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How to tell someone you miss them without sounding needy?

How to tell someone you miss them without sounding needy?

When we like someone it’s very easy to set our pride aside and try to do everything we can to get that person’s attention and to get them to like us back. It can also be hard to be apart from that person for too long because you just want to keep exploring and strengthening that chemistry and spark. Maybe that’s why your first instinct is to tell that person you miss them the moment they get busy with something that doesn’t involve you.

However, if your relationship is still new or you are getting to know each other better, saying that you miss them might come across as needy or even desperate. It can even be a red flag in the eyes of some people and it will even push them away. If you’re worried about such a thing then no need to panic there are still things you can say instead, so you can make them know you miss them without saying it.

How to tell someone you miss them without sounding desperate?

1. “I missed the sound of your voice”:

Saying that you miss the person’s voice can be a very subtle way to tell them that you miss them. You aren’t saying that you actually miss them in a direct way, you are just pointing out the fact that you find the sound of their voice attractive and you can’t wait for the next time you are able to hear it again.

Saying that you miss someone’s voice instead of just saying that you miss them, will also give that person something more interesting to reply with. It’s not every day that you hear that someone misses your voice so you might end up having a nice talk to catch up.

2. “I had so much fun last time, I would like us to meet again”:

When you spend time with someone you like it seems like time flies and passes so fast. You enjoy yourselves when you are together, and when you have to go your separate ways you do it with a heavy heart and cannot wait for the next time you will meet.

However, telling that person that you miss them right after you were together can sound a bit clingy and they may even mistake you for a player or even a creep. This is especially true if they’re someone you newly met or just start dating recently.

Nevertheless, you can still tell such a person that you miss them and get them to meet you sooner than planned if you simply say that you had a lot of fun when you were together. You could also remind them why it was so enjoyable to be together and describe from your perspective just how magical and enticing your last date looked in your eyes. It can be romantic and even a sweet thing to mention but it’s definitely not needy or desperate. If anything, it’s simply you recounting your experience of a date that made you happy.

When you make sure that their memories of your meeting are as fond as yours you could try to convince them to do something similar again soon. This way it will feel like the effort comes from both of you and that you are not in any way desperate to be with them again because it’s a shared feeling.

3. “You have been on my mind a lot lately”:

The same way telling someone that you miss their voice can be very subtle telling them that you have been thinking about them a lot is also a subtle way to strenghten your romantic bond.

It can also be very pleasing and flattering to hear that you have been occupying the thoughts with them, and it is almost impossible to react or respond negatively to such a thing. Instead, this will give that person a hint about how they are not a nobody to you and that they mean something to you already.

You could also say that the more time passes the more you find yourself thinking about them. If you want to be more specific, you could tell in what circumstances you think of that person. For example, you could say that they are the first person you think of when you wake up or when you are bored during the day, thinking of them motivates you to carry on.

4. “How is your day going so far?”:

When you want to tell someone that you miss them, it generally is because you care a lot about them. So, one way you can do this is by casually asking that person about their day. People like it when you take interest in their lives so if you casually call or text them to ask that person to share how their day is going, it looks thoughtful and considerate but not desperate either.

They will appreciate your gesture and maybe even vent out a little if they are having a difficult day, or tell you funny stories that happened earlier. Perhaps their conversation with you can help them feel more relaxed and happier. 

If the conversation is going well, there will come a point where they will ask you to talk about your day too. This could be a good opportunity to, first share small details about your life, but then you could add that you wished they were there with you to make your day better. Remember that talking more and sharing more details is key because nothing is more annoying than someone who keeps asking about our day but then has nothing to say when we try to engage in a conversation with them.

Essentially we’re saying that you should use the excuse to ask about their day just as a key or way to get a hold of them and then find a way to bring up different topics. The entire goal here is to make the conversation worthwhile every time you call or text and to keep doing this daily. This will tell that person that you enjoy talking to them but without making you look needy or desperate.

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