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When to give a relationship a second chance?

When to give a relationship a second chance?

Something happened between you and your partner that broke your heart. They made a mistake and it has been difficult for you to navigate your emotions. You’re hurt and what they did at the time seemed unforgivable. Some time has passed now and you’re not sure it was such a deal-breaker. 

However, you’re also not sure if they deserve a second chance. It’s not an easy decision after all. So it’s important that you sit with yourself, feel your emotions, and determine whether they deserve to have a chance to redeem themselves. 

Today, we want to explore some of the many different reasons why a relationship could be worth a second chance. This is food for thought and it’s also an opportunity to look back on your specific case. Doing this will help you make a decision you feel good about, so you can move on from this moment either on your own or with your partner. 

5 Reasons to give your relationship a second chance:

1- They own their mistakes:

When you’re in a relationship with someone, both of you need to be able to own your mistakes. If your partner has done something to hurt you and they refuse to take responsibility, you should know you don’t deserve that. If they are sorry for what they did, they will own up to it and try to make things better.

This is very important to consider when you’re thinking about giving your relationship a second chance. How do you act as partners when one of you does something wrong? Do you brush it under the carpet or do you own things and work through your issues together? 

2- There’s still chemistry:

Genuine chemistry, attraction, and passion are necessary for a happy relationship. So, how do you feel about your partner and how do they feel about you even after making a mistake? This is a very important question to ask yourself. 

If you both feel as passionate for each other and as in love as on the first day, it could be worthwhile to try and make things work again. It might not be easy, but if you’re both committed, you will come out the other end stronger than ever. 

3- The issue can be solved:

Some things are impossible to move on from, that’s true. Check this article out later for things most people cannot forgive in a relationship.

Bust most issues can be solved. So, ask yourself, is there a way to find a solution together for what happened? Is there a chance you can heal together? If there is, you owe it to each other to go for it and see if you can move on from it. 

If there isn’t, you must be honest about that. Think about the things that have become a problem in the relationship and decide if they are insurmountable or not. Think about what happened between you and determine if there’s room in your heart for forgiveness. 

4- You’re still hurting:

If it has been a while since what happened and you’re still not over your partner, it could mean you’re not ready to move on without giving things another chance. If it has been a month and you’re completely over it, that’s very different. 

However, if you’re still mourning what happened and your heart is telling you “this is not how things should end”, you might want to listen to it.

There’s nothing wrong with giving the person you love another chance. If they care about you and they made a mistake, they will learn from it and become better partners.

5- You both want to work things out:

This is perhaps the biggest reason why you should consider giving your relationship a second chance. If your partner doesn’t care about what they did or your feelings, that’s all you need to know to understand they don’t deserve a second chance. 

If they do care about you, though, and they deeply regret what happened, it means they are willing to work things out. However, you have to be on the same page. That means you must be willing to let go of any grudge so you can work things out together. Otherwise, it will be impossible for both of you. 


Whether or not you should give your relationship a second chance is entirely up to you. Making this decision requires you to be honest about your feelings and about the way you feel about your partner after what happened. 

It’s also important to keep things in perspective. How has your partner treated you throughout the relationship? What kind of person are they? Do you think they’re capable of change? Do you think they’re truly sorry about what happened? 

These are not easy questions to answer, but you have to take your time and use the information you have to answer them. Also, it’s not a bad idea to listen to your gut as much as you listen to your heart and your mind.  

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