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What does it mean if a guy spends hours talking to you?

What does it mean if a guy spends hours talking to you?

it can be confusing when a guy spends hours talking to you. You might not know what it means. Is it friendship or could it be more?

While we might not be able to answer that as we don’t know much about your specific situation, we can still tell you what it means for a fact that he spends so much time talking and confiding in you.

So reflect on the points listed below and their meanings and try to add things up along with reading his body language when he’s around you.

This is what it means when a guy spends hours talking to you:

1- It could be a lifelong friendship:

If you’ve had the experience of talking to someone for hours on end and felt like you’ve just found your new best friend. You have great conversation, share the same sense of humor, and just hit it off really well. It’s a really awesome feeling, right? Well, what better ingredients than this for a lifelong friendship?

In fact, if the scenario described above applies to you then it could be a sign that you have the potential to be best buddies for life unless something sinister happens. You have all the ingredients to get along really well and be great friends.

He probably enjoys your company and feels comfortable talking to you about anything. He might also confide in you and tell you things that he wouldn’t tell anyone else. So, if a guy spends hours talking to you, it’s a good sign that he likes you and sees potential in your friendship, at least.

2- You can consider committing to one another and becoming an item:

Having someone spend hours talking to us can mean many things. For some, it may simply be a sign of being a good listener. Others may interpret it as a way of trying to get to know the person better. Still, others may see it as a sign that the person is interested in more than just friendship.

In many cases, people who spend hours talking to each other eventually end up becoming a couple or even getting married. After all, many people believe that it’s important to marry your best friend. And what better way to get to know someone than by spending hours talking to them?

If you find yourself in the enviable position of having someone want to spend hours talking to you, then you can consider yourself lucky. Not everyone is so fortunate. But don’t feel like you have to rush into anything. Take your time and enjoy getting to know the person better. Who knows? Maybe you’ve found your new best friend. And maybe, you’ve found your future spouse. So which one is it?

So do you have the potential to become a couple?

If you really want to know which one it is for you: then reflect on what you talk about. Is this guy using you to talk for hours about another girl that he actually likes? In this case no need to start imagining things, he probably saw that you’re the only one willing to listen and it must make him extremely happy to talk about that girl.

Some people like talking for hours about their romantic interests or partner even if it wasn’t to praise them all the time. They just find comfort in even mentioning them…

However, if you talk about yourselves rather than other people for hours, then we’ve got good news for you: He might just be hooked!

3- You’re emotionally and intellectually compatible:

If you find yourself spending hours talking to a guy, it’s likely that you’re compatible with him. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re destined to be together, but it does mean that you share some common interests and you won’t be getting bored spending time with one another.

In fact, it’s important to spend time with someone you’re compatible with, as this can help to make the relationship more enjoyable and lasting. Of course, there’s no need to force things; if you’re not compatible with someone, you’ll probably find that you don’t enjoy spending time with them even though it was good to be on the phone with them for an hour maybe.

But if you do click with someone in person too, it’s worth getting to know them better. Who knows? They might just become someone special to you.

4- He enjoys your company and thinks you’re awesome:

When a guy spends hours talking to you, it means he enjoys your company and feels comfortable with you. He may be interested in dating you, or he may just want to be friends but one thing is for sure: he thinks you’re awesome!

Either way, keep in mind that you might have the chance to turn the relationship into a romantic one if it’s the case already as this is a good sign that he likes you beyond looks. And, this is very precious and important to many people. Obviously, having physical attraction in a romantic relationship helps a lot too, and is even a necessity for many.

But, let’s just say that what you have is not negligible either; even if you weren’t initially his type or cup of tea on a physical level. In any case, we’re pretty sure that he will not mind spending more time with you. If you’re interested in him, too, then take the opportunity to get to know him better. Whether you end up dating or just remaining friends, you’ll have a great time getting to know him better.

5- He feels at ease talking about all types of topics with you:

There are a lot of different ways to gauge how someone feels about you, but one of the clearest signs is how much time he’s willing to spend talking to you.

If he feels at ease with you and can talk about anything without feeling judged, it’s a good sign that he likes you enough to become a close friend or potential partner. One thing is for sure though he’s comfortable being around you and enjoys chatting to you. This doesn’t necessarily mean he’s ready to profess his love for you if that’s what you’re thinking about, but it’s a good start.

So if you find yourself spending hours talking to a guy, chances are he feels at ease with you and trusts you to some extent. So who knows? Maybe he’ll be the one spending years not just hours enjoying talking to you and finding a safe space in you.

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