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What is the meaning of the different colors of roses?

What is the meaning of the different colors of roses?

Sometimes a rose is just a rose, but sometimes a rose can carry a hidden message full of intention. If you’ve received a rose from a special someone or you want to give a rose to a special someone, the color of the rose can speak a thousand words. 

To help you understand the beautiful language of roses, today we will explain what rose colors mean and what each of them says about the person who gifted you the roses and what they’re seeking. Without further ado, let’s get started!

The meaning of rose colors:

1. What do red roses mean?

Red roses mean love. In fact, red roses have become a universal symbol of passionate love. That’s why they’re all over the place on Valentine’s Day! Red roses are a great way to let someone know how loved and appreciated they are. When they’re in a deeper shade, red roses can also mean passion for someone or a desire for romantic commitment. 

2. What do pink roses mean in a relationship?

Pink roses mean sweetness. They are very popular because they are so elegant! They are a symbol of sweetness and femininity. If someone gives you a light pink rose, it could mean they see you as a delicate treasure; they think you’re gentle and sweet.

Hot pink roses are also quite popular and they symbolize gratitude and appreciation, so they’re a good way of saying “thank you.”

3. What do white roses mean?

White roses have become a symbol of purity and innocence. They are also the symbol of young love and fresh starts. That’s why they’re such a common rose color for weddings!

If someone gives you a white rose, it could mean that they think you’re pure and they’re excited about the new beginning you’re embarking upon together. 

4. What does a yellow rose mean?

It’s difficult to think of a much more joyous color than yellow, that’s why yellow roses are a symbol of happiness.

They’re also a symbol of friendship, so if someone gives you a yellow rose, it means they see you as a dear friend and you contribute a lot to their happiness. 

5. What does a lavender rose mean?

Lavender roses are not just beautiful, they are also a symbol of wonder and even mystery. Lavender is such a whimsical color and it’s often associated with enchantment.

If you’re given a lavender rose, they could be telling you that they’re enchanted by you and they find you mysterious. 

6. What does an orange rose mean?

Orange is a fun, vibrant color, so it’s not surprising that it symbolizes energy, excitement, and admiration. Orange roses can mean different things. For example, it can mean that the person who gave them to you wants to encourage you and help motivate you. It could also mean that they’re proud of you. 

7. What does a green rose symbolize?

Green is such a beautiful color and it holds so much force. Green roses symbolize abundance, growth, renewal, and energy. They’re also associated with richness as well as peace.

Giving someone a green rose can be a way to celebrate abundance or a new beginning. If you’ve gone through something difficult and you receive a green rose, it could be a way to remind you of the growth that comes with experience or of your strength. 

8. What does a peach-colored rose mean?

Peach roses are very special because they symbolize gratitude, honesty, and modesty.

They’re a great way of showing gratitude for something. If you recently helped someone and you receive peach roses, it means that they’re genuinely grateful for you being there and your support. 

9. What does an ivory-colored rose mean?

Not to be confused with white roses, ivory roses have a different meaning. They’re also very beautiful and they symbolize gracefulness and charm.

So, if you receive ivory roses, it means that the person gifting them thinks that you are charming and graceful. That’s definitely a sign that they’re romantically interested in you. 

9. What does a black rose mean?

The color black often has negative connotations but when it comes to roses, they can mean something positive too. Black roses can symbolize death or mourning, but they can also symbolize courage or change.

This is a very bold color and it’s often an overlooked option. If someone gives you a black rose, it could mean that they admire how courageous and bold you are. 


Once you understand the meaning of rose colors, it’s very easy to decipher what the person meant when they gave you the roses. Additionally, it’s very easy to send your own messages as well in the form of a beautiful bouquet of roses. Keep in mind that it’s possible to combine roses of different colors to make a very meaningful and colorful bouquet! 

Like body language, roses are a very beautiful and subtle way of communicating the way you feel about someone and showing appreciation, gratitude, love, and so much more without saying a word.

Not to mention, everyone loves flowers and they’re an easy way to bring a smile to someone’s face. 

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