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What if your boyfriend never compliments you?

What if your boyfriend never compliments you?

Now, picture this: you’re sitting there, looking ravishing, feeling fabulous, and craving just a sprinkle of adoration from your dashing beau. Yet, the compliments seem to be taking an extended vacation in the Bermuda Triangle of his mind.

Fear not, for we are about to embark on a marvelous article that will help you ignite a compliment firework show within your relationship. Buckle up, grab your wands of charm, and prepare to be dazzled by these five enchanting steps that will inspire your boyfriend to take the initiative with compliments!

But, my dear readers, a word of caution! These steps are not your typical run-of-the-mill advice. Oh no, we’ve dug deep into the realms of playful sorcery to concoct the potion of irresistible compliments. We’re about to sprinkle a dash of mischief, a pinch of humor, and a whole lot of charisma into your love life. Brace yourselves for a wild ride as we unlock the secret to encouraging your boyfriend’s compliments, leaving you adorned in a shower of affectionate words fit for a queen!

5 steps to follow if your boyfriend doesn’t compliment you:

Now that my silly attempt at a playful and not-so-serious introduction is out of the way, let’s dive right into the presentation of our 5 steps that will nudge your beloved boyfriend toward a land where compliments flow like a sparkling river of compliments. But before we do that, let us briefly clarify: the fact that your boyfriend doesn’t compliment you often, or doesn’t take the initiative to make plans for example, doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.

Men, or humans in general, can have very different personalities and perhaps throwing compliments right and left is not within your boyfriend’s personality type, or maybe that’s not his love language or how he expresses his feelings. This doesn’t mean that he won’t try and compliment you more provided that you follow the steps below. So go ahead and give these a try; perhaps you can gently and slowly teach your boyfriend to be more romantic!

Step 1: The “Compliment Bait” Spell

Ah, the art of subtle manipulation! To coax your boyfriend into the realm of compliments, we’ll need to employ a touch of mischievous charm. Prepare to cast the “Compliment Bait” spell! Here’s how it works:

  1. Dress to Impress: Summon your inner fashionista and don your most alluring outfit. Whether it’s a dazzling dress or a casual ensemble that highlights your natural beauty, choose something that makes you feel radiant and confident.
  2. Throw yourself a Casual Compliment: As you step into your boyfriend’s line of sight, casually compliment yourself. Nonchalantly say something like, “Wow, I must be the luckiest person in the world to have such fabulous style!” Your words will serve as a beacon, gently guiding him toward the path of complimenting you.
  3. Let the Silence Work Its Magic: After dropping your self-compliment, maintain an air of mystery. Silence can be an enchanting force, subtly nudging him to fill the void with sweet words of admiration.

Remember, dear reader, this is a playful game of wit and charm. The goal is to encourage your boyfriend to take the initiative without directly demanding it. Let the “Compliment Bait” spell work its enchantment, and soon you’ll be basking in a symphony of flattering words that will make your heart flutter!

But fear not, for our journey does not end here. As we proceed to step two, we’ll unveil yet another whimsical method to sprinkle compliments into your relationship like fairy dust. So, if this first step doesn’t work stay optimistic and move to the next!

Step 2: The Dance of Affection

Ah, the beauty of physical touch and intimate connections! In this step, we shall explore the graceful art of the “Dance of Affection,” a captivating way to inspire your boyfriend to shower you with compliments. This step simply means that you should be engaged in a romantic and playful silent dance with your boyfriend or partner at all times. Keep things spicy and fun; by embracing confidence, being yourself freely, and taking the initiative with little sexy details and acts like the ones listed below;

  1. The Gentle Touch: Whenever you have the chance let your fingertips dance delicately upon your boyfriend’s skin, creating an electric current of affection. Whether you’re watching a TV show together or just cuddling in bed; make sure you express your love with gentle touching and caressing. From a light brush on his arm to a loving caress of his cheek, let your touch convey warmth, love, and adoration. This subtle physical connection will ignite a fire within his heart, making him yearn to express his feelings through compliments.
  2. Eyes That Speak Volumes: Lock eyes with your beloved, and let the unspoken words of your gaze weave a tapestry of intimacy. Make sure you always maintain eye contact when engaging or interacting with your partner. They say that eye contact that lingers, can speak volumes without uttering a single syllable. In that shared moment, your eyes become a window to your soul, inviting him to reciprocate with heartfelt words of admiration.
  3. Dance in Synchrony: As you engage in conversations or share moments together, embrace the beauty of physical closeness. Wrap your arms around him, rest your head on his shoulder, or intertwine your fingers. By moving together in harmonious synchrony, you create an environment of comfort and affection, nurturing the desire within him to express his love and appreciation for you.
  4. The Language of Silence: Embrace the profound language of silence. Sometimes, the absence of words can speak volumes. Allow moments of quiet connection to flourish, where the weight of your touch and the intensity of your gaze convey a depth of emotion that words cannot capture. Perhaps, in these sacred pauses, your boyfriend will feel the urge to break the silence with compliments that echo the unspoken love between you.
  5. Let Love Lead: Above all, let love guide your dance. Show genuine interest in his thoughts, dreams, and aspirations. Be present in every moment, listening attentively and responding with care. By nurturing an environment of love and understanding, you encourage your boyfriend to express his admiration and shower you with heartfelt compliments.

Dear reader, as you gracefully waltz through the steps of the “Dance of Affection,” you invite a symphony of compliments to envelop your relationship. This dance transcends words, awakening a deep appreciation for each other’s presence and fostering an environment where admiration flows freely.

Step 3: The Surprising Delight

In this step, we unleash the power of surprise to spark your boyfriend’s compliments. Simply aspire to embrace spontaneity and create delightful moments that leave him awestruck. Why not plan unexpected gestures, such as surprise dates, thoughtful gifts, or heartfelt notes, to ignite his desire to express admiration and shower you with compliments?

Step 4: The Genuine Appreciation

Again, you have to make it a habit to express genuine appreciation for your boyfriend’s efforts, achievements, and qualities. When he feels genuinely valued, it creates a reciprocal desire to reciprocate the sentiment.

Show him that you notice and cherish his unique qualities, talents, and contributions. By setting an example of genuine appreciation, you encourage him to mirror the sentiment and express his admiration for you.

Step 5: The Art of Communication

In the end, if none of the above-listed steps work then you still open the channels of communication and express your desire for more compliments.

To achieve this, all that you’ll have to do is have an honest conversation with your boyfriend about your feelings, explaining how important compliments are to you and how they contribute to your emotional well-being. Encourage him to share his thoughts and feelings openly, fostering a safe space for vulnerability and authentic expression.


Remember, dear reader, these steps aim to inspire your boyfriend to take the initiative with compliments, fostering a culture of appreciation and admiration in your relationship. By embracing surprise, genuine appreciation, and open communication, you pave the way for a more fulfilling and compliment-filled love journey.

As our whimsical adventure draws to a close, may these steps guide you toward a realm where compliments flow freely, making your heart sing with joy and your relationship flourish with love. Embrace the magic, and may his compliments dance upon your ears like a sweet melody!

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