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How to tell when an older man is attracted to you?

How to tell when an older man is attracted to you?

Older men behave and carry themselves very differently from younger men. If you’re starting to be more interested in dating older men or you feel like you’re getting their attention a lot more often but you don’t know how to read them, today we will help with that. 

Overall, older men are not more difficult to read than younger men. You just have to pay attention and be aware of the common signs so you can identify them with a bit more ease. We will explain some of those common signs so you can learn how to tell when an older man is attracted to you. 

5 Signs an Older Man Is Attracted to You:

1. They find a way to stay in touch:

Older men are often not into playing games. If they like you, they like you! This will make them show it in subtle ways by wanting to get to know you more. Most of them won’t keep you guessing at all because they know what they want and they don’t want to waste any time. So, if you meet an older man and he’s interested in staying in touch, that could mean he’s attracted to you. 

They will either ask for your number or ask you out on a date. Older men are a lot more confident and comfortable in saying what they want to say. This doesn’t mean that an older guy will be bombarding your phone with texts and calling you very often.

The point is he wants to show you that he’s available and interested in spending time together but won’t do something too crazy either. So other than a text here and there or a call once a day, he’ll probably get busy with life and have a fully organized daily routine that doesn’t consist of prioritizing every random person he likes or finds attractive right off the bat.

Older men are more mature and usually busier and more poised. They will not stalk you or chase after you or be very difficult to get rid of if that’s what you want. So, it’s true that they can be a lot more direct in their approach but you have to also make an effort and make yourself available to keep the ball rolling. If he’s attracted to you, he will want to communicate, meet as often as possible and get to know you better. 

2. They take you seriously:

Now, when an older man is attracted to you, he will reach out to get to know you and he will mean it. He will actually listen to you, ask you deep questions, and be interested in your point of view on different matters. He will be interested in what you like, your values and beliefs, and will want to know where you come from, and what your life experience has been like. 

Though women often fear older men will be condescending, that’s not always the case. He will show you respect and he will be very interested in what you have to say. So, if you find that he asks you a lot of questions whether about yourself, your interests, complex topics, etc., it means that he’s interested in you. 

3. They try to be helpful:

If an older man often offers to help with whatever issue you share with him, that’s a great sign he’s interested in you. Older men enjoy being helpful and it’s one of the many ways of showing you that they care about you. Additionally, they want you to know they’re in your corner and that they can provide whatever you need, whenever you need it. 

So, if you have discussed a problem you’ve been having whether at work or in your personal life, has he offered help? Has he given any advice? Also, you might want to determine if he’s like that with everyone. Some people are just helpful and friendly by nature and that’s a possibility you might want to discard. 

4. They’re interested in your love life:

When an older man shows interest in your love life, it could be because they’re trying to determine if there’s a chance. Some men will come right out and ask you about your current relationship status. That’s a good sign because he wants to know if you’re available. 

If you are indeed available, he might take the opportunity to casually let you know he’s also single. Additionally, if an older man is thinking about dating you, they will be interested in the kind of relationship you’re looking for. So, they might ask questions about it to see what you expect. 

5. They always have a compliment for you:

Most older men are great at giving compliments and this is one of the biggest signs they might be attracted to you. If they always compliment you when they see you it’s because they’re not afraid to express themselves. They also want to make you feel seen and special, which is always nice. 

This is a subtle way to let you know they are interested before making a move. Some old men are soft and old school like that, so they will try to woe you in many different ways before they make a move. It’s very nice and it often works well for them. We all like an ego boost and a man that likes to treat his partner like a precious treasure!


Of course, there are many other signs an older man is attracted to you, but these are the easiest to spot. There are many things that can attract a younger woman to an older man and that’s okay, as long as he’s available and not taken.

It’s also not uncommon for older men to make the effort to see you no matter how busy they are, go out of their comfort zone for you, and introduce you to their friends and family to show that they’re interested in you. Just pay attention to their behavior and you’ll be able to figure out their intentions!

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