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What if a guy talks about marriage too soon?

What if a guy talks about marriage too soon?

If a guy brings up the topic of marriage too soon, it can be a major turnoff. For many women, it’s simply too much, too soon. It can make us feel pressured and uncomfortable like we’re being put on the spot.

And let’s be honest: if a relationship is only a few weeks old, chances are we’re not even thinking straight and are probably too infatuated or overtaken by hormones to think about marriage!

So, while it’s great to know that he’s serious about commitment, it would be better if he waited a bit before bringing up such a heavy topic. So what could’ve pushed him to bring it up so soon? That’s what we will be discussing in today’s article!

5 possible reasons why he brought up marriage too soon:

1- He wants to show you that he’s serious:

One reason why a guy might talk about marriage too soon is that he’s trying to impress you and show you that he’s got good intentions. He might think that raising the topic of marriage will make him seem more mature and serious and that it will show you that he’s interested in a long-term relationship.

It’s important to remember that he may be putting on an act to seduce you faster. He probably thinks that most women are after stability, marriage, and family life and he’s trying to use that to his advantage.

In fact, he might also be hoping that talking about marriage soon will make you more likely to give in, trust him and be more willing to get in a relationship with him where you will try to prove yourself to him more to make him pop the question if you’re desperate for marriage.

2- He doesn’t think it can backfire:

It’s important to remember that guys aren’t always the best at reading social cues. So a guy that talks about marriage so soon, might not realize that he’s coming on too strong instead of making a good impression.

He might not be able to understand that not every woman starts giggling and getting excited once she hears the word “marriage” so soon. That’s simply because not every woman is dying to marry a stranger she barely knows.

If you’re not ready to discuss marriage, just let him know in a gentle way that it’s too soon for such a topic. Be careful how you say it as it may come to him like a slap in the face and hurt his ego a lot that you didn’t get impressed by his advances. Also, there’s no need to lead him on or string him along; honesty is always the best policy.

3- He’s using marriage to hide or get something:

When a guy brings up marriage too soon, it can be a red flag for all the reasons listed here and more. In fact, it could also mean that he’s not really looking for a passionate relationship built on love and shared memories. Instead, he probably just wants to get married quickly to hide something, obtain something or so he can just have a wife and more status.

Someone who’s ready to quickly marry anyone who fits the bill or comes close to fitting their criteria, within a few weeks or months of having met them, probably has bad motives. They probably want to marry for the wrong reasons. You could find out about their real reason behind wanting to marry so soon, years into the marriage and when it’s too late!

So it could be a sign that he’s desperate and will do anything to get married, but clearly not out of blind blove. Either way, it’s not a good sign. If you’re in a relationship with a guy who starts talking about marriage too soon, it’s important to have a serious conversation with him about your future together. Otherwise, you could end up getting hurt.

4- He moves extremely fast in relationships:

One other reason a guy might talk about marriage too soon is that he’s trying to pressure you into a commitment too soon. He may think that by bringing up the subject of marriage, he can get you to agree to a serious relationship soon enough. In other words, he’s trying to skip the courtship stage or trying not to work so hard to get your full attention. He’s moving fast and it’s a big red flag.

You can check this article out on why most relationships that move fast fail. His reason for doing this may not be clear, but you can also check this article to find out a few characteristics about men that try to move fast in relationships and their motives for it.

It’s true though that it doesn’t have to always be a bad motive. Maybe he’s just feeling pressure from his friends or family to get married and settle down. So, it’s important to have a serious discussion about where you both see the relationship going before getting too ahead of yourselves.

You better do it as soon as you can, if not, you could end up in a situation that you’re not ready for. Marriage is a big step, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’re not on the same page about marriage, it could be a recipe for disaster down the road.

5- He’s dating for marriage, not for fun:

We all like to think that we’re special and that just by being ourselves we can influence someone and make them want to take a bullet for us. It helps stroke our ego and make us believe we’re different, sought after, and important as opposed to being an outcast or someone who’s unwanted and constantly rejected.

That’s why you might want to think that when a guy talks too soon about marriage, it’s because he just couldn’t believe how perfect and amazing you are. This could’ve been true if he took his time and decided to bring up marriage many months down the line. However, if he brought it up soon after only a few dates, then it probably has nothing to do with you or with what’s so special about you.

The guy could’ve been dating for marriage, to begin with. He had fun earlier in his life, enjoyed it all while it lasted but now he is ready to settle down. So he’s meeting people and filtering them out to find a special someone to marry. This is a strong possibility and it’s not so bad not doe it make him a bad person!

In other words, whether it’s you or someone else he was gonna pick somebody sooner rather than later. Granted, you probably still fit all his criteria anyway, for him to consider you as a potential spouse anyway and that’s great!

You can check this article out later to see different reasons for which people date. You will understand better that some people date for fun, others for marriage and there’s a long list of other possible reasons that just depend on where the person is at in life.

So this guy could just be at a point in his life where he’s dating for marriage now, and if that’s where you’re at too, then take a good look at him and see if he fits the bill!

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