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Should you keep a manifestation journal?

Should you keep a manifestation journal?

Manifestation is an ancient idea that has become more and more popular in recent years. It is the practice of focusing your energy and using your thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs to bring something to reality. 

As a tool, manifestation is very useful when it comes to keeping yourself motivated and focused on what you want to accomplish. It’s also a great way to stay positive and attract good things into your life.

The idea is that if you believe in yourself hard enough, you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. We have power and manifestation is one of the many ways to channel it. 

Though there are many ways to practice manifestation, keeping a manifestation journal is one of the most effective. Today, we will discuss why you should keep one and address how to start a manifestation journal!

What Is a Manifestation Journal?

Manifestation journals are physical or digital journals where you can write down your intentions. It will help you have a clear vision of what you want to attract and create an action plan that will help you achieve that. 

Your manifestation journal is personal, so you can write about whatever you want. There are no rules to manifestation journaling, but you must spell out exactly what you want to manifest. 

For example, let’s say that you want to manifest a job promotion within 6 months. Instead of just writing that, be as specific as possible. Provide as many details to describe how you want to get there and what it will look like when you achieve it. 

If you think about it, a manifestation journal is not very different from a vision board. The concept is basically the same. The difference is that journaling requires you to write, while vision boards are visual representations of what you want to manifest. 

Manifestation journals are a great way to describe your vision and how you want to achieve it. Not to mention, it allows you to channel your feelings and thoughts, so you can align your behavior as necessary. 

Why You Should Keep a Manifestation Journal?

There are many reasons why you should keep a manifestation journal. The main reason is that it aids manifestation. Writing down your intentions allows you to provide a lot more detail, which is key in manifestation. Additionally, journaling helps you keep a record of your goals in the short and long term and helps you focus and work on them. 

Manifestation journaling can also help you be more mindful. Sitting down to write about the things in your head allows you to focus only on them. It helps your thoughts, feelings, and actions flow in the same direction. Mindfulness is another ancient practice and it helps with stress, anxiety, and more. 

Keeping a manifestation journal will also help you appreciate what you already have. It can also put into perspective what you’ve accomplished so far. This can make you more aware of your manifestation skills and increase your confidence with more practice. 

1. Tips on how to Start a Manifestation Journal:

If you want to start a manifestation journal right away, there are a few things you should keep in mind. 

  • You need to settle on a clear intention. When you want to manifest something, it’s important to be specific. You can’t provide details if you don’t know exactly what you want. So, take your time crafting your vision. 
  • You should use visualization as a tool. Visualization is all about imagining what your vision will look like and feel like in reality. This aids manifestation, because it allows you to get very detailed. 
  • Pick the right journal for you. Some people prefer physical journals while others like digital ones. It’s completely up to you, just make sure you pick the one you’re most comfortable with. And one you can take out easily and start using straight away.
  • Be consistent. Choosing the right journal is very important to promote consistency. If you don’t like the format, you won’t be inclined to use it every day. Needless to say, consistency is one of the pillars of manifestation, so you need to be able to maintain the habit. 
  • Break your intentions into actions. Whenever you have a goal to accomplish, breaking it into detailed actions will help. Using your manifestation journal will help you create a detailed roadmap. 
  • Write affirmations and be grateful. When you’re manifesting, it’s also important to focus on affirmations and gratitude. The former allows you to empower yourself and the latter allows you to appreciate what you already have. 
  • You’re not writing using a negative tone or complaining and demanding with entitlement what you’re manifesting. You’re writing on a positive note and being grateful for what you already have but focusing on getting a bit more, with a positive mindset.

Following these tips will help you keep a manifestation journal and work on your visions, so you can create the life and future you deserve. 


If you want to practice manifestation, keeping a journal will help tremendously. Luckily, there are many great manifestation journals out there, but you can also create your own. 

Just grab a journal and a pen or your favorite journaling app, and take time each day to write a detailed account of your intentions. It will keep you focused, motivated, and happy! If you want to manifest your dreams and turn them into reality but you’re not sure if it’s considered a sin or not in your religion then you can always research it and find out!

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