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When does a man feel inadequate in a relationship?

When does a man feel inadequate in a relationship?

It’s not uncommon for a man to feel like he’s falling short in a relationship. after all, we’re constantly being bombarded with messages about what it means to be a “real man.” Whether it’s from the media, our friends, or even our families, we’re constantly being told that we need to be strong, powerful, and in control.

As a result, it’s not surprising that many men feel like they’re falling short when they’re in a relationship. After all, how can we live up to these impossible standards? The truth is there are specific reasons that will make a man feel more inadequate than others think. These reasons will be listed in this article so stick around and read more to find out.

What happens when a man feels inadequate in a relationship?

Before we jump to the reasons for such feelings, let us clarify what will happen when a man does indeed start feeling inadequate in his romantic relationship.

When a man feels inadequate in a relationship, it can lead to all sorts of problems. He may become withdrawn and lose interest in activities that he used to enjoy. He may start to doubt himself and feel like he’s not good enough for his partner.

This can lead to arguments and even breakups. In extreme cases, it can even lead to violence. It’s important for men to feel like they are able to meet their partner’s needs and that they are valued in the relationship. When they don’t feel this way, it can be very damaging.

This is why an important thing to remember is that your worth isn’t defined by your partner. You are worthy of love and respect, no matter what. So if you find yourself feeling inadequate in a relationship, don’t beat yourself up. Just remember that you’re not alone and that you’re still needed in other ways, appreciated, and adored.

5 reasons for a man to start feeling inadequate in a relationship:

When a man starts to feel inadequate in a relationship, he may be too ashamed to say it or to open up about it as it will only make things worse. So in many cases, a man may start acting out of character or sabotaging his relationship when he starts to feel inadequate without saying why he’s acting that way or giving a clue about the reason.

That’s why you should be able to spot the reasons below and understand when a man is at risk of such a thing to manage it well before it happens and be well-informed if it does.

1. His partner pays more attention to other men than to him:

Much like women, a man loves when his girlfriend compliments him, and more important than that, they love when the compliment is genuine. Yes, men can tell whether the compliment they received was honest or not.

When a man receives a compliment from the woman he loves it can do wonders for his confidence. However, the opposite can happen when that same woman compliments other men or sees the strengths and good qualities of others but not those of her own partner.

Even though the woman was just trying to support a male friend by complimenting him, for instance, her boyfriend may start feeling insecure. He might think that he is not worthy of his girlfriend’s attention and that’s why she is turning to others. If you think that your partner has experienced this because of your oblivious and unintentional behavior, an honest talk can help to sort things out.

Tell your partner that you still love him and have no intentions of seeking a relationship with another man, and explain other possible reasons why you only have eyes for him.

2. He is insecure about his sexual performance:

It can be difficult to notice that your partner is feeling insecure about physical intimacy at first. Only with time, can you start picking up on clues. If you are happy with your sex life that’s great, but you also need to be sure that your partner is happy too.

If your partner is feeling insecure about his performance on this level, he will likely keep quiet about it. He is probably afraid of what your answer and reaction might be if he brings the subject up.

If you sense that he is feeling insecure in that regard, don’t take it too personally. Maybe his past relationships weren’t healthy enough to make him feel confident and in this case, he just needs a little more reassurance. However, remember that only together can you build trust and confidence in all aspects of the relationship. 

3. His partner is more successful than him:

Does your partner seem like a very modern and ambitious man, but he seems insecure about the fact that you are more successful than him? Chances are if it seems that way, he probably feels insecure for real. Once you realize this it can be hurtful, but you will need to take a step back to process it.

Unfortunately, as progressive as our society can appear, many men still feel the social pressure to assume the role of the breadwinner. Sometimes, it’s not even because they were raised that way, or had partners that forced that role on them, it’s simply because the societal pressure and expectations are there.

If you are professionally more successful than your partner and they are feeling inadequate in the relationship because of this, remember that you must help them overcome that stereotype and not give up on your goals just to make them feel more secure. 

4. His partner is still in touch with her ex:

One thing that can cause conflict in a relationship is when the woman is still friends with her ex. The reason for this is that men and women have different perspectives on the subject of keeping in touch with their exes. While many women don’t give much meaning to exchanging text messages with their exes from now and then, their current boyfriends will feel very uncomfortable about it.

If you didn’t know this, many men subconsciously compare themselves to their girlfriend’s ex. Yes, it doesn’t make sense at first because you broke up with your ex and are now in a new relationship, but the fact that you are still in touch with your ex can make your boyfriend think that he is not enough for you.

He will start feeling insecure because he feels he can’t offer you everything you need. If it becomes too problematic consider prioritizing your relationship instead of one that’s over if you believe that it has potential for a good future.

5. They feel they don’t connect emotionally:

Not everyone can be open with their partners right from the beginning. Depending on your personality type and the life experiences you had until now it may take you more or less time to be completely emotionally open to your partner. However, it doesn’t just take time, it can also make your partner insecure.

Men also need to feel an emotional connection when they are in a relationship, and in most cases, they need to feel it sooner in the relationship than women. If you want your relationship to grow you will have to create trust and an emotional bond that can only be achieved with honesty.

Explain to your partner that it’s hard for you to feel emotionally vulnerable and you would appreciate it if he helped you get there step by step. It is important to have a partner that is not emotionally immature so that he can understand where you’re coming from and what you’re talking about.

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