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What makes a woman memorable to a man?

What makes a woman memorable to a man?

As a woman, you may feel you’re always in competition with other women. But, this is not true and is an unhealthy way of thinking or approaching the topic of self-care and beauty. Women might feel that they have to be different in order to stand out from the crowd. However, the main motive in taking care of oneself and doing the utmost for your physical appearance should be to be able to feel good in your own skin.

All women have to be confident and not afraid of putting their best features forward and drive a man crazy by doing something that is “different”. Nobody should try to change their personality and appearance just for the sake of making someone interested in them. We should instead focus on what we are good at, which is being different and unique.

1) Doing something different can be enough, sometimes:

If you want to make a special someone crazy after you, don’t try too hard with your appearance and personality; instead, focus on what you are good at and do something different than that person will remember you for. The importance of making a man crazy after a woman is that it creates an instant connection between two people.

It makes him feel like he is not just dating another girl but rather he is dating an interesting person with great and unique personality traits that he can’t get enough of. Once you have achieved this you can then become a woman that he cannot forget. You will have the ability to become the most important person he ever met and make him feel like nothing else matters except for you.

Now, remember, it’s easier said than done, every woman dreams of being the one that sticks out in a man’s mind. However, the reality is that most women fail to do this because they don’t have the correct game plan. Here are 5 key tips on how to make a woman memorable and unforgettable to pretty much anyone.

What makes a woman memorable to a man, unique and unforgettable?

1) Be confident:

When it comes to attracting a man, women have to be confident. First, you need to know what you want. This means that you should have a clear idea of what kind of man you are looking for. Then, once you have become someone who knows what she wants, you can be comfortable in your own skin by doing things that make you happy.

When it comes down to it, being confident and knowing what you want will help you stand out from the crowd of other women who are trying to capture the attention of someone. A woman that doesn’t believe in herself or knows herself well may still not know what she wants and be indecisive. Whereas, a woman that values her worth and demands perfection or has high standards unapologetically; knows exactly what her criteria are.

This can be noticed by men from a distance. Her appeal is irresistible. It entices men to have a strong confident woman who is not intimidated and knows exactly what she wants. Men want a woman like this beside them as it boosts their self-esteem as well. If you can manage to become this type of woman, you will notice it is rather the men who will be noticing you and keeping their eyes fixed on you, instead of you chasing them.

2) Be Unpredictable:

You don’t need to be a mind-reader to understand what men are looking for in a woman. The key is being unpredictable and not letting him know what you’re thinking. Keep him guessing and you’ll always stand out in his mind. A woman who is mysterious is always going to be memorable to a man because he cannot predict her next move.

She can stand out in his mind because he cannot figure her out, she’s always trying to keep him guessing, and she’s the only one who can make him feel like he doesn’t have all the answers. Men are always trying to figure out a woman’s true intentions, they like a good challenge and riddles that they will work hard to solve. They are used to being in charge and having a lot of responsibility, so sometimes they like to be in a position where they are seen to be toyed with instead.

So, when they come across a woman who is different than they have ever met before, they know how to appreciate the fact that she can keep anyone entertained. She is an unpredictable woman. She is something like a puzzle. She turns his world upside down. Suddenly, there is a shift in the exchange of power; because this type of woman holds the upper hand and is the dominating one.

She now holds the cards to dictate the direction the relationship goes in or does not go in and that is temporarily relieving from always having to be the decision-maker.

3) Use your Femininity:

If you want to be memorable, you need to know how to make yourself attractive in a man’s eyes. This is not about wearing revealing clothes or acting loose, it is about being feminine and using your femininity in the right way. It is about knowing what makes men feel attracted and making sure that you always look good for them. You do not need to be the most beautiful woman in the world, have flawless skin, or be a size 0.

Many women believe most men are only into this type of woman. Yes, it helps, to have these qualities, but in reality, men want more. They want to be seduced, enticed, teased into wanting more. A woman with physical beauty alone will not be able to hold on to her man in the long run if she does not know how to own her womanhood.

Women have to know how to use their femininity and seductive appeal to their advantage in order to make that special someone remember them. They need to be proud of their feminine attributes and flaunt them in order to stand out amongst others. Here are some tips on how you can do that:

– Ensure your nails are done and your makeup is done right; use bright red lipstick to make him fixated on your lips.
– Wear something that makes you feel confident, innocently delicate, or sexy; depending on what you want.
– Be well dressed, with a nice perfume scent and a good attitude.
– Do not use profanity or aggressive behavior.
Try to be naturally seductive by always looking the part because, in the end, physical appearance DOES matter to some extent. It’s true that having beauty alone can be a waste but not having any physical attribute nor even trying is a bigger catastrophe.

4) Be approachable:

As a woman, you might feel like you have to always be perfect in order to attract the opposite gender. But if you let your guard down and be approachable, smiley, and open; others will start feeling more comfortable interacting with you and will not fear rejection. You’ll also show them that you have a kind and innocent nature, which will make anyone want to get closer to you.

Unfortunately, in today’s society, it is taught that women must have a hard outer shell in order to make it in the world. This is wrong because being approachable is what makes you unique and memorable to a man. Men already have to muster up a lot of courage in order to approach you or ask you out on a date.

Sometimes, having a stern outer persona may deter anyone from approaching you and may be of detriment, potentially losing out on some decent men approaching you. Putting yourself out there gives you more opportunities and increases the likelihood of you finding the one.

5) Be Interesting:

A woman who is interesting to a man will have a few things in common with him. She will be nice, have good stories to tell, and knows how to make a good joke, and be unique. In today’s society, you can’t just be pretty and expect to be memorable. You need to have other interesting factors about yourself that you can use to be unforgettable.

The key is to find a way to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Here are some examples:
1. Have nice stories to tell, preferably about yourself:  If you have interesting stories that people would like to hear, they will be drawn to your personality and find it easy to connect with you.
2. Don’t just use your looks alone: Men love women who are not only physically attractive but also have a personality that they find intriguing and intriguing enough to want to know more about.
3. Have an impressive background: If you have been through tough times or have gone through an experience that has shaped who you are today, men will find it fascinating and will more likely associate your story with the beautiful woman you are which will keep you fresh in their memory.

If you want longevity and for a man to be constantly coming back to you and infatuated by you; then being an interesting person will keep you in good stead. He will have many reasons to associate different things with you as you are a more well-rounded person with many rather than just one or two attributes.

The Bottom Line:

We all dream of being wanted, appreciated, loved, and desired. However, for women, it’s quite simple, as you can see, the key to making a woman memorable to a man does not always involve being so perfect. It’s about being well-rounded.

In the end, every woman has something unique about them and it’s important to figure out what it is and use it as a tool in your arsenal of ways to attract the lucky person of your choice.

It’s important for women to realise their strengths and use them as an advantage when dating or flirting. By doing this, you can stand out from the crowd and feel wanted and also be reminded not to accept the bare minimum, and always keep them running back for more! Good Luck!

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