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Mirror meditation to re-connect with yourself

Mirror meditation to re-connect with yourself

Mirror meditation is the practice of staring at a mirror while breathing in deeply and slowly, focusing on your breathing, or picturing yourself sitting in front of a mirror with your eyes closed. You have to visualize this image while you are inhaling; without moving and exhaling without moving, slow and steady breaths.

While you do this you should be thinking about your values, your good actions, and how wonderful and good of a person they make you. you have to be able to visualize yourself from an external angle and feel happy and satisfied with yourself.

The purpose of mirror meditation:

Mirror meditation is a form of meditation that involves effective self-examination that helps you to identify subconscious forces acting against you. The main aim of mirror meditation is to achieve mental relaxation and neutral thinking of oneself far from emotions, and personal feelings that can cloud our judgments. This will help you become more creative and productive.

It is a proven way to achieve inner peace and relaxation. It is a simple and effective method, that should be practiced by everyone regardless of age or profession.

The goal of mirror meditation is to bring about a new level of interconnectedness with your own self, thoughts, and inner soul which will increase your sense of self-awareness.

As human beings, we are constantly looking at other people as we are navigating the world and our daily lives, which is creating a distance between us and our inner selves. Hence, it can become difficult for us to take accountability for our actions or be responsible for everything that we do or did.

However, with mirror meditation, we can learn to surmount that and reconnect with our inner selves and become responsible highly conscious, and intelligent beings that can make just judgments and decide what is best for them without the interference of external factors.

How does mirror meditation work?

The idea is to focus on the breath every time you inhale or exhale so that you are able to keep practicing for as long as it takes to achieve inner peace through mirror meditation.

Mirror meditation helps you be more aware of yourself so that you can clearly see your thoughts, and the feelings responsible for them and understand who you are as a person so that you can bring positive change from within to the outer world. This will allow you to have greater access to your own wisdom and unflawed judgment in all situations of life.

The cause of its recent popularity:

Mirror meditation has been around for centuries and in various forms since ancient times. These days, it is being promoted by many companies as well as celebrities such as Colin Firth and other famous people. It has become an online trend for some time thanks to Instagram and Tiktok too.

The practice involves looking at a reflection of your face in a mirror and focusing on making yourself feel good about who you are as a person, instead of seeing what is wrong with you or emphasizing your flaws.

This can help people manage stress better by reducing tension around their shoulders, neck, and arms, and by being satisfied with who they are as people and accepting of their truths.

Few possible benefits of mirror meditation:

Mirror meditation is a form of self-development that helps one to make his/her mind more positive. It is usually used by people who have headaches, stress, and anxiety. It reduces the negative effect of stress and helps one to overcome negative thoughts.

Most experts believe that mirroring our inner states will help us be better at life, for example, we can focus on our positive traits instead of focusing on our negative ones.

In fact, the benefits of mirror meditation are numerous and hard to argue against. It has been known for thousands of years as a tool used by yogis to command their thoughts and bodies. Nowadays, meditation is also used in many forms by therapists, especially in people with anxiety disorders and chronic pain issues. Mindfulness is another form of beneficial mediation to learn and practice.

Mirror meditation has been studied by scientists for many years as a way to improve concentration and focus. Effective use of mirror meditation can help with:

1. Achieving peace in life and healing from trauma.

2. Bringing peace to relationships, family, and work life.

3. Rejuvenating your soul by connecting with nature and finding one’s place in the world.

4. Increasing self-awareness and self-development through curiosity and self-reflection.

5. Regulating emotions through compassion for others, empathy, positive emotions, and self-acceptance.

Bottom line:

Meditation is a process of self-reflection and inner change. It helps to increase the levels of calmness, inner peace, and self-confidence. It also helps us re-focus our attention on the present and achieve our goals rather than be distracted by anxiety and stress that may have come with negative past experiences.

This process will naturally strengthen our connection with ourselves so that we are able to achieve greater success in all areas of our lives, through clear and unclouded planning and decision-making that comes with mirror-meditation and self-reflection.

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