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The 4 types of love and what each one means!

The 4 types of love and what each one means!

Love stories in human history are often described as the most beautiful and compelling tales ever told. While some of them have been immortalized by their authors, others have not been so lucky. Here are some of the best love stories in history.

According to a study done by the University of Michigan, the most accurate predictor of whether couples will stay together is the intensity of their early love.

The notion of love is a universal theme that has been explored by many artists and writers. Some of the first depictions of love in literature are found in ancient texts. There are many different interpretations and varying perspectives on this idea.

Do we love the impossible, the forbidden, and the inaccessible?

Realistically, what would happen if you fell in love with somebody who lives in a different country and has a different culture? What are the most important things to think about before marrying them? Is it even possible for two people to love each other very much despite cultural differences?

Some would argue that we love what is difficult to obtain or what we know we’d struggle to get. Many people fall in love with the furthest person that their parents could accept in the family either due to their profession, personality, or other reasons.

In the end, there may be some truth in the fact that we like and get fascinated by things that will be out of our reach or that we will need to fight for or struggle to get since it gives us purpose and a sense of success and achievement when we reach it in the end.

Also, things that are obtained with great difficulty are often perceived as more valuable and important than things that are easily accessible and simple to get.

What makes love last?

Love is a universal concept and it has been present in human history since antiquity. It has been studied by psychologists, anthropologists, historians, and sociologists. The discussion of love is not only limited to romantic love but to other forms of love.

It is a powerful emotion. It’s been described as the most beautiful, purest, and strongest feeling in the world. It has a huge part to play in human history, culture, and society.

There’s a lot of confusion around what true love is supposed to be like, so there’s research that shows that people often feel it but don’t hold onto it for very long.

There is no right answer to how you can make love last. The question is indeed a subjective one. But there are ways people can improve their chances of making love last by making their partner happy, being very attentive to their needs, keeping passion alive, and having similarities or a high compatibility rate with their partner.

The 4 types of love:

The notion of true love can be difficult to define because different people have different perceptions of what love means to them. There are many types of love such as romantic love, platonic love, and familial love. These three types vary in the level of intimacy that they provide a person.

1- Romantic Love:

Romantic relationships are often more fulfilling than friendships because they involve strong emotions and intimacy that make the other person central to your life. This type of love is what we see in the movies and romance novels.

In this form, people fall in love with their partner and they try to make each other happy. They think about each other constantly and are willing to do anything for them. In this type of love, there is a clear beginning point; known as “falling in love.”

To show romantic love, you would write about how you fell for your partner or tell them in person. The extent to which loved them when your relationship first started keeps growing until they literally become more than just a love interest but a life partner, a parent to your kids, and what some call “your other half”.

2- Platonic Love:

Platonic relationships involve a level of intimacy beyond just friendship or family; however, it does not include sexual intimacy. In fact, the term “platonic love” was coined by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato.

It describes an intense, unrequited passion between two people that can be compared to romantic love. In this sense, it is a type of friendship or a bond in which there is no physical contact and sexual intimacy.

Platonic love can be seen as a form of spiritual connection. It’s about being in tune with your partner and finding someone you feel completely comfortable with, who makes you feel good about yourself. This could be your best friend. In other words, someone you don’t love in a romantic way but with whom you have a strong bond or get on with like a house on fire!

This type of love differs from romantic and familial bonds because platonic relationships are based on friendship, trust, and other non-sexual personal qualities.

This type of love typically involves feelings of deep affection, a sense of understanding as well as personal attraction. Unlike romantic or familial ties, these relationships usually do not lead to marriage or children. Relationships without these physical aspects can still be just as fulfilling for both parties involved in it.

3- Familial love:

A typical definition of familial love is one where both parties share an emotional bond or have been living together for a certain length and have learned to adapt and adjust to one another. As long as there’s no third party involved with romantic feelings about one another (such as friends), familial relationships are usually considered non-sexual affairs.

Familial love is a feeling of affection and attachment that we have for our parents, children, and siblings. This type of love does not require the people involved to be biologically related, as opposed to what others may think as it could also exist in relationships between a parent and adopted child. Or even two cousins that grew up in the same household under the same caretaker.

The complexity of familial love, however, lies within the social and cultural differences in each person’s perception of what “family” means. For some cultures or in some households it could be the only people that matter in the world while for other people family may mean nothing at all, especially if they had a traumatic childhood or a toxic parent.

4- Forbidden love:

Like the moths drawn to the light and getting consumed by fire; many get drawn to people they’re not supposed to. It’s a metaphor for forbidden love, and it’s one that has always resonated with me.

I used to force my husband to watch a Turkish drama with me every night entitled “Aski memnu”. It was about an intense love between a nephew and his old and rich uncle’s new young wife. It was a bit immoral, I won’t deny it but it was still a guilty little pleasure of mine.

There’s something so passionate and all-consuming about wanting something you know you can’t have. It’s the kind of desire that feels like it will never die, no matter how many times it’s thwarted. And yet, there’s also something incredibly tragic about it.

After all, the moth knows that if it gets too close to the light, it will be destroyed. It saw it happen to millions of other moths in front of its eyes. But even knowing the risks, it can’t help but be drawn in. In many ways, that feels like the definition of forbidden love. It’s a passion that consumes you, even though you know it’s doomed from the start.

Bottom line:

Love is a multifaceted word with a variety of definitions. It can be defined in many different ways and each individual has their own opinion about it.

It can be argued that the truest form of love is strong romantic love that lasts forever. It is the kind of love that feels like electricity; it makes every part of you alive with passion, desire, and energy. People are looking for this type of love all around the world and the ones that found it can consider themselves lucky.

In general, you spend more time living with a true soulmate, spouse, or life partner than you did with your own family members. And they are also someone that can be with you and share your life journey until the end. This is why this type of love is dramatized and sought after a lot. But is unconditional love between romantic partners possible?

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