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Talking vs. dating: how to differentiate the two?

Talking vs. dating: how to differentiate the two?

Many times, there’s a phase in a relationship when all limits are blurry. You both feel a positive tension or chemistry between you but you’re not sure how each feels about the other.

You started talking regularly, but are you dating? Continue reading to find out.

How to know when you’re past the talking stage?

1. You go out very regularly:

Not every time you are together can be called a date, but if you have been making plans consistently: two or more times a week, for example, then you should wonder whether your relationship has evolved or not. With each time you are together, you will feel closer and you might even start exchanging physical touch. 

2. You communicate more in person than via phone:

We can all agree that that phase when you are sending texts back and forth during all waking hours feels like pure bliss. However, there are only so many texts you can send before things get more serious and before you find yourself in a committed relationship.

If you realize that you are starting to shift your online conversations to in-person ones, then it’s a good sign. If instead of communicating via phone you’re meeting more then it can mean that you are looking to become more intimate, even if it’s just at a subconscious level.

3. You become invested in each other’s lives:

It’s normal wanting to know how the lives of the people we like are going, but getting too invested in the life of someone else is taking it to an extra level. Your questions become more detailed and if they reply with equally detailed answers it means they appreciate you taking the time to know them better. 

You also start memorizing the specific details they share with you about the things they like and their opinions and you act on those things.

For instance, if they say they like to jog in the park, you might suggest doing it together, or if they tell you that they like a certain genre of movies and there’s an interesting one in the theatres; you invite them to go with you to watch it.

4. You start making plans for the future:

When you are just in the talking phase you avoid making plans for the future. Not even plans in some months’ time, for example. And, that’s because you aren’t sure if you are still going to be talking with them by then. You are still testing the waters, so you don’t want to think if by next week things will be the same. 

However, a good sign that things are moving forward is when you make plans for the future without doubting that things could fall through. This could be planning on going to a concert in three months or going to a museum when you are both on vacation.

An important aspect of this is that you don’t hesitate too much on these invitations. They come to both of you very naturally. You simply invite them to do something in a couple of months without thinking about the possibility that you won’t be talking by then.

5. You are there for each other:

One thing that is present in a romantic relationship is the notion of partnership. Each one of you can act as a support system for the other during difficult times. That’s something that is not present in the talking stage, as you are still building trust with that person.

So, if you start to confide in them regularly, if they become the first person you think about when you need help or just to vent, it means that you are moving past the talking phase. And the best thing is, that they are ready to jump into saving your day or listening to you. That role fits them like a glove!

Much like the aspect above, being there for each other as emotional support comes very naturally for both of you. It’s like they don’t need to question if you are the right person to support them, you know that you are one of the people in their life, who best knows what to do to make things better.

6. You are open about addressing serious topics:

The talking phase can be surrounded by a light mood and even a goofy one. Meaning that nothing is serious! You talk about light subjects, that tend to be superficial and lift your spirits. While that’s a good feeling, it’s not enough to develop a strong relationship, you need to go to the next level.

So, if you tend to slide into deeper conversations and you spend hours discussing even more serious topics that don’t necessarily bring a smile to your face, it means that you are developing the maturity of your relationship.

Your relationship is moving to the next phase when you become aware of the world around you and start discussing it. It’s like you are coming out of a pink bubble and finally feel comfortable discussing the not-so-pleasant topics, or topics regarding the more serious sides of your lives.

You also start having these serious conversations without fearing the possibility of clashing with one another due to different opinions. If you need to dive deeper into this topic or if you wonder how long the talking stage lasts then you can check this article out for more and more details!

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