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What are common non negotiables in a relationship?

What are common non negotiables in a relationship?

Compromise is a big part of relationships. Whether you’re trying to decide what to do on a Sunday or who will take out the trash, there are many different times you must find a middle ground to keep the peace and be happy. That being said, many things are non-negotiable. 

The non-negotiables in a relationship are founded on your core values and those are important to uphold. If you want your relationship to be healthy, you have to determine what those non-negotiables are on both sides. You have to compromise and agree on them and respect them throughout the relationship. 

To help you determine your non-negotiables and make them clear to your partner, here are a few common ones you should consider!

6 Common Non-Negotiables in a Relationship:

1- Mutual respect:

Respect is one of the most important things in a relationship and it’s not negotiable. Respect is based on a deep admiration for someone’s abilities, achievements, and qualities. It’s what allows you to love the other person for who they are. 

Mutual respect is a must because it will make you feel valued and safe in the relationship. When someone respects you, they will mind your limits, appreciate your differences, admire your strengths, and be kind to you. Without this, a relationship can’t thrive. 

2- Complete support:

Support is another essential component in any romantic relationship. You and your partner should be certain you have each other’s backs. You need to be able to rely on one another and trust each other. This is how you’ll help each other grow as people and thrive. 

You should be there for one another to celebrate your wins and get through the rough patches together. You need to understand the things that are important to another and make sure you’re always there. Whether that’s to cheer each other on, be a shoulder to cry on, or help each other find solutions in times of need. 

3- No unhealthy jealousy:

Some jealousy can be healthy in a relationship, but excessive jealousy is never a good thing. It points to a trust issue that hasn’t been resolved or deep insecurities that need to be addressed. It could even mean that you’re partner is territorial or possessive. Either way, excessive jealousy is not a good thing and it can lead to issues. 

A super jealous partner will try to control everything you do just to feel like there’s no reason to be suspicious. That’s not normal and it’s not acceptable. Communicating and working on whatever issues may be causing this extreme jealousy is not optional. 

4- Full honesty and transparency:

It’s not uncommon for people to lie in relationships, but that doesn’t mean lying is right. In fact, it’s an awful habit. Even white lies should be avoided because they can snowball into something bigger. You should be able to trust each other enough to talk about anything. 

However, there can’t be any trust if you refuse to be honest and transparent when you communicate with one another. That’s why this is non-negotiable in any relationship. Work on your communication skills and create a safe space in the relationship, so it’s okay for you both to speak freely about anything and without fear.

5- Accepting each other’s differences:

This is another common non-negotiable in relationships. Why? Because you are both individuals. Even though you are together, you are not the same. You have different likes and dislikes, ambitions, interests, points of view, experiences, etc. 

It’s not realistic to expect your partner to change everything about themselves. You can both certainly grow and learn new things together, but you will still be your own person. Learning to accept and cherish each other’s differences will help you set a good foundation for the relationship. 

6- Having an open mind:

Having an open mind when you’re in a relationship is also non-negotiable. It’s what will allow you to accept each other as you are and love one another deeply. The ability to entertain different opinions and perspectives is key in any relationship because it makes conflict resolution a little easier. 

You need to be curious about your partner and be willing to consider the things they bring forward. Not just when it comes to bedroom-related stuff, but also when it comes to anything else in life. Being open to suggestions will help you find the middle ground as a couple and it will make things so much more fun. 


Relationships are not easy, but they’re fulfilling and beautiful. Finding harmony is key and even though compromising is a big part of that, you still need to stick to your guns when necessary.

Certain rules shouldn’t be broken and certain limits shouldn’t be crossed. To determine what those are in your particular relationship, you have to have many conversations about it and create those pillars. In the end, you can also check our article on a list of things most people cannot forgive in a relationship.

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