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What do guys like to be called in a relationship?

What do guys like to be called in a relationship?

Most people love to give their significant others cute nicknames and it’s one of the many ways to express love and admiration. However, it can be difficult to give a guy a cute and endearing nickname. It’s fun and romantic, but you also don’t want to make your boyfriend feel disrespected, uncomfortable, or silly in a bad way. 

Nicknames are supposed to be complimentary and your partner should enjoy them as much as you do. Luckily, there are so many cute nickname ideas that your guy can get used to and learn to enjoy. In the end, it’s all about choosing the right nickname for their personality! Today, we’ll provide a few ideas to help you find the right nickname for your man. 

10 Nicknames guys can get behind:

1. Sweetie or Babe:

“Sweetie” (or “babe”) is a nickname that is extremely easy to use. You can quickly throw it at your partner to call them or get their attention when you need help or want to ask them for something. There’s nothing offensive about them, so they’re ones of the quick go-to options.

This nickname suits all kinds of personalities! It has been used for ages and it expresses genuine affection. It will give your man an explosion of happy hormones whenever he hears it coming from you, whether they want to admit it or not. 

2. Boo or Boo Bear:

This is a risky one because it’s the kind of nickname you can only give a guy who’s as unabashedly cheesy as you. It’s a super cute nickname, but also the kind of nickname that you give to a pet, so it won’t be embraced by all men.

However, if your guy is super cheesy and he doesn’t mind the cuteness overload, he will be able to enjoy this nickname. 

3. Daddy:

Daddy has become quite a popular nickname for male partners and boyfriends nowadays. It’s what you call someone who you find extremely attractive and hot, so it’s quite the compliment and any confident, sexy man will embrace it like a champ.

Even celebrities like Oscar Isaac have come to accept this nickname from fans. Granted, this is not the kind of nickname you should use in front of people as it can be a bit too intimate. But you can switch to “big boy” or “tiger” when in public. Who knows; if you’re lucky, it could be music to your man’s ears. 

4. Darling or Dear:

Now, this is a fancy one and it’s also one of the go-to nicknames any man won’t see anything bad or wrong with this type of nickname. It’s a safe option and you can even add a British accent when you want to be funny with it and get a giggle out of your man. 

5. Handsome:

Here we have another safe nickname option that any man would enjoy. It’s a clear compliment and it’s very difficult for someone to hate being called handsome, sexy, or beautiful. If your man doesn’t like it or pretends not to like it tell him not to deflect a good compliment!

It’s a great way to show your guy you always think he’s hot and it will make him feel confident about himself, even if it’s just a nickname. Not to mention, it’s an easy way to stroke his ego. 

6. Honey:

“Honey” is an easy-peasy nickname and any man can accept it without overthinking it. It’s a lovely term of endearment that sounds wholesome and very loving. “Honey” is a classic and it shows your man you think he makes your life a little sweeter, which is a nice thing to be reminded of with a single word. 

7. Bubba:

If your man is the kind of guy who loves pets and finds them extremely precious, then “bubba” can be the right nickname for him. You just can’t get enough of this cute nickname. Additionally, this is not a nickname that will him feel small or embarrassed even if you use it in public. 

8. Goober:

When you have a partner who’s a complete goofball and he’s never afraid to be silly, calling him “goober” is perfectly adequate! And, he probably will find it funny and not have any problem with it. If you love that he always makes you laugh, then calling them a goober is just perfect. That’s because it will probably make him laugh too or smile a little every time you use it. 

7. Angel:

A guy who is loving and very supportive can easily enjoy being called an angel. It’s the perfect nickname to express how grateful you are for your man and the positive impact they’ve had in your life. They’re your angel because they’ve saved you by loving you the way you deserve to be loved.

But, be careful this nickname can become a bit awkward, if your partner is a little toxic or has anger issues or if he doesn’t refrain from saying hurtful things when you argue. In this case, you will both know the nickname simple doesn’t suit him!

8. Hunk:

If your man loves the gym or sculpting his physique, calling him “hunk” can be the perfect nickname for him. You could also consider “Hercules” or “Mr. muscles”. If he loves fitness and is very proud of his body, this nickname can make him feel validated and appreciated for the efforts he puts into staying in shape.  


The best way to find the perfect nickname for your man is to think of their personality, the things you love most about them, and your daily life together.

The nickname should make sense and it should feel natural for both of you. You might have to try a few nicknames until something sticks, but that’s part of the process. Just have fun with it! 

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