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What does it mean when a man tries to make you jealous?

What does it mean when a man tries to make you jealous?

There are a lot of reasons why a man might try to make a woman jealous. Maybe he’s insecure or perhaps he just wants to know if she’s still interested. Or maybe he’s trying to create more drama or a little action in his life because he’s bored. The truth is there could be endless reasons for such behavior.

Whatever the real reason is, it’s clearly not always easy to read men. And that can make it hard to tell what a man’s intentions are for you and why he’s acting in a specific way with you. This is why, we’re here to help you decipher any signals and hints and figure things out in advance so that you can always have the upper hand.

5 reasons why a man would try to make you jealous:

If you’re wondering why a man would try to make you jealous and don’t want to be direct about it or ask him, the best thing to do is to check the most common reasons why a man would do such a thing. We have listed those below so take the time to read and analyze your situation to see whether any of these applies to you.

1. He likes you and wants to shake things up:

Aman that tries to make you jealous could merely be trying to get noticed by you. All it could be is that he really likes you and wants things to progress with you… At this point, it is even safe to assume that he’s getting a little impatient and desperate if he’s resorting to such games and trying to make you jealous.

Perhaps, he’s tried asking you out and you’ve said no, so he’s trying to make you jealous in the hopes that it will shake things up. If this is the case, he probably wants to see if you feel the same way about him and this is his way of testing the waters. He could even be trying to show you that he’s romantically desired and very solicited by other ladies, in hopes to get you to accept his advances sooner.

In this scenario, he’s hoping that by making you jealous, you’ll finally realize how you feel about him and maybe even make a move first. Of course, there’s always the chance that this backfires and you end up disliking him even more, but he’s willing to take that risk.

2. He’s very interested in someone that is close to you:

Even though you think a guy is trying to make you jealous, all it could be sometimes is that he’s trying to show you that he has many eyes on him. Perhaps he wants to do that because he’s interested in a close friend of yours or your sister and wants you to think that he’s a good catch. In this case, it’s not you that he’s after, he would just be trying to get you to recommend him as a potential suitor to a specific person from your inner circle that he likes.

Either way, it’s important to be able to distinguish between whether someone is truly trying to make you jealous or if they are just trying to make you witness just how popular and desired they are. If you want to make him feel jealous in return and see if it works or if he stays indifferent to it.

This may sound a little childish and silly but it is a good way to make sure that you’re not imagining things. It will allow you to find out for sure whether this guy is trying to make you jealous or if he merely wants to get noticed by you for another reason.

3. He wants you to break up with your current partner:

If you’ve ever had a guy try to make you jealous, you know it’s not a fun experience. But if you already have a man or if you’re taken, it can be confusing and mindboggling to see a guy do such a thing. It can make you start doubting yourself and wonder whether you’re imagining things. At the same time, you probably wouldn’t want to raise such a topic with your partner as you have no evidence to back it and could look like an attention-seeker.

If this is what is happening to you right now, then know that many guys get a little confused about how they can make a girl that’s taken realize that they like her. They wonder whether they have a chance at all and at the same time cannot make a move or approach the girl because she already has someone. Of course, many people would say that this is a horrible thing to do and they’re probably right as people that are taken should be a no-go.

However, we’re just saying that some men go and try to make a girl jealous even though she’s taken just to make her realize whether she has any feelings for them. Either way, it’s not a great feeling to be on the receiving end of someone’s jealousy-inducing tactics. So next time you think a guy is trying to make you jealous, even though you’re already in a relationship then remember: he may be trying to help you decide whether you care about him romantically at all.

4. He wants to get you back:

If you and the man in question dated or were in a romantic relationship before and you notice that he’s trying to make you jealous, then it could mean that he wants you back. For this reason, one possibility why a man would be trying to make you jealous is that he wants you back and is hoping that he’ll be able to rekindle your feelings for him.

He might be trying to show you what you’re missing out on not being with him, when so many other people wish they had such a chance. If the man that is trying to make you jealous is someone that you have given a chance to before then you may want to consider giving him another chance. Clarly, that’s what he’s after if that’s the case.

Either way, it’s important to be honest with yourself about your feelings and decide whether or not you want to give him another chance. Also, take his attempts at making you jealous with a grain of salt as he’s obviously regretful of having lost you and is trying to find ways to get you back without putting his dignity on the line or being more direct about it.

5. He’s a player and likes to do the same with everyone:

One reason a man might try to make you jealous is that he’s a player. He likes the attention and he likes making everyone jealous. So look around and see whether this man is playing this little game with you alone or if he’s trying to flirt and charm every girl and make every one he meets jealous.

If that’s the case he may be trying to start some drama and get girls to fight for his attention. This type of men likes to build himself a reputation for being irresistible and charming, but in most cases it backfrires and all he does is build himself a reputation for being a thirsty and desperate pervert that likes everything that breathes.

So watch his behaviour and see if you’re exception or if he’s trying to get every other girl he knows jealous. If this type of man can make many girls at once interested in him and jealous, he feels like he has control over them and he gets an ego boost.

All of this is just a game to him, he’s just using everyone for his own amusement. So, if you notice that he’s trying to make other girls jealous too, it’s best to just walk away. He’s not worth your time or energy. If you cannot tell when and how a man tries to make you or someone else jealous then here are a few sings to look out for.

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