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When to ask a girl to be your girlfriend?

When to ask a girl to be your girlfriend?

We hear you really like a girl and you’re wondering when to ask her to be your girlfriend. This can be a bit tricky to decide, so today we want to help with that. 

The last thing you want to do is scare her away by rushing things. So don’t worry, we will help you understand how long you should wait and walk you through what you should do first. 

How to know if she’s the one:

There are many ways to determine if she’s the one. Mostly, you have to be introspective and assess the relationship. Here are a few important questions you should answer to help you see if she’s the one: 

  • Do you make each other happy?
  • Can you count on her as much as she can count on you? 
  • Does she support and cheer you on?
  • Does she like everything about you, warts and all?
  • Do your friends and family get along with her?
  • Do you share the same values?
  • Do you want the same things? Are you on the same page or even the same book?
  • Do you communicate well?
  • When you disagree, are your fights healthy or not?
  • Do you see a future with her?

If you’re not sure about most of these things, it means you have to get to know her a bit better before you ask her to be your girlfriend. 

Are You Ready for This?

When you ask a girl to be your girlfriend, you’re saying you’re ready to commit. So, before you ask, you need to be sure this is what you want. It’s natural to feel a bit anxious about it, but you shouldn’t feel pressured or forced into it. 

In other words, it should feel right to you and you should feel ready for it. We’re not saying you should overthink it and wait 10 years to ask her to be your girlfriend. We’re saying this should be something you truly want to do. Otherwise, it will be doomed from the start. 

So when do you ask a girl to be your girlfriend?

Once you feel confident she’s the one and you’re ready for a relationship, it’s time to figure out the right timeline. There’s no perfect schedule you can follow to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. However, we can give you a general idea to help you make your decision. 

3 months since you started dating:

Let’s say you met on a dating app or through a friend. In that case, three months could be enough time to get to know someone and determine if you want to be exclusive. 

After you’ve been dating for three months, you know a lot about each other and you’ve shared many different experiences. So, if she likes you as much as you like her, it might be time to sit her down and define the relationship. 

Three months is also enough time if you started as friends but you started dating because you realized you were attracted to each other. You’ve been friends for longer than three months, so you already know each other well. 

But since you’ve been dating for three months, that’s enough time to know if the girlfriend/boyfriend dynamic works between you. Shifting from friends to more than friends is often awkward and it doesn’t always work out, but three months is enough to know. 

2 months since you’ve been hooking up:

Let’s say you’ve been physical and you both enjoy that side of things, but now you both want more because you’ve started to have feelings for each other. More often than not, people who are in this situation have already been friends for a while and there’s enough trust there for that kind of relationship. 

After two months, you’ll both know if you want more than that. If that’s the case, sit down and talk about planning dates to get to know each other in a different context. Now you have to learn to be more of a couple and really get to know each other. 

Two months since you fully committed to one another:

So, you’ve been going on dates but you’ve also been dating other people. This is a more complicated scenario to navigate, which is why you’ll both need time.

Maybe, you both had multiple partners or were flirting with everyone and enjoying the single life. But, if you start wrapping it all up and getting more serious with that one person then; it’s the green light you need. If you take it upon yourself to stop playing games behind that one girl’s back and genuinely pursue her alone without her even asking then it’s a good sign.

Start by deleting dating apps and saying goodbye to your other partners or dates. Hopefully, that one special person will do the same. If she does, wait until the dust settles to talk about making her your girlfriend. In the meantime, date only each other and start developing your relationship that way. 


It’s not difficult to know when’s the right time to ask a girl to be your girlfriend. You just need to assess your relationship to make sure this is the right next step for you both!

That’s why you have to check this article out for signs you may be displaying unconsciously that will prove that you see a girl as girlfriend material in the first place!

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