the opposite effect and make you look insecure and needy instead.

3- Try to see what his intentions behind that compliment were:

When your partner, husband, or boyfriend has just told you that another girl is pretty, your first reaction might be to feel jealous or angry. But before you erupt or overreact, it’s important to take a step back and assess the situation.

If your boyfriend rarely compliments you, then it’s possible that he was trying to imply that he saw that this girl is making efforts to look her best, when you don’t do the same often. He might have discreetly wanted to give you a little wake-up call without telling you directly or risking hurting your feelings.

However, if he regularly compliments you anyway and thinks you’re very attractive and on top of your game and there’s nothing to reproach you on that level, then it could be a red flag. If his eyes seem to be wandering often, then it’s possible that he’s attracted to other women or doesn’t consider himself fully taken and “off-market”.

In either case, it’s important to have a conversation with your boyfriend about your concerns and try to see what he meant and what his intentions were. Only he can truly reassure you that he didn’t mean anything bad or that he doesn’t have a message that he wants to convey to you in an indirect way.

4- Re-define cheating and your boundaries:

If you’re worried about his comments, try talking to him about it. Chances are, he felt comfortable making such a comment because you two never defined what was permissible and what wasn’t in your relationship. Check this article out on the importance of setting boundaries in a relationship. Also, keep in mind that it is you and your partner that defines what you consider cheating and what will not be tolerated.

Some people go as far as to define staring at others or making the smallest mistakes as a form of micro-cheating, which is okay if that’s what your couple wants to do. Check this article out on micro-cheating to learn more.

In the end, if your boyfriend has been a good partner to you then he probably finds you the most beautiful woman in the world but not having clear boundaries can cause this type of misunderstanding and leave a lot of room for confusion and slip-offs.

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