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What does it mean when a girl twirls her hair?

What does it mean when a girl twirls her hair?

Body language and non-verbal gestures can tell you a lot about what a person is feeling. The more you learn about it, the better you’ll be able to read people and get a glimpse into their minds. For instance, girls often play with their hair in many different situations. But what does it mean? 

Well, you might be surprised to find that when a girl plays with her hair, it can mean a lot of different things. Today, we will explore some of those meanings!

6 Reasons a girl twirls her hair:

1. She is bored:

Sometimes, when a girl does this, it means that she’s bored. We hate to bring bad news, but this is one of the possibilities. If the conversation is not too engaging or she’s not having a good time, she will play and twirl her hair or zone out. 

That means she’s probably thinking about leaving or she’s wishing she was somewhere else. If you notice this kind of body language, you can try to shake things around by changing the subject or cracking a joke. Perhaps that’s all she needs to engage again. If she doesn’t, it means that she’s not interested in you. 

2. She feels shy around you:

Some girls are either shy by nature or they feel shy around someone they like. Either way, a girl twirling her hair could be a sign of shyness. If she’s smiling and can’t seem to make eye contact, the hair twirling could mean that she’s very attracted to you and she doesn’t know how to behave around you. 

Since she’s feeling shy and a bit self-conscious, the hair twirling is her way of keeping her hands busy. It can also be a self-soothing gesture. She’s trying to calm herself down a bit so she can focus and engage with the conversation. This is one of the instances where the hair twirling is a good sign!

3. She feels anxious or nervous:

Some body language experts say that a person twirling their hair can be a sign of anxiety. In this case, the hair twirling is a self-soothing gesture and it provides some comfort. So, if a girl is twirling her hair, it could mean she’s feeling anxious. 

If this happens in a social setting, it can be social anxiety. She might be overthinking what to say or how to act around others, which makes her feel a bit unnerved. It could also be a sign that she’s feeling nervous, either because she’s very attracted to you or because the environment she’s in is not making her feel safe. 

4. She’s being flirty:

When girls twirl their hair, it could also mean that they’re flirting with you because they like you a lot. In this case, a girl will twirl her hair around her finger while maintaining eye contact with you or smiling at you. Some girls are a lot more confident and they will even bite or lick their lips while twirling their hair, in this scenario. 

These are obvious signs that she’s interested in you and finds you irresistible. She’s drawing attention to herself because she wants you to look at her and pick up what she’s hinting at. It’s very difficult to misinterpret this kind of body language, so if you see her doing these things, it’s safe to say you can flirt back and see where it goes. 

5. It is just a habit of hers:

We all got little habits! Some people pick their lips, others bite their nails. Hair twirling can be just a habit and, in that case, it doesn’t mean anything at all. It just means they want to do something with their hands and that’s their go-to move. 

If a girl twirls her hair very often or she does it without displaying any other kind of body language, it doesn’t mean anything. She’s just doing it out of habit. However, if the hair twirling is accompanied by other gestures or body language, it could mean something depending on the context you’re in. 

6. She’s not comfortable:

When a girl twirls her hair, sometimes it’s because she is uncomfortable. Whether it’s because you said something she didn’t like or she doesn’t like the environment she’s in. This is another case of a self-soothing gesture, which means she’s trying to soothe herself. 

Being uncomfortable is an awful feeling and it makes us feel on edge. So, twirling her hair might help her take the pressure off. If you think she’s stressed, ask her if there’s anything wrong and let her know you can talk about anything or take her somewhere else. 


It’s funny how a simple gesture can mean so many things. If you take into account the context and any other body language she might be displaying, you will be able to get a good idea of what it means when a girl twirls her hair. 

If a girl displays more signals that are indicative of a romantic interest or something like that, then you can start to investigate. However, barely playing or twirling her hair may not mean much. If you think a woman wants you to approach her or make the first move you may want to start flirting a little and see how she responds.

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