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How to tell if a woman is interested in your husband?

How to tell if a woman is interested in your husband?

Some women may become overly protective of their husbands, refusing to allow them to do much in their absence or socialize with other women. Jealousy can not only lead to violence and abuse, but it can become deadly and toxic!

However, sometimes your doubts and paranoia are not unjustified and unbased. There might be a little issue on the horizon, so if you rightfully catch it and eliminate it early, isn’t it going to be better and peaceful? It sure will be!

This is why in today’s article we list 6 different steps to be able to tell if a woman is interested in your husband.

6 steps to tell if a woman in interested in your husband for sure:

1- Watch her body language:

The first thing you should do is pay attention to her facial expressions and tone of voice. If she seems interested in your husband, she will most likely smile at him and make eye contact with him.

In fact, one of the best ways to tell what’s going on is to watch not only her body language but her eyes. If she keeps looking at him a lot, even when he’s not talking then it’s a red flag. it could be an indication that she has romantic feelings for him. Or, a sign that she finds him attractive at least.

She might also touch his arm or shoulder, which is what most women do when they are interested in someone. If a woman does this, then she’s probably interested in your husband! But she probably wouldn’t be naive enough to do all of it in your presence and in front of your eyes. So if she does it in your presence then she might be just trying to upset you or cause arguments between the two of you.

2- She asks you too many questions about him:

Another way to tell if a woman is interested in your husband is to watch the way she talks about him. If she talks about his qualities and how good of a partner he must be even in his absence, then it could be an indication that she has romantic feelings for him.

She could be doing that discreetly or not doing it at all. A bigger and more telling sign though within this category is if she is always asking questions about him. Or asking questions about things that has to do with him, for instance: questions about your marriage, your couple, etc.

If a woman shows interest in your man in that way, don’t be naively answering all her questions about him. It is not her place to ask for private information regarding your couple or even silly and irrelevant things about your man. So, do not hesitate to set up boundaries and call her out on it.

3- She compliments him more than you do:

If a woman compliments your husband a lot, it means she might be trying to make him notice her. The more she compliments him, the more likely this woman is to be interested in him. Don’t forget that flirting starts with compliments!

Because what sane person goes out of their way, to compliment so much a married or taken man? Not even superstars and world-famous athletes get so much praise by a random female, in front of their women or wives.

So if she keeps making it sound like he’s amazing and perfect, and it makes you feel uncomfortable or out of place; then don’t hesitate to drop a snarky comment at her. Or, you can make her understand in a nicer way that everyone already got it, and that there’s no need to do more.

You can also ask her in a serious tone: “Don’t do that, he doesn’t like it”. This way you remind her that you know your man, his likes, wants, dislikes and all more than anyone in the end, and without being personally rude to her. At the same time, you get her to stop harassing him, embarassing herself and making everyone in the room uncomfortable.

4- She tries to spend more time with him:

Another thing you can look for is if she tries to spend time with him alone or create excuses to be alone with him. Not that she necessarily intends to do anything or make advances in private, she just hopes to spend some time with him; so she can talk to him more as she clearly enjoys that.

Wanting to spend more time around your spouse might also mean that she is looking for a deeper connection than just being friends. So be careful and watch her closely. In this case, you should stay on your guard because one of the most obvious signs of her interest in him indeed is when she tries to spend more time with him, even if it’s in your presence.

She might make up an excuse or a lie to accompany you two somewhere or hang out together more. Even if you’re gonna be there too, there’s no guarantee that you won’t ever leave for the bathroom, a glass of water or whatever and leave them alone. If she’s really interested in your husband, then she will try to get his attention as much as possible during that time.

5- Ask her straight up:

One way is to ask her straight up, in private obviously, and not in the presence of your husband. You don’t have to be rude about it or aggressive, smile, be friendly and try to ask an indirect question. For instance if she’s single and made prior compliments to your husband about his character you can use that to ask her without raising suspicions.

You can say something like: “He’s really good right. Honestly i can’t complain about having him as a partner, I remember how hard it was to find a good catch when I was dating. Right?”

In the heat of the moment, she may not be able to lie about it and will tell you the truth, or that she thinks he’s a good partner to you at least or “rare to find”. If she just directs the answer and focuses on the dating scene and how bad it is, then chances are she doesn’t have any bad intentions and just trying to bond with you as a friend.

But, if she starts preaching about how grateful you must be for having your husband or how good she noticed that he is, then it is a red flag. She shouldn’t focus the answer on him but on her dating life instead.

6- Ask her close friends about her type:

Another way to find out if a woman is interested in your man is to ask her friends and close circle of people what type of men that woman likes. Especially, If it was not enough to just ask the person to their face like recommended above.

Again, one of the things to do is to ask her close circle of friends about her type of men and who she usually finds irresestible, in a nonchalant way. if they start describing someone that looks like your man physically and a character that’s close to her idea of your man’s character; then it is clearly a red flag.

If the type of men she finds most attractive and irresistible are men like yours, then you better keep him out of her reach. Check out this article on a list of things you can never forgive in a relationship and see if you have suffered any with your partner!

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