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How to survive your first father’s day without a dad?

How to survive your first father’s day without a dad?

Losing a parent is one of the most difficult things we have to go through in life. When the loss of a dad is fresh, the grief can be unbearable. But, at the risk of sounding cliché, it gets better every day. 

It’s not that the sadness goes away because that takes time, but you get used to his absence and start learning how to keep him present in other ways. That doesn’t mean you won’t get new waves of grief, especially on meaningful days. 

Indeed, your first Father’s Day without a dad will be the toughest one. However, there are a few things you can do to channel those feelings and survive the day. 

Today, we bring you a few tips that will help! Just keep an open heart and try out the ones that speak to you the most. We promise it will make you feel a little better!

Few steps to cope with having lost a father:

1. Get together with your loved ones:

Your first Father’s Day without your dad is not only tough on you, but it’s also tough on everyone in your family. This is the time for loved ones to come together and keep each other company. Being alone on Father’s Day is not the best idea, especially not when you can lean on your loved ones. 

Get together with the rest of your family and consider inviting your dad’s closest friends. Take the day to give each other comfort and share your favorite stories about him. Laugh, cry and hold each other close!

Father’s Day can be sad, but it’s a great opportunity to honor him and express the love you still have for him. 

2. Make his favorite foods:

Comfort food always makes us feel better. So, when Father’s Day comes around, consider making your dad’s favorite foods! You can get together with your family and make it a team effort. But if that’s not possible, this is still something you can do on your own. Either way, it can be a new tradition. 

Making your dad’s favorite foods on Father’s Day is great for many reasons. First, it will keep you busy. You can put on his favorite music or the songs you loved to listen to together and get cooking. Second, it’s a great way to honor him and remember him with love. Third, you’ll have a nice meal to enjoy, which can do wonders for your mood. 

3. Write a letter intended for him:

In 2021, actor Andrew Garfield was interviewed on a late-night show and he opened up about losing his mother to cancer. What he said quickly went viral because it rings true and we think it’s relevant to mention. He said that grief is all the unexpressed love we didn’t get to tell the ones we’ve lost. 

If you understand this, you should take Father’s Day as an opportunity to express your love for your dad, if he’s still with you. Write him a letter and say everything you want to say, even if he’s not with you.

It might feel strange at first, but you’ll quickly get lost in the writing. It’s cathartic and a lovely way to transform your grief into something beautiful. 

4. Keep away from social media:

If your grief is still fresh, going on social media on Father’s Day is a mistake. It can be a huge trigger.

You’re already trying to handle intense emotions, so there’s no reason to make it more difficult for yourself. On your first Father’s Day without your dad, focus on you and your loved ones. 

When you’re ready, social media can be a great way to honor your dad. But at first, it can be hurtful to see other people spending time with their fathers. Not to mention, it can be overwhelming to see people talking about their loss and grief. 

5. Set new traditions: 

Many things change when you lose your dad and Father’s Day will never be the same again. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be a painful holiday. Of course, people deal with things differently. For some people, ignoring Father’s Day while processing their grief is what works for them. 

For others, Father’s Day can still be a special holiday. However, you have to make it so, and creating new traditions can help you do that. Your first Father’s Day without your dad is a great opportunity to set a new tradition that will honor his memory. 

There are many things you can adopt as new traditions. Such as making his favorite food, writing him a letter, adding a new item to the collection he used to love, watching his favorite movie, going to his favorite spot in the city, etc. 


Losing your dad is not easy, but even though he’s gone, he will still be present in all your memories and the love you have for him. Do not hesitate to ask your life partner, soulmate, or spouse to help you through such a day and to support you in your grief.

If you’re dreading your first Father’s Day without a dad, we hope these tips can help you get through it!

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