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What does it mean when a woman touches your back?

What does it mean when a woman touches your back?

Women are known to send coded signals to men, and men are known to have a hard time figuring those signals out. So, if a woman touches your back it’s normal to start thinking that it could have been a sign of something more.

However, it’s not advisable to jump to conclusions as things as not always how they appear. Here are some possible reasons why a woman would touch your back that can help you decipher her intentions. 

What could it mean when a woman touches your back?

1) She wants to show that she is attracted to you:

Many men get the feeling that when a woman deliberately touches their back it means that they are sending them signals to show how much they feel attracted to them. That idea is not completely wrong as in some cases it is true.

Women are aware that physical contact has a very significant meaning for men. So when women are the ones who initiate physical contact it might mean that they are determined to let their attraction and interest be known. It’s important to know that, generally, when a woman touches your back it will likely be a prolonged touch.

It is also important to consider other factors, so you can be sure that she is indeed trying to show that she’s attracted to you. If she made prolonged eye contact, tried to make small talk with you in the hopes that the conversation would get deeper, or if she is being extremely friendly towards you and finding random topics to discuss with you then i may mean that she is trying to flirt.

To finalize this approach she will try to establish physical touch and the back and the arms end up being the most popular choices for that.

2) She wants your attention:

Sometimes, when you are surrounded by many people it’s hard to get the attention of someone specific. Some people speak louder than others and if there’s music or too many people chatting at the same time, it’s hard to be heard. So, if a woman is trying to catch your attention but she is failing to do so, she may try physical touch.

Think about it, when you are trying to speak to someone but they can’t hear you, don’t you usually give them one or two slight taps on the back?

Well, if a woman does this to you, it means that she has been trying to get your attention for a while. It may not mean that she is interested in you romantically, but it means that she has something important she wants to say to you.

3) She is giving you support:

As human beings, it’s almost an instinctive reaction when we show our support through physical touch. When we want to express how happy we feel about the accomplishments of someone, we may give them a tight hug.

When someone is going through a hard time and are opening up to us about it then we may offer them our hand so they can hold on to it. The same thing goes for someone who is touching your back. They do it to show how much they support you.

To find out if a woman touched your back because she was trying to be supportive you need to think back on the context of the situation. Maybe you were in a quiet place surrounded by a few people and you were sharing something that troubled you or made you feel anxious.

By listening to your problems, her reaction might have been lightly rubbing your back with one hand in a subconscious attempt to try to make you relax and feel that you are not alone during difficult times. 

If nothing bad happened in your life recently and a woman touches your back, think about the relationship you have. If she is a close friend she might be doing so to show that she is there for you should you need anything.

4) She might be too comfortable with physical touch:

One reason why a woman touches your back can be simply because she is too comfortable doing so. Maybe, she merely touched your back because she is the type of person who is comfortable showing affection via touch and it didn’t mean anything special to her.

This can be very simple to assess. Watch how she behaves towards other people. If she is someone who greets all her friends with hugs and touches people regularly during a conversation, it simply shows that that’s part of her personality.

Some people are naturally more open and like to show their affection with physical touch while other people take more time to feel comfortable around new people and have more boundaries when it comes to physical touch.

This woman touched your back because that’s how she communicates her affection. It simply means that she is glad to see you but it didn’t necessarily have a deeper meaning.

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