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How to use TikTok’s psychological love eye trick?

How to use TikTok’s psychological love eye trick?

We are all looking for that one person who will love us unconditionally. What would be even more of a miracle is if we can get to select who this person will be too. Well, today thanks to TikTok influencers there’s this new trick that has been spreading like fire on the internet.

Something called a psychological eye trick that you can do when talking to anyone, and… Wait for it: It will make them fall in love with you instantly! Well, at least that’s what everyone is saying on TikTok, who are we to contradict?

Considering that sometimes, we might be so desperate for someone to fall in love with us, why not give this little trick a shot? It’s harmless, it happens in a few seconds and if it works then you would’ve secured your dream partner for life! Or it would just completely go unnoticed, and nothing bad will happen, right?!

How does the love eye trick work, according to TikTok?

Before you try the famous psychology love eye trick make sure you’re looking at someone straight in the eyes, while they’re talking or interacting with you to make sure that they’re looking at you. This way you know for a fact that they won’t miss or not catch your little love eye trick.

Even if you feel it was too quick to notice, or that they didn’t comment on it. Don’t worry too much because as long as they were looking at you when you did it then their subconscious would’ve caught it and that’s what matters in the end.

When you’re certain that there’s no way they’re gonna miss it you can try it by doing this: First look them in the left eye for a few seconds. Then move to their lips, and stare at them for around 4 seconds before you finalize it all by looking at their right eye this time.

So if you got it right it is a triangle love trick that consists in looking at the left eye for a few seconds, then the lips then the right eye. This all happens in the span of a few seconds so do not think you’ve done it the wrong way just because of how fast it seemed to have taken.

What makes body language so powerful?

Body language is a powerful form of communication. It is the most natural way to express feelings and emotions, consciously or even unconsciously.

Body language is one of the most powerful forms of communication. If you learn to read others’ body language, it can be used to tell a person’s mood, understand other people’s motives and reasoning behind their actions, and read behind the lines. Body language is not just about facial expressions and hand gestures; it also includes posture, eye contact, and tone of voice.

It can be used to understand what someone else may be thinking or feeling without them actually telling you and even when they’re pretending to hide the truth. In fact, it is often the most reliable indicator of what someone is feeling, and it is also one of the best ways to understand how someone is interpreting a situation.

In fact, body language can be a powerful tool in the hands of a skilled communicator. It can be used to convey different emotions, tell stories, and express thoughts without words. It can even express thoughts and convey messages that contradict the words that are coming out of your mouth if you have reasons not to say something directly but you still want it understood.

Is the TikTok psychological love eye trick guaranteed to work?

Well as we explained earlier. At best, this little non-verbal act will be considered an unconscious love signal. Obviously, it is not unconscious and done on purpose but the point is the same.

It is still performed to indicate to the other person’s subconscious will catch that you like them without being direct about it. Don’t worry consciously they won’t be aware or sure about it, as it will only be caught by a deeper layer of their conscience, which will make them prone to start developing feelings for you too.

Keep in mind that increased oxytocin levels have been shown to be realized when people look into each other’s eyes for long enough and it makes them feel good. Eye contact also increases the level of attraction if there’s any, which in turn increases their connection or the tension in the air if there’s a mutual romantic interest.

The part where you look at their lips clearly makes everything a little more obvious, as lips can be a very intimate part of our bodies. So fixating on them, sends a clear message of how you might be interested in that person in a romantic or physical way. Obviously, don’t overdo it as you will end up looking like a creep or a weirdo. You can see for yourself if it works, just as long as you do it the right way!

So, go ahead and browse our other articles if you’d like to learn about more common unconscious love signals that can be telling and let you know how the people around you feel about you or how attracted they are to you.

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