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How to tell someone how much they mean to you?

How to tell someone how much they mean to you?

We expect that saying “I love you” to someone will be enough for them to understand how much they mean to us, but people are more complex than that.

People need reassurance in different ways, so you should learn about some of the ways in which you can tell someone how much they mean to you. 

Different ways to let someone know they mean a lot to you:

1. Tell them to let you know when they get home:

In a healthy relationship, this doesn’t have anything to do with control. You ask the person to tell you when they get home or arrive at their workplace, for example, because you care about their safety. You might need to clarify your intentions when you first ask this, but once you do, the other person will understand better your concerns and appreciate that someone cares about their safety so much.

You can tell them that even though you trust their good judgment there will always be external factors that are out of our control and could affect anyone negatively. This way, you can rest if it’s nighttime after making sure they’ve reached home well and sound. Or you can carry on with your day peacefully knowing that the person you love arrived safely at their destination.

2. Tell them how they make you happy with the smallest things:

When you love someone, you go out of your way to make sure they are happy. And if you are responsible for their happiness to a certain level, it makes you feel proud of yourself, full of joy and content. However, because we are so focused on how we feel and making the other person happy, we end up forgetting or not noticing that the other person is probably trying to do the same for us. 

A good way to tell them that you appreciate their efforts and that you love them for it is by making it clear that they make you happy. Bring attention to the fact that you smile and laugh more when you are around them, not only because you love their sense of humor, but also because you feel happier.

Voice your appreciation for the little gestures they make and give them credit for it, in a clear and direct way that cannot be unnoticed.

3. Tell them that they are the person you feel most comfortable with:

When someone tells us that they feel very comfortable around us, it makes us feel important and appreciated, but most important of all, loved. That’s because when we love someone, we want to make them feel safe, subconsciously and consciously, and when we hear that the person is comfortable around us, it means we succeeded to some degree.

Try to tell the person you love that you know they love you too because they make you feel protected and comfortable without trying. Socializing can sometimes be a chore and draining, however when we’re with a person we trust and someone who will never judge us or pinpoint our flaws, then their company can be pure bliss.

Even if this surprises the person at first, make sure you tell them how comfortable and relaxed you feel around them and thanks to their non-judgemental and caring nature. They will realize that they mean a lot to you and will enjoy being in your company even more too.

4. Tell them that you learned more about yourself thanks to them:

The level of emotional intimacy between two people who love each other is a great way to assess how much each one of them feels loved and important. Only by spending a lot of time with someone, sharing stories, dreams, goals, and all the feelings associated with this do we start forming a mental picture of who we are and who that person is. 

If you want to let someone you love know how much they mean to you, tell them that they allowed you to get to know yourself very well through your discussions and deep conversations. If you and your partner or boyfriend never have any meaningful conversations then it can be a red flag. Check this article out to see how you and your partner can communicate more and create a deeper bond if you never have any meaningful talks.

Either way, if you do talk for hours then let them know that they allowed you to know more about your own self and about them too. Make sure they know you know them as well as the back of your hand and how valuable that could be in a relationship. This will make them feel like they can tell you everything and can rely on you for anything too.

5. Tell them that they are the reason you are where you are at in life:

It’s important to not be dependent on someone to be happy, but it’s the influences of those we love that shape our life’s path the most. When you tell someone that what you managed to achieve in life was thanks to their encouragement, support, and love; they will immediately understand the positive impact they have on your life.

Asking them for life advice is also another good way to say that you need and appreciate their presence in your life, every day. Essentially you are showing that person that their presence in your life has value and you want to reassure them about how much you appreciate it.

6. Tell them that you can easily understand what they feel:

Empathy is only regarded as something important when we don’t feel understood by those we love. Not having it, can make us feel lonely and even create a wall that stops us from truly communicating with others.

Having said this, when you tell someone that you completely understand what they are feeling, without necessarily having to have gone through the same thing, that person will feel appreciated.

They will see in you someone with whom they can be completely honest without fearing any judgment. You can do this by just listening to them for the sake of listening, and not for the sake of giving a reply with your opinion or your personal experience, or by directly telling them that you empathize with their feelings.

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