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If someone is on your mind, are you on theirs?

If someone is on your mind, are you on theirs?

Have you ever wondered if someone was thinking about you? Maybe you had a dream about that person, or you just got a sudden urge to call them. Or, maybe you just have been thinking about them a lot and you think there’s no way that you didn’t cross their mind even once too. While there’s no sure way to know for sure if someone is thinking about you, there are some signs that are believed to indicate that they are.

In today’s article, we will present a few signs that might suggest that someone is interested in you, or that you occupy their mind, at least. If these signs apply then it’s more likely that they’re thinking about you constantly when the two of you are apart. Ultimately, though, only the person themselves knows for sure and can confirm whether or not you’re on their mind.

A few signs that someone is thinking about you:

1- They start treating you different in person:

if they suddenly start behaving differently around you, or if they start giving you more attention than usual, it could be a sign that they’re thinking about you when the two of you are apart. Of course, it’s also possible that they could just be acting differently for other reasons, so it’s important to take context into account.

But more often than not, if they start acting differently around you; either more friendly or more distant if you’re already taken; then it could also be a sign that your presence is affecting them in some way.

Of course, the best way to find out for sure is simply to ask them directly what’s going on or why they’re suddenly acting differently. But, make sure you don’t scare them away or sound rude about it as if you’re telling them to get off your case. They might not be ready to make a full love confession but they will definitely blush and even smile while jokingly denying your claims or stating that nothing has changed.

2- They call, text, or reach out to you in some way:

Have you ever had someone on your mind, and wondered if they were thinking of you too? It’s a common occurrence, especially when it comes to people that are attracted to or care about each other deeply. While there’s no surefire way to know for sure exactly when someone is thinking about you, there is one certain fact to find out, only it will not definitely always happen whenever they think of you.

And that’s when just at the moment when you’re thinking of them and daydreaming, you receive a text or a call from them. This will then provide certainty that both of you were thinking of one another at the same exact time. If you’re literally thinking about them and having them occupy your mind entirely; when suddenly your phone rings or you receive a text message and it’s them; then your feelings might be reciprocated too.

But everyone knows that when someone cannot stop texting us, checking on us, and waiting for us to have a free moment to meet them; it means they’re into us, if not obsessed. It can be a nice and flattering or even exciting feeling; especially when it’s reciprocated at the dawn of a new romance or a new date crush we can’t wait to see again!

3- They get overly happy and excited when they see us:

If someone is constantly on our mind, we can’t help but get a little thrill of happiness every time we see them. It’s a natural reaction and a normal human reflex. It feels like fate when we cross paths with them unexpectedly or run into them at a party. And we can’t help but put the biggest smile on our face when we see their delightful face.

Sure, sometimes people are just naturally friendly and happy. But if someone is constantly super-excited to see us, it’s hard not to believe that they probably have been thinking of us all night or all week.

In the end, when someone thinks about us often it’s natural that they get happy to see us because that’s literally their chance to make a good or impactful impression on us and luckily gain a little space for themselves on our mind too.

4- They simply tell you that they miss you:

It cannot get more obvious than this: if someone has been thinking about you often, then chances are they’re gonna tell you without playing games when they see you. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen often in the real world, as people are complicated beings and other things get in the way like; pride and the fear of rejection or not being brave enough to say something so bold, etc.

But a general rule is that someone who says or texts you that they miss you has probably been thinking about you and in a positive way too. They probably couldn’t wait to see you again and finally tell you how much they have missed you; so that you make sure you don’t disappear on them again next time if you reciprocate their feelings.

5- They’re constantly on your mind:

It’s not the fact that they’re on your mind all the time that will make you be on theirs necessarily. It’s more the way you act around them. And, regardless of how discreet you think you are with your feelings, if someone is constantly on your mind then chances are you exhibit unconscious signs and signals of being interested in them when you’re with them.

This means their unconscious or subconscious mind could easily pick up on your body language hints and tell them that you might be interested. It’s a bit weird and crazy but many people believe that humans can emit signals and waves and communicate with one another in other mysterious ways that are not always verbal.

So if you constantly think about a special someone and started to develop feelings for them, chances are it’s gonna show enough for their unconscious mind to notice at least.

And, in this case, they could start thinking about whether you have any potential to be with them in any type of way or not. If you do have potential by their standards then they can catch themselves thinking about you too more often than they’d wanna admit.

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