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What kind of girl do players fall for?

What kind of girl do players fall for?

Players fall for all sorts of girls. Some go for the artsy type, while others prefer the sporty girl next door. Then there are the bad girls that always seem to be trouble.

But at the end of the day, players usually fall for any girl that has all of the characteristics and criteria listed in this article. So regardless of the type of girl, she’ll be, most players and the bravest ones will only ever fall for girls that have these traits in common.

5 Characteristics of the girl that most players fall for:

1- She can be herself:

Usually players like a girl that they have to put on a show for, as with all due respect: players can be a bit arrogant and like to be the center of attention and have all the spotlight on them. They tend to pick a girl that can handle being the star of the show too, because what shines brighter than a man that’s stealing everyone’s attention? Obviously, the girl that’s with him!

So if that’s the case, players like to pick a girl that’s very comfortable in her skin and that’s a natural charmer herself. She won’t ever feel uncomfortable, shy, or nervous having all eyes on her. It’s a girl that can be the queen and soul of the party but they can also just kick back and relax with her; behind closed doors.

It’s almost as if she can adapt and shape-lift from elegant girly and glamorous to a messy, sporty Sunday morning style. So if you’re looking to catch a player’s eye, don’t be scared of being yourself. Chances are, he’ll appreciate your sincerity and honesty more than anything else.

2- She is over-confident:

A girl that all players would fall for is also the type of girl who’s always confident, always sure of herself. She knows she’s attractive, and she uses it to her advantage. She knows how to play the game, and she always comes out on top. All the guys fall for her, but she pretends not to care about any of them. So, maybe that’s the attitude she chooses to have because it serves her games the best!

She makes everyone believes that it’s very hard to steal her heat and that you have to prove yourself to her over and over again just to get a chance. She makes it look like all men are just a means to an end. She’s happy to be friendly and charming with them without ever favoring one or picking one to stick with, instead, she confuses them all.

She makes it look like she is not looking for anything serious, and can confidently handle herself alone. So everyone might think that she’s not down for commitment but just fun. But, this is not true. In fact, she would never entertain anyone ever.

She is not available in that way! ‘Why’, you ask? Well, all we know is that it’s definitely not because she’s lacking confidence. Maybe, she’s happy just living life on her own terms and in the meantime, she feels good and confident about being in her own skin.

3- She cares about looking her best all the time:

A girl that all players fall for; looks her best all the time. She is stylish and she knows how to work a room. She is a beauty icon almost or a symbol of femininity and delicateness. No matter where she goes, she always manages to turn heads and attract attention because of her wit, strong character, and also her sense of fashion.

She has a way of making everyone she meets feel special and important, and she always seems to be surrounded by a group of adoring admirers. That’s in part thanks to her magical way of matching outfits and looking like a beautiful gem all the time, which naturally makes people unconsciously want to associate with such a beauty.

Long story short: she knows how to always pick flattering items to wear. So it’s no wonder that she’s the girl that all the players fall for, in the end, she knows if she wants her charm to work then she has to look the part too.

And she’s most definitely everything anyone could ever want in a partner: beautiful, fun, looking like a trophy, and always up for a good time. Check this article out on how you too can look seductive without trying.

4- She is the opposite of shy, anxious or hesitant:

When a girl like that walks into the room; all eyes are on her as e explained earlier in the first point. So she cannot be shy, she knows she’s got everyone’s attention and everyone can tell how she feels and that she loves it. She loves the way they all look at her, hanging on her every word and every move. She acts as if she can have any guy she wants. And she always gets what she wants, in the end.

That’s why you will never catch her being nervous, doubtful, hesitant, or shy. Well, at least not in public! That would kill her entire vibe, wouldn’t it? And it’s not like she’s pretending anyway. She’s in fact beautiful, sociable, and intelligent, and she has an infectious personality. There’s just something about her that makes everyone want to be around her.

She’s never nervous and she carries herself with confidence. She knows what she wants and she goes after it, without hesitation. She’s also a little bit mysterious, which makes her even more intriguing. The girl that all the players fall for acts like she’s the total package.

5- She lives life to the fullest:

A girl who is excited about life and living it to the fullest can be very attractive and enticing. There’s something about her positive energy that is contagious. It’s like she knows she only has one life to live and she’s determined to make the most of it.

She’s constantly exploring and trying new things. She’s always up for an adventure, whether it’s hiking or exploring waterfalls, or going on a spontaneous road trip. She’s also incredibly passionate about the things she loves, whether it’s her job, hobby, or relationship.

She wears her heart on her sleeve and isn’t afraid to show her emotions. As a result, she tends to be spontaneous and excited about life which tells people subconsciously that life with her can never get boring. This way she attracts people who are drawn to her passion and positivity and keep pessimistic and cynical folks away.

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