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Why is it important to keep a promise you made?

Why is it important to keep a promise you made?

Keeping promises is a big part of human society, and often it is what separates us from other species. A promise can be anything, as long as you stick to it.

As humans, we can develop trust and rely on others for assistance with different tasks. However, if someone constantly breaks promises and does not provide assistance, then the relationship will no longer be fruitful.

If we are constantly relying on others for assistance and they continuously disappoint us, there is a high chance of our trust being broken and the relationship getting ruined beyond repair.

Why you should not give promises that you cannot keep?

The importance of keeping promises seems to have decreased in the modern world that is fast-paced and highly competitive. But if you don’t keep them, then the trust factor goes out of the window and the relationship or partnership will crumble. 

Not only that, but if you don’t keep a promise, you may think it’s nothing or that what you promised is trivial and not gonna matter to the person who’s gonna be waiting to receive it. However, keep in mind that people may do arrangements in their lives based on your promise or rely on what you said and consider it when making life-altering decisions.

This article does not discuss little promises like “I’ll be back home at 8 pm”, but it considers bigger promises that involve receiving something of financial or emotional value or a life-changing arrangement or commitment like marriage, etc.

The importance of trust in relationships is why it’s so important for people to keep their promises. Keeping promises can be difficult, especially when there are a lot of time constraints and pressure on the schedule. That’s why one should never give a promise that they cannot keep or that may become difficult or out of their control and that they cannot fulfill.

Promises are powerful, they can make people feel safe and secure. But when there is a breakdown in trust, it can ruin everything. For example, if someone promises to make your life better but doesn’t deliver, you will probably get angry and feel cheated. It’s important that we learn how to use promises properly so as not to break down the trust of others, if not ruin their lives.

How to make up for a promise you couldn’t keep?

Contracts in the professional world, are just another way of giving promises of delivering a specific service in return for money or another type of exchange.

When you can no longer give money you were loaned, for example, the contract made between you and the loaner ensures that the loaner gets appropriate compensation. The compensation could be any assets you may have promised in that case, or if not then you may even risk going to jail. This is how serious promises can be.

At the same time, if you gave a promise to a relative or friend and you couldn’t have fulfilled it then you should give appropriate compensation. The compensation should be close to the promised thing and not very different.

For example, if you promised a specific type of car or bad and you couldn’t deliver anymore then you should be able to offer them a different type of car but that cost not much less than the promised one. Or, you should just not have given any promises, if you cannot offer anything even close to the initial object of your promise.

If you promised marriage with a promise ring and words, the person may put all their trust in you and wait for years to build a family with you and have a life together. That’s why it is better not to make any promises until we are sure that we can deliver.

Ways to compensate for a promise you couldn’t keep:

Other than the way suggested in the last paragraph, we will look at three other ways to make up for a promise you cannot keep.

1) Don’t make that promise in the first place.

2) Offer something else of similar value, to the person whose trust you abused.

3) Be honest to the person and warn them as soon as possible that you’re no longer capable of fulfilling the promise you gave them. Also, ask them what you can do instead, and do it if it’s within your power.

Bottom line:

If you cannot keep a promise, because of an unforeseen circumstance. In this case, you may need to make up for it by saying sorry and offering a solution. If possible, it is also necessary to explain why it became impossible for you to keep the promise so that the trust between you and the other person doesn’t suffer much.

Whether it’s a missed deadline or an uncomfortable situation, it is important to know how to recover from regretful situations and keep your promises or not commit and promise anything in the first place!

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