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Is being in your 50s and never married a red flag?

Is being in your 50s and never married a red flag?

Dating in your 50s can be a lot more challenging than dating in your 20s or 30s. There are fewer available people to date in that age group and not everyone is a catch; there are many red flags to look out for. Speaking of which, is being in your 50s and never married a red flag? 

This is a common question and, honestly, it’s not easy to answer. Today, we will explore this topic to help you understand things a bit better so you can determine if it’s a red flag or not!

When is being in your 50s and never married a red flag?

1- When they’ve never been in a serious relationship:

Never being married at 50 on its own is not a red flag. However, if they have never been in a serious, long-term relationship before, that’s not a good sign. It could mean that this person fears commitment or that they are extremely emotionally immature. 

That’s why they have never been able to have a deep connection with someone. Additionally, it could mean they have unresolved issues. In some cases, it could mean that they’re simply not good people, so they don’t know how to be good partners. Either way, it’s a red flag. 

2- When they only date younger people:

There’s nothing wrong with age gap relationships. However, if this person has never been married by 50 and they have a pattern of dating younger people, that can be a red flag. It could mean they are not mature and they just don’t want to settle down. 

No matter how great of a catch they may be, that’s a huge issue. Additionally, only dating younger people could mean they don’t want to make the effort to build a relationship. Younger people are easier to please and easier to manipulate, so it’s not difficult for someone older to get what they want without making a serious commitment. 

3- When their relationships never seem to work out:

Though, relationships don’t always work out, having a pattern can be a red flag. A pattern signals a deeper issue that hasn’t been addressed, so it doesn’t matter how many people they date, the relationships always fall apart sooner or later. 

Granted, people are always capable of improvement. However, if they reach the age of 50 without having worked on themselves, that can be a problem. It could mean that they don’t think there’s anything wrong with them or they are unwilling to grow. 

When is being in your 50s and never married NOT a red flag?

1- When they have had many bad partners:

People don’t always show their true selves, which is why finding a long-term partner can be difficult. We can get into a relationship with someone that seems great, but later find out they’re not the person we thought they were. 

Sometimes they cheat, use us for our money, string us along because they don’t want to commit, or have other horrible ulterior motives. Some people have really bad luck with partners and it’s not their fault.

So, it’s entirely possible to reach the age of 50 without ever getting married because your long-term relationships have failed. But, in this case, you have to have proof to show why your exes were the horrible ones and not you!

2- When they have had a relationship trauma:

When you’ve gone through a particularly traumatic relationship, it’s not easy to put yourself back in that situation. Trauma is very difficult to work through and it can steal so much of your life. So, if this is why someone in their 50s has never married, it’s not a red flag; it’s understandable. 

Being in an abusive relationship can change who they are as people and cause many issues that need time to be worked through. That takes time; sometimes it takes people years to heal and be ready to jump back into dating, so that could be why they never married. 

3- When they don’t believe in marriage:

Some people just don’t believe in marriage, so they don’t want to do it. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t ready for a long-term relationship.

If their dating pattern consists of long, committed relationships, it means that they are capable of commitment but they just don’t need to sign a piece of paper to build a life with someone. 

They are emotionally mature enough to connect with someone and have a healthy relationship, but marriage is just not for them. That’s a perfectly good reason to reach 50 without ever getting married, so it’s not a red flag. Marriage is not a requirement for solid relationships. 


Whether or not being in your 50s and never married is a red flag depends on the circumstances behind that.

We hope that today’s article gives you the perspective you need to determine if it’s a red flag or not; so you can choose a good partner in your 50s. Think about checking this article out too on why some people may go their entire life without ever finding love. There are a few reasons for that and you’ll find them all listed there.

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