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What it means if your boyfriend doesn’t get jealous!

What it means if your boyfriend doesn’t get jealous!

Maybe you have developed the notion that, when you are in a relationship, it’s normal to be jealous sometimes. Maybe, in your mind, as long as it doesn’t go over the threshold of an abusive relationship, jealousy is something that you need to accept and even expect from both sides of a relationship. Some people even say that when someone is jealous it means that they love you a lot and you need to value that person.

However, looking into it more deeply you may realize that jealousy comes from a place of uncertainty and fear. If someone is acting jealous, it could mean that they don’t trust you, either because they are insecure and overthinking things or because you’re giving them reasons to believe that you’re not to be trusted. 

So, now that you finally have a boyfriend that has never shown hints of jealousy, you may find it weird. You may even think that it could mean that he may not be that into you and doesn’t care if he loses you, but that’s not always the case.

So, to avoid losing a great relationship due to a misunderstanding, continue reading to find out some possible explanations as to why your boyfriend doesn’t get jealous.

Why does your boyfriend never get jealous?

1. Maybe he is not a jealous person overall:

Have you considered that your boyfriend is simply not the jealous type? And if so, what does not being the jealous type mean? Jealousy can be associated with a lack of confidence in oneself, so if someone is confident and has high self-esteem it could be a justification for their inability to get jealous. 

If your boyfriend seems to be laid-back and happy in most situations, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is not making efforts to preserve your relationship. It just means that he is confident enough to not create imaginary scenarios in his head and think that he is losing you to someone else.

It could also be that he is aware of the negative impact that jealousy causes in a relationship. He is someone that would rather be upfront with you if he’s unsure about the situation and avoid jealous behaviors or misunderstandings at all costs. 

2. He doesn’t see any reason not to trust you:

Many people don’t value trust in a relationship because they think that, as soon as they start trusting someone, that person will abuse that trust and make them regret it. But that’s not what trust in a relationship entails.

If neither of you did anything wrong in the relationship to jeopardize it, you should trust each other. However, you still know that it’s possible that something bad could happen, but it’s not because of imaginary scenarios that haven’t happened yet and might never happen that you will start losing trust in each other.

Maybe this is how your boyfriend sees things. So far, he has not seen any reason why he shouldn’t trust you, which means that, logically, there’s nothing to be jealous about. And he probably doesn’t want to look like a lunatic and start accusing you of things you never did. Your boyfriend is just trying to be rational about things, which, in the end, will avoid unnecessary dramas.

3. He doesn’t want to jeopardize your relationship:

When we act based on our jealousy, we can be very emotional and illogical. This means that we could end up doing or saying things we will come to regret later.

The worst thing about having said or done things that we regret is that, no matter how many times we apologize, we can’t take them back. If these cases are recurrent and somewhat serious, it could drive a wedge in your relationship.

Maybe your boyfriend has experienced this in the past, maybe he is already aware of it and that’s why he doesn’t display any jealous behaviors. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t value your relationship, quite the opposite.

He is trying to avoid unnecessary conflict so there will be no grudges or hard feelings in the future that could deteriorate the love you feel for one another.

4. He won’t appreciate you making him jealous on purpose:

If you are used to being in relationships with guys who are jealous or possessive then we recommend you read this article, in the end, to see why you might secretly like possessive guys. However, on this occasion, if you noticed having a boyfriend that is keeping things healthy and happy; away from possessiveness, aggression and any toxic things then be grateful.

It’s normal to feel shocked when you are with someone who doesn’t act jealous if that’s not what you’re familiar with. It’s also normal that your first instinct is to doubt if he doesn’t love you enough. You may even start with innocent things to check his jealousy level but if you keep pushing the limits, your boyfriend won’t appreciate that you are deliberately testing the relationship.

Your boyfriend could interpret your tests as a lack of maturity from your side; which could be a deterrent if he is looking for a serious long-term relationship. Or he might think that you don’t take the relationship seriously.

He may also be inclined to think that you are just having fun and don’t mind hurting his feelings on purpose, so unless you want to do that it would be best to stop trying to create problems on purpose.

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