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How to tell if someone is your soulmate in 4 signs?

How to tell if someone is your soulmate in 4 signs?

Finding your soulmate can feel like an impossible task. After all, how can you possibly know when you find the right person for you? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. There are some people that you’ll date and that will be pretending to thick all the boxes just to reach their ends and these are the worst. There are also others that you will probably date that will seem like the real deal at the start, only to end up wasting your time or even dragging you into a toxic relationship.

In many cases, it’s almost impossible to tell whether someone will end up being the one and your soulmate until you’ve actually been in a relationship with them for a long time. Often, it takes time and patience to find the person who truly understands and complements you. But the wait can be worth it. And the happiness and love that comes with that special connection will be more than worth the effort.

However, if you still want to learn a few telltale signs that will at least help you to recognize your perfect half a little earlier when you meet them then read along and find out! These are a few guaranteed signs that will confirm that you’ve found your soulmate which will provide you with a lot of reassurance and peace of mind!

4 signs that you have found your soulmate:

1. You get along so well:

For starters, a good way to tell that you met your soulmate is to keep in mind that when you finally meet that person; you just click. You get along so well that it’s almost impossible to believe because it’s almost as if you’ve known each other for ages. Every conversation is interesting, and you can talk for hours without getting bored.

You’re always drawn to being around them and there’s an undeniable bond between you. It feels like you’ve known each other forever, and even though you just met, it feels like coming home. After only a few dates, you will realize that the two of you get along so well and that it’s almost impossible to imagine not being together.

There will be disagreements here and there even during the first months possible, but for the most part, you just mesh. There’s a comfort and easiness that comes with being around your soulmate that can’t be described, but once you find it, you’ll know it. And once you find it, hanging on tight is key because let us tell you, other perfect catches don’t come around every day. So if you’ve found yours, hold on tight and never let go.

2. You will be physically attracted to them but it won’t be your main focus:

When it comes to finding your soulmate, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions out there. One of the most common is that there should be a strong physical attraction between you and your soulmate. While it’s certainly true that the more you feel physically attracted to your life partner the better, that should not be the first factor that made you choose them on day 1.

Granted, you should be attracted to the person you’re in a relationship with, but this should not be the only criterion you have for selecting new dates. A strong physical attraction isn’t necessarily an indicator that you and a random other person are soulmates. In fact, physical attraction can often fade over time, so it’s not something you should base your entire relationship on.

Instead, look for deeper qualities like mutual respect, understanding, and compassion. These are the things that will truly last a lifetime. Obviously, we’re not encouraging you here to go for someone that you cannot even look at or that’s literally the opposite of your type or what you usually like in a partner, looks-wise. The more you’ll be attracted to your life partner the better and easier it will make your relationship. We are merely saying that if you solely focus on physical attraction early on when dating, you may end up stuck collecting short meaningless, and shallow relationships.

3. You will feel it in your gut:

As we mentioned earlier when the day comes and you find that person that literally seems to be your security blanket, the most telling sign is that you just know. You may not be able to explain it, but you will just feel it in your gut that this person is meant for you.

That’s one of the signs that you’ve met your soulmate. It’s not something you can justify logically; you will just know. Even when you try to list their qualities to your friends, you may not be able to pinpoint the exact detail that made you fall so deeply in love. But still, you will giggle and be happy and content to be able to call such a person yours.

And once you know, you can’t un-know. They say you only get one shot at finding your soulmate, but I think that’s not true. If you’re lucky enough you’ll get a couple of chances or opportunities at least to get close to your soulmate because your paths will probably keep crossing. So don’t panic or fear that you may miss them or never meet the one. If you’re open to it and looking properly, your soulmate will find their way to your arms and you will find yours to theirs.

So, if you’re wondering whether or not you’ve found your soulmate, our advice is to listen to your gut. It’s usually right. And if you think you already found your soulmate, congratulations! You’re on your way to hopefully the happiest ending there is.

4. You don’t mind their flaws and imperfections:

Of course, there’s no guarantee that your soulmate will be perfect. But if you’ve found someone who makes you laugh, loves you unconditionally, and accepts you for who you are, then chances are pretty good that you’ll be looking at them with rose-colored glasses. This means that in your eyes they will be too good to be true, even with their little flaws and imperfections.

They may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they surely won’t have anything you personally classify as real dealbreakers because they’d be made just for you. So whatever flaws and shortcomings they have, it will usually be things that you personally think are negligible and easy to ignore or laugh and joke about. In other words, for you, they’ll only have cute little annoying flaws even if it’s something that another person finds nerve-wracking or hard to accept.

Of course, you should not accept anything and everything just in the hopes of finding your soulmate quicker. So don’t be scared to refuse the bare minimum when dating and to put your foot down and have standards and criteria. In the end, the right person will be the right person in the first place because they meet your criteria which means the more you hide them the less likely you are to meet the right person quickly. Our last piece of advice is that if you’re looking for your soulmate, still try and keep an open mind. They may not be perfect for everyone, but they’ll be perfect for you.

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