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Tips to make your hubby miss you during separation

Tips to make your hubby miss you during separation

It is not easy to be a wife who has to leave her husband and go away for some time. It is even harder when you feel like your husband does not miss you much in this type of situation, or that he does not care about your absence. So how can you change this and make him miss you more?

Obviously, it is not convenient or desirable to live without the person you love and care for. The separation can be tough on both of you, especially when you are living in a different city or country. That’s why we have listed below a few tips to make your husband miss you during separation.

Tips to make your husband miss you during separation:

1. Constant communication:

The best way for a spouse to make their partner miss them is by being in constant communication with them and being available to them as much as possible.

It is also important that the spouse that got away only focuses on the task that they left to accomplish and not get distracted by secondary things too. For instance, they shouldn’t spend their spare time on social media or exploring the city they’re in, on their own, and without their spouse.

Instead, an agreement should already be in place about this and how much the two would talk to one another during every free minute you get. Use this separation as a time to communicate, revive your flame and even play sensual games with one another. And, this brings us to the next point.

2. Use the distance, to make him ache for you:

If your husband is gone for some time or if you are on a mission elsewhere instead, and the two of you are now separated; a good way to make him miss you is to play sensual games.

Make it spicy, take the lingerie out, wear that one lipstick he likes on you, do your hair the way he prefers it to be. And, take pictures with all of these things on and make sure you send them all to him at different times when he expects them the least. Leave a little sexy message with each. Intriguing, simple, and enticing!

If the romance or sexy side of your marriage has died out then this is the perfect time to revive it. You may not be able to take the initiative, after so many years of “nothing” and do something wild in person for your husband, out of fear of feeling awkward or getting rejected.

However, now that you two are far from one another nothing should hold you back. Go for it. Send him that wild photo or sexy message. But, make it a bit mysterious, intriguing, and not fully out in his face from the start. In other words, send beautiful sensual photos not something too revealing and vulgar, first thing.

3. Keep him in the loop:

A nice way not to run out of things to say is to keep your hubby informed about what’s happening in your life, during his absence. you could check our article out on how to never run out of things to say. However, with your hubby, this luckily comes naturally and you just click anyway.

Either way, it is nice to keep your hubby in the loop and tell him what has been happening in your life on a daily basis. This will naturally create nice little anecdotes and new topics for you two to go over, for hours, and even to re-bond over.

Plus, this will encourage him to do the same, and this way he will be giving you a full report about what he’s been doing with his days, during your absence. In the end, who doesn’t want to go back to the good old days of talking for hours on the phone, in bed, to your sweet love until you both feel sleepy?

4. Prepare for his return:

The best way to make your husband miss you is by showing him that you care. Showing him that he is important to you, will make him want to be with you again. You can do this by going large when preparing for his return.

You can also plan a date for the two of you days in advance, for when he returns from his trip. You can do that by booking his favorite restaurant or setting up a nice unique decor at home for the occasion of his return.

If your husband is not the type of person who likes surprises, then try to plan something small, with him in mind. It could be anything from cooking his favorite meal, taking care of something for him, or just keeping yourself free and available for his return day.

5. Make yourself available all the time:

It is important to give your husband the impression that you are not too busy during his absence, even if that’s not true. This means that when he calls you or sends you a message, it should seem like there is nothing better for you to do than talk to him.

This will make him feel like he is the most important person in your life and that he has more importance for you than anything else. Make him feel like he is still a part of your life even though you are separated from each other physically. This will help to reassure him that he is still important in your life and that his presence isn’t just limited to when the two of you are together face-to-face.

How to make your husband miss you after a big argument or fight:

Now, if what you mean by “separation” is that you and your beloved hubby are actually taking a break from the relationship, then it’s different. If rather than just being away from one another due to work or other duties, you’re instead separated for emotional reasons, then it’s a different approach that you should take.

If you have been separated from your husband due to a big fight or argument, but want to make him miss you, then here’s what to do:

The first step is to make your spouse want you back. This can be done by being more loving and affectionate towards him. Make sure that he knows that he is missed and this will help him feel loved, appreciated, and wanted by you. Be gentle, calm, kinder, and look hotter than ever.

You’ve been his wife for some time, so you should have a clear idea about what he likes to see on you and what he doesn’t. So, use that information wisely and do your best to look like fire and make him feel some heat by being the best version of yourself character-wise too. Try adding some spice onto it all, by giving him some playful and enticing stares. Some people believe that eyes speak louder than words!

The second step is to be patient with your husband. It is important not to push or rush things when you have just been separated. This will only lead to resentment and anger in both parties, which will lead to a breakdown in communication between the two of you. So you need to be open and make him feel like communication is an option, and that you’re ready to listen.

The third step is not to do anything too drastic or life-changing, while separated from your spouse. Do not get into a new relationship to try to get your husband back or make him jealous. This may hurt his ego a lot and make things irreparable. In the end, we wish you good luck!

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