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Signs to know you’re in a platonic relationship

Signs to know you’re in a platonic relationship

Platonic relationships are not romantic or sexual in nature. They are typically friendships between two people who may have a strong emotional connection but do not have the same desire for a sexual or romantic relationship.

A platonic relationship is a type of non-romantic relationship where the two people involved may get along and enjoy each other company, but without wanting any romantic commitment or physical aspect to it. They get along and laugh a lot with each other, they have a strong emotional bond and intimate connection.

They may even know each other’s secrets and know everything about one another by heart, but they still won’t be becoming a romantic couple any time soon. So if you’re wondering whether your relationship is platonic or not, then here are a few signs.

Few signs that your relationship is a platonic one:

1. You never run out of things to talk about

When we think about it, it’s not easy to find someone with whom you can talk about practically anything. Sometimes you may find yourself eager to tell someone about something you just found out. However, while you’re running to them in excitement to tell them they might find the subject boring and not contribute much to the conversation.

The opposite happens when you are in a platonic relationship. Usually, your partner is equally eager to listen to your story as you are telling it. It may even be something that doesn’t matter much to them, but they will still get excited and very interested simply because it’s coming from you. And most importantly, they will offer their input at the right times, which will prolong your conversations for hours.

Nothing is off-topic when you are having a conversation with your platonic partner. You can even share with them things that you thought you would keep just to yourself forever because they are too embarrassing or simply too intimate.

If you are in a platonic relationship, you will be surprised to discover that you will feel incredibly comfortable while having these talks. You will have someone who is just there to listen to you without any judgment and without expecting anything in return.

2. You accept each other fully:

Many people argue that it’s hard finding someone who accepts us fully because we’re not perfect and we’ll never be. However, being able to accept someone is much more valuable when they aren’t so perfect. That’s because the true challenge is to see someone’s uncorrectable flaws and still accept them as they are, without trying to change them the slightest bit.  

Platonic love is when we see the flaws in the other person and learn that they don’t reduce our appreciation for them. In fact, it’s when we accept someone as they are that we truly get to know that person. It’s this closeness that creates an intimate platonic bond.

3. Being in silence never feels awkward:

Having our alone time can be quite recharging, especially if social gatherings make you feel drained. It’s very peaceful being alone at home or in a quiet place, entertaining our thoughts, or reading a book. That’s because you don’t have to constantly worry about how you are perceived by others. Or, even worry about what you need to avoid doing in order to prevent hurting someone’s feelings.

However, there are those rare occasions when we would like to be alone, but in silence with someone. That is possible when you have a platonic partner. You can spend hours in the company of each other without uttering a single word. All that, without having to worry about whether the other person feels neglected or not because they understand you.

When you are enjoying a peaceful time with your partner in crime, you will never have the sudden urge to make small talk just to break the silence.

4. They are the first person you feel you can rely on:

When you have a platonic partner, you know that there’s nothing that they wouldn’t do for you and you for them. It’s almost like there’s an unspoken rule between you two that, in case something happens, they are the first person that you will try to reach out to.

Besides that, you know that even before you ask for their help that you already have it. When you are in a platonic relationship you have the feeling that, no matter how many bad things life throws at you, you will never be alone when you have to deal with them. You will always feel supported and give support.

5. You feel like you can read their thoughts:

Having a platonic bond with someone means that you know that person as well as you know yourself. This means that you are already accustomed to their reactions to different situations and their thinking. Hence, you are able to predict what they are going to say or do in almost any situation.

Sometimes, it’s almost as if you can read their thinking process before they say anything out loud. When you are in a platonic relationship, there will be a few behaviors that are going to surprise you.

6. You share a similar sense of humor:

Understanding someone’s sense of humor can be a tricky thing for some people. Not everyone laughs at the same jokes as you, sometimes they even don’t get them at all and find them offensive. But if you found a platonic partner, it’s most likely guaranteed that either they will share your sense of humor or have a different one but still get your jokes and sarcasm.

When you have a platonic bond with someone, they will be able to laugh at your weirdest and most polemic jokes. That’s because deep down, they know your personality and can be serious when needed but also have a good laugh at times.

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