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Signs a guy wants you to chase him & what to do!

Signs a guy wants you to chase him & what to do!

A guy who wants to be chased will often show it in subtle ways. However, no matter how subtle he is, he will never directly tell you to your face that that’s what he wants.

This is why you should be able to read his behavior with the help of the signs listed below and decide for yourself if he is trying to get you to chase him. Once you’re sure about his intentions, you will do just the opposite of what he wants, and here we will tell you why!

6 signs a guy wants you to chase him and run after him:

1- He’s playing hot and cold:

Men are notoriously simple to understand, at least compared to women. So when he comes close, spends time with you, gives you attention then suddenly pulls away, it means he wants something. And, what he wants is for you to miss his attention, his care, and his presence and to chase him! It’s that’s simple.

When a guy pulls away after having been close to you, accessible, and shared intimate moments with you, it is most probably just a way for him to test how good he was at it. The more you chase him, the more you’ll prove that his game worked and the more it will boost his ego, and self-confidence and make him feel worthy of a grammy.

2- He insinuates that there’s potential for the two of you:

He slowly and gradually says things and drops hints here and there, that will plant the idea in your head that you two could be an item. It’s a shy yet romantic overture and a bold move on his part, but at the same time, he’s not so direct about it. If asked what he means, he probably will laugh it off and deny trying to lead you on.

The reason for dropping hints, making you dream, and giving hope that you two could become a couple without fully rejecting the idea nor confirming it, is an attempt at making you chase him. He is trying to play his cards right, to discreetly lead you on, without taking full responsibility for it either.

3- His body language is suggestive:

Between the two of you, there’s almost no notion of personal space anymore. There are no physical boundaries and nothing moral either that stops him from pulling you closer, throwing an arm around your neck, or simply being physically free with you.

He doesn’t want to offend you or come off as the desperate one, remember in his mind it’s you who’s supposed to chase him. That’s why he won’t risk doing something that would be physically uncomfortable to you or sexual.

Instead, he will play a lot with his body language: lip licking, a little wink here or there, and putting his hair back to try and steal your heart.

He’s an attractive guy or he thinks he is at least, if he’s pulling these tricks, and he wants you to notice that too and to fall for his charm. He wants you to fall for it enough to be able to get up and chase him, metaphorically of course!

4- He gives you hope, whenever you give up:

Whenever you lose hope, get tired, get busy, or distracted; he comes back in the picture. He’s looking for his little fan that will be chasing him around hopefully soon, and he won’t give up until he gets that.

He will make you think you two could work and become a couple without giving any direct promises, and just when you decide to give up. The man in this scenario is using his power over you to create thoughts and wishes in your head, that seem plausible without having to verbalize a vow.

he is using your emotions against you, to manipulate you and get what he wants without really having to work for it.

5- He talks about other girls:

He is trying to make you jealous so that you will feel threatened enough that he might gain interest in one of the “many girls” around him. he wants to rush you and cloud your judgment. He wants you to panic and quickly starts chasing him desperately, thinking that he’d be taken any moment now.

As a woman, you may feel like he is only pulling away at times to make you chase him. Yes, that’s part of the truth as we explained. But he’s not only pulling away at times or playing hot and cold to make you take an interest, he is also busy playing all these games and tactics on other girls too. He probably wants to make sure that he has other options, so he will do what he can to make more than one girl chase after him.

So when he talks about other girls, believe him! When he says this girl flirted with him and the other sent him a text message and the third sent her friend to tell him something, believe it all! He might be getting all this attention, but the real question is why? What did he do to all these girls to get them all to chase him? Maybe, the same tactics!

6- He makes you believe that you’re special to him:

He’s the type of guy who will make you feel like the only woman that matters in his life and he’ll make you feel like he’s on your side. He’ll tell you that he wants to be there for you if you need anything. He will try to be so nice, protective, and helpful to you but that’s only another trap to make you believe he’s prince charming.

The same stuff he’s feeding you, he’s probably feeding other girls too. A guy that you just met, or that doesn’t mean much to you has no reason to care so much about you and show it overnight. Even when a guy likes you that much, he usually doesn’t do all this straight away not to look desperate or like a freak.

He is someone who will say things like these to every girl he gets his hands on because he knows it works on most women. He knows that if he can get a woman to fall for him, then he will have her wrapped around his fingers and she won’t even realize it until it’s too late.

How to turn the tables and make him chase you instead:

1- Don’t chase him when he pulls away:

He might want you to chase him, but the truth is that he doesn’t really want anything to do with you. So when he pulls away, keep in mind that it’s his way of testing whether his games are working on not.

If you want to intrigue him and take part in the game rather than just be a helpless pawn; then don’t chase him when he pulls away. Act like you’re so happy, content, and living your best life that you barely even noticed his absence.

2- Remember why he wants you to chase him:

Always, and whenever you get weak and feel that you want to start pursuing, courting, or chasing a man, remember that it will only make you lose at the game!

If he wants you to chase him then he just wants attention and validation from someone who doesn’t know any better. Maybe once you start chasing him, he’ll just tell his friends about it and flex about how much of a player he is and how every girl is after him! Remember to check this article on why you should leave if he doesn’t commit and this one on why you should never accept the bare minimum when dating or in relationships!

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