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Is asking a girl if she’s a submissive partner okay?

Is asking a girl if she’s a submissive partner okay?

Some people like having a submissive partner because they can take the lead and they don’t have to disagree all the time on everything with their significant other. In a relationship, two people have to share the power, but sometimes one person wants to be in charge. When both partners are willing and agree to let one of them take the lead, it can make for an amazing relationship.

There’s less conflict and more harmony. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the submissive partner is always a doormat. They still have their own opinions and they’re not afraid to express them. It’s just that they’re willing to let their partner have the final say when it comes to decision-making. They trust them, and they’re comfortable that way.

Ultimately, it comes down to what makes both partners happy. If both partners are happy with the arrangement, then you’ll have a successful relationship. So if you like to be the dominant partner by nature, then it can be puzzling to know if a girl is willing to be the submissive one at the start.

So how do you do that? Do you ask a girl when dating or getting to know her, if she’s more on the submissive end? Is it okay to do or will it look a bit creepy? If so, then how to know from day one, if you got your hands on your ideal type? Read on to find out!

Does a submissive partner enjoy being that way?

The obvious answer is: Yes. Many people like to have a dominant partner because it takes the pressure, of making decisions and leading the relationship, off of them. They don’t have to be in control all the time, and they can just relax and enjoy themselves.

It can be very pleasurable to let someone else take charge, for a change. It can also make life a lot easier. There’s no need to worry about being responsible for everything or failing at getting a specific outcome out of life. In the end, their partner is the one in charge.

You can just sit back and let them handle things. Of course, this dynamic isn’t for everyone. Some people prefer to be the dominant ones in the relationship. And, for those who do, a submissive partner can be a dream come true.

So is asking a girl if she’s submissive a good idea?

When it comes to asking a girl if she’s a submissive partner, there is no right or wrong answer. It all depends on how close you are to one another. If you’re hoping to find a girl who is willing to be submissive in the bedroom, then it might be creepy to ask her soon after having met her.

However, if you just want to ask whether she is willing to be an easy-going partner in a relationship then go ahead. This is a normal question and she probably won’t take it the wrong way. Most people though initially say that they will have a say too in everything. They will say they’d want to make decisions together with you, as a couple, if things work out.

But, in the end, the more time we spend getting to know someone; we slowly learn about how headstrong and stubborn they are or how understanding and open they can be. Being a submissive partner is not a bad thing.

In fact, many will argue that submissive partners are more mature people that understand that everything comes after the happiness of their significant other. Hence submissive partners can be capable of demonstrating true love by being willing to let their significant other lead. This in itself demonstrates how much they trust and put their entire life in the hands of the person they love.

So ask her and see what she says, but the true way to find out will be to spend more time together as mentioned, and find out as time passes. Keep in mind though that if a girl is the submissive type of partner in her relationships, then it doesn’t mean that she will be the same in the bedroom. This article is purely discussing the relationship aspect of things.

Signs that a girl is going to be a submissive partner:

If you’re looking for a submissive partner, there are a few key signs to look out for. For one, a submissive partner is typically more reserved and introverted compared to others. They’re often happy to let the other person take the lead in conversation too and rarely assert themselves.

In addition, a submissive partner is typically more compliant and willing to please. They may be hesitant to voice their own needs or desires and may go along with whatever the other person wants. That’s not to say that they’re weaker.

They just find more pleasure in letting others do what makes them happy and they usually don’t care much nor have strong opinions and preferences anyway. In other words, they’re chilled, content, and easy-going by nature.

Finally, a submissive partner is usually less independent and may even be codependent on their partner. If you’re interested in finding a submissive girl to date or form a relationship with, keep an eye out for these key signs.

In the end, what matters most is to be with someone who values you and is compatible with you. This way the two of you don’t clash much nor want to have two leaders or two submissive partners in one relationship, as it could end in a train wreck.

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