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Signs to tell if a female coworker likes you

Signs to tell if a female coworker likes you

Women are often super charming and friendly with everyone at work, so it can be difficult to tell if a woman wants something more or not. Today, we will show you how to tell if a female coworker likes you or just wants to be friends. 

Perhaps you’ve picked up on a few signs but you have no idea if you’re right or not. We will help you find out the truth so you can decide if you should make a move or not by walking you through some of the most common signs.

How to tell if a female coworker likes you or just wants to be friends:

1- She always has a smile for you:

When a female coworker always smiles at you, it could mean she’s open to a friendship or something more. It all depends on the context. If the smile is always genuine and reaches her eyes and she holds eye contact for a few seconds, it could mean she’s into you.

She’s might not make it obvious that she’s always so excited to see you, but she definitely wants you to notice her. 

2- She looks for excuses to be near you:

If your female coworker constantly looks for excuses to be near you, that’s a clear sign she likes you.

We want to be close to the people we’re interested in, so if she makes a point to spend time with you, that’s a good sign. This will be even more obvious if she goes out of her way to be around you. 

3- You’re her go-to guy:

If you feel like your female coworker always turns to you when she needs help, it’s possible she’s interested in you beyond a friendship.

Granted, she may be just leveraging your skills and expertise. However, if she knows what she’s doing but still turns to you for advice or guidance, she could be signaling attraction.

4- She makes an effort to know more about you:

If your coworker makes an effort to know more about you, it could mean friendship, but it could also mean she’s interested in you. If she asks about the things you like and she seems genuinely interested, that’s a good sign.

She will also want to know about your childhood, your parents, and your stance on important issues. This could be her way of learning if you’re compatible.

5- She finds ways to touch you often:

When we’re attracted to someone, we will find ways to touch them often. So, does she brush into you when walking by? Does she hug you a little too long?

Does she touch your arm “casually” when you’re talking? If she does this often and you don’t see her acting that way with anyone else, that’s a clear sign she likes you. 

6- She remembers the little things:

If your female coworker remembers details you’ve shared about yourself, that could be a sign she’s into you. Why? Because it could mean she’s paying close attention to you and anything you say.

It could also mean that she has an unbelievably good memory and she remembers the little things about everyone she meets. But that’s only if she’s that way with everyone. 

7- Everyone notices her behavior around you:

This is one of the biggest signs your female coworker likes you and is not just being friendly. If all your other coworkers tell you that they’ve noticed her behavior and they also think she’s being flirty, that’s a great sign.

It means that her behavior is out of the ordinary and she’s giving you special attention. But, women often don’t like to make it obvious for everyone to see and notice their attachment to someone specific. Most women would rather have the guy in question notice first and take the initiative in asking them out.

8- She surprises you with something:

When your female coworker often surprises you with small gifts or acts of service, it could mean she likes you more than friends.

If she brings you coffee sometimes, gives you treats, bakes you something, or gives you a gift for no other reason than it made her think of you, it means you’re on her mind. It’s also her way of showing you she’s interested. 

9- She always compliments you:

Though giving compliments is quite common, if she always has a compliment for you specifically, that could be a sign she likes you. Especially, if she notices when you wear a new shirt or wear a new type of cologne.

Especially if she doesn’t compliment anyone else nearly as much. We suggest you give her the same energy right back and see where it leads you. 

10- She’s your biggest cheerleader:

Coworkers support one another, that’s true, but if she’s extra enthusiastic and supportive about your work, that could be a sign she likes you.

It means she sees how talented and skilled you are, it’s probably one of the things she finds attractive about you, and she wants you to know she’s there for you. 


There’s a clear difference between being polite or nice and being flirty or acting like she’s interested in you. You can also check this article out to learn about some unconscious love signals that anyone who’s interested in you must be sending unconsciously through their body language.

Pay attention to the way your female coworker treats you and the context, and it will be easy to see whether she’s after friendship or something else. 

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