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Reasons not to date “anyone” just not to be single

Reasons not to date “anyone” just not to be single

Dating can be an exciting part of life. However, if you are not dating with the intention of finding a partner, then it is just a waste of time.

It might seem like you are being productive by being busy going on dates with people you have nothing in common with. But, instead of looking for someone that would be the perfect match for you, you are just filling up your time and spending your energy getting distracted by the wrong type of people. 

Why it may be hard to stay single?

A lack of dating can lead to co-dependence and insecurities that may not have been there when you were in a relationship with someone else. You’ll be missing out on relationships that could be beneficial for your mental health and personal growth.

For some people, being single is a hard experience. They are lonely, have low self-esteem, or even feel like they are missing out on something in life. However, the consequences of dating anyone just to avoid being single are even greater than the pain of staying single for longer.

Dating is a difficult task nowadays. It can be hard to find someone with the same interests and values as you, plus it can take a long time to get to know someone. Sometimes, we spend a year or more getting close to someone and getting to know them, only to find out that they’re completely different from what we thought.

In this case, we may feel too tired or lazy dedicating the same amount of time to know someone else and start over, especially when there’s no guarantee that it will be the right one the next time. So we stick around and stay with the wrong person which can be more and more frustrating every day.

4 reasons not to date anyone just to avoid staying single:

1-You’re wasting your time:

We can’t waste our time on people who don’t make us happy. We should be focusing on ourselves and building a life that we want instead; at least on a professional level, for instance.

If we’re not getting the type of person that we want on a romantic level then instead of wasting our time and energy focusing on the wrong person, it would be better to focus on ourselves and our career and build something significant. this way, one day when we meet the right person for ourselves we’ll also be ready on other levels and can dedicate most of our time, energy and attention to them.

It is often said that people would rather be single than date someone who they do not find attractive or interesting, mainly because of how much time they’d be spending with the wrong person.

2- It could easily become a toxic, horrible, or even violent relationship:

It is important to note that there are many reasons why you should not date someone just to avoid being single. For one thing, you could be dating someone who does not have the qualities that you would want in a partner or spouse. You could even be dating someone who has some qualities that you do not like and that frustrate you a lot, hurt you deeply and threaten your sanity and mental health.

When we love someone and they tick most of our boxes when it comes to what we want in a partner, we tend to have more tolerance for them and their flaws. We, as humans, tend to be more accepting of the people that do the most for us or those that we love. However, when there’s someone that isn’t even our cup of tea and that on top of that dares to make silly or unforgettable mistakes, then it could be devastating or trigger a huge dramatic reaction.

In other words, we have too little patience for the people we date that we stay with only out of convenience or for the wrong reasons. That’s because already we feel like doing them a favor by being with them when they’re far from fitting our standards. So when their flaws and mistakes become noticeable, we may have not one ounce of patience left for them in our bodies which could backfire or lead to horrible and violent reactions.

3- You stop being yourself:

Sometimes, You should never feel the need to change yourself for someone else because being single isn’t a bad thing. In fact, being single is better than being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t make you happy just so you don’t have to be alone.

However, when we’re with someone in a relationship or dating someone for a long time; it goes without saying that we naturally and subconsciously get affected and influenced by them. Our habits, routines, who we are, our likes, wants and preferences may all chance or get influenced by the person we’re with. Now, if the person we’re with isn’t even someone we really like or enjoy being with; then we may be changing ourselves for the wrong reasons and losing our identity for nothing.

To try and not submit to the other person’s taste and lifestyle or try and not be influenced by their presence in your life in any way, will probably not work and just create more problems and issues.

4- You’re missing out on a chance to meet the right person:

You should not date anyone just not to stay single. The right person might be out there and waiting to meet you but you’re committing to someone just for the sake of it.

While you’re spending all your time in the wrong type of relationship or dragging on someone too many dates when you don’t even like them that much, the right person for you could be out there looking for you and doing their best in vain. You don’t know what might happen, so don’t close any doors by being “taken” when you’d rather not be.

Maybe you were going to meet the love of your life and someone who exceeds all your expectations the next day, but you chose to commit to the wrong one and to stay home with them the day after. You never know!

Bottom line:

It’s not a good idea to date someone just because you don’t want to be single. You might miss out on the opportunity to meet the right person and end up feeling like you’re settling for someone who isn’t right for you.

Don’t date someone just because you’re afraid of being single. If you are not happy with the person, let them know kindly by saying no to a second or third date. You have to take your chances, otherwise, you will never meet the right person.

Some people think that they’ll end up alone in their old age and never have the chance to start a family if they don’t settle and jump into a relationship soon enough. However, this is not true if you stay open to love then love will find you. There are many people who have found their soulmate, got married, and lived happily ever after with the right person after having been single for a long time.

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